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Rebecca and Kenzo have finally accepted that they need each other to feel happy. Rebecca wanted Kenzo to become his full self around her and Kenzo was happy that Rebecca wanted to be his. After figuring out that it would be for the best for Rebecca to stay with him, Kenzo has to run his organisation but what happens when Rebecca feels left out and turns to his man to fill in the empty hole that Kenzo has left open. Could this mean that Rebecca and Kenzo aren't compatible at all or will they fix it before it's too late. Welcome to Robernero. Book 2.

Romance / Erotica
Ivy White
Age Rating:

What has happened.

Book order is as follows:
Conflicting minds
Dantes Possession
Societa Oscura
Bright screws
Pre Robernero discomfort
Two worlds
Senza Cuore
Kenzo-Teenage years
Ryder-seperate series

A month. That's all it has been since Kenzo showed up and took Rebecca back home with him. As you know, a lot can change in a short amount of time. When they arrived at Kenzo's home in Arlington, all Kenzo has done is work. Rebecca can't remember the last time that the two of them had sex, yet she's sat on her bed watching the TV with his collar around her neck. Black leather with gold writing. Her fluffy pyjamas cover up her body from her neck down. No shorts. She hasn't worn a black dress since she walked back through the door. Her hair is always whipped up in a bun on top of her head and the garden that Kenzo told her she can make her own hasn't been touched. She gave him a list. That list didn't get done. Rebecca still waits.
Lonely. That's how she feels. She questions herself each passing second of the day. Am I good enough? What did I do to him to make him want to go to the casino without me each night while I sleep on my own in his bed she asks herself. She has fallen into a deep pit of depression. She eats one meal a day, feels under the weather all of the time and she never leaves the room. She doesn't want to. She just wants to sit in the room all day long. Half the time she doesn't sleep. She can't. Four o'clock always comes around and she's still sat in the bed wide awake.

Rebecca wipes her tired eyes. She thinks that it would have been for the best if Kenzo didn't come back to get her. He did say that she wasn't the submissive for him so could he be trying to keep her safe but not be interested in her she asks. Yes Rebecca thinks as she stands up, walks to her right and watches the gardeners clear all of the leaves from the garden. Music is playing on the TV and Rebecca sways her hips. What she would do for a night out. Kenzo hasn't been home for two weeks now and she doesn't understand why he wouldn't let her go with him. Still, she's now at this point where she doesn't want to be a part of his life. This is what happens when you think all day long for a full month. You start telling yourself that it may be time to move on. A knock at the door grabs her attention and Rebecca turns around crossing her arms over her chest. The door opens up slowly as Rebecca hears footsteps.

"Rebecca?" Her eyes widen as a man the same age as her enters the room with bright green eyes and brown hair pushed back. Rebecca feels butterflies inside her stomach. The last time she got that was when she had sex with Kenzo.

"Ye yes." Rebecca clears her throat and turns to look out of the window again. Her arms are still crossed.

"Food is ready." The man tells her and Rebecca rolls her eyes. He wears a full black suit, black shirt, black tie and black shoes. The same as all of Kenzo's men.

"I'm not hungry." Kicking the door to a close behind him, the man enters the room and smiles.

"The names Grayson. What's up? Come and tell me. I know that something is upsetting you."Rebecca shakes her head and Grayson takes a seat on the bed. Tapping the sheet next to him, he waits patiently for Rebecca to turn around, walk over and sit next to him.

"From the beginning." Rebecca nods her head and stares down at her hands playing with her fingers. She feels as if she can talk to him which confuses her.

"I'm miserable Grayson. He's always out and I sit here alone all day. He won't speak to me and he's not the man he was when we first met. He had all the time for me and now, I'm lonely and hate it here. I'm sure that I'm struggling with depression. Plus he won't come near me or spend any time with me. I asked him if I could go away with him two weeks ago and he said no before leaving the house. I've been here on my own ever since. He does come back but for one hour each morning."

"Have you spoken to him about it?" Rebecca nods her head and Grayson sits with her in thought.

"He keeps telling me that he's busy and that my life isn't hard. It is. I'm bored and I hate it here. I can't be bothered getting up and going out of this room." Rebecca is trying hard to act strong but her eyes blow and her tears fall. Grayson wraps his arms around her shoulders, pulls her into him and lays her head down on his chest.

"It will get better. It always does. I promise."

"I hope so." Rebecca cries as the door opens up and Kenzo enters the room. Rebecca snaps her head around to him and Grayson stands up, stepping back from her. Kenzo's grey eyes show a coldness like no other, his body is tense as he tightens his hands up in fists. Grayson arranges his suit jacket and Kenzo enters the room in his silk black suit, black tie, black shirt and polished up shoes.

"Touch my girl again and you're a dead man." Kenzo points at Grayson and nods his head once towards the door. Grayson looks back at Rebecca as he walks out of the room, closing the door behind him. Kenzo walks towards her slowly as she wipes her wet, sleepy eyes.

Kenzo wants to know why he's just found his man inside the room with Rebecca. His chest puffs out, his hands tighten, his knuckles turning white. He's been busy working and he didn't expect to come back to Rebecca hugging his man. He doesn't understand why she would do that to begin with.

"Why the fuck are you getting close to my man?" Kenzo squints his eyes and Rebecca shrugs her shoulders. Her lip trembles. Breathing in deeply, Rebecca decides to act tough. She feels far from it.

"He was comforting me Kenzo." Rebecca rolls her eyes and Kenzo smirks.

"Comforting you? That's what I'm here for." He grinds his teeth together and Rebecca can hear it.

"When. Oh that's right. Never. Where have you been for this past month Kenzo? Nowhere." Rebecca stands up and turns to face Kenzo who looks angry. She's shouting.

"I'm here now aren't I?"

"Yeah. Only because you caught Grayson hugging me. If he wasn't doing that then this conversation wouldn't be happening now. You don't give two fucks Kenzo!"
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