My Territory.

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A romance that took place in the office, a one shot of a secretary who is head over heels for his boss.

Romance / Other
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My Territory.

"Sir you have a meeting with the company for the product that you are developing then you have a lunch date with your mother and today you have to go through the presentation of your hotel development." I narrated his schedule while we are on the way towards the office early in the morning when the clock hits seven, I have been his secretary for past 3 years.

I have seen him in every condition, bad, sad, aloof, angry, cold. But I admire him, no matter what he always stands proud and never loses his focus. His company have a hand in hotel industry, food industry and clothing industry. He is always busy and so am I.

For past three years my life has been from office to home or from one flight to another, I have forgotten my social life, I don't remember when I flirted with someone or went out on a date, the man I dated before was a cheater making me a heartbroken fellow in my small gay world. Since my heart was broken, I focused more on my career rather then developing my romantic life.

We reached office and as usual everyone stopped what they were doing just to greet their smart, dashing and handsome boss who has features that makes every men as well as women drool, sharp jaw line, plump lips, broad shoulders, tall and tan skin, gumy smile that makes you feel warm.

Sadly I am one of those too, yes I am one of those secretaries who is head over heels for their boss but I know where I stand and where to draw the line. I just need to do my job and lock my feelings in a box and throw the key but I guess my heart is a sneaky cat who stole the key and opens the box at night when I am alone in my room.

We reached the top floor where my boss's office is, we went on with our work making me forget all those scenarios where I am in the arms of my boss. Ah! I can't be helped.

"How dare she." My boss shouted like a raged animal, now I have seen him losing his cool but today he looks like a lion king who is ready to go on rampant, I don't know what to do, I am shaking like a leaf standing inside his office with door closed and everything scattered on the ground either broken or torned, atleast he didn't tried to break his PC, we will lose all the data and the IT team will be on the hook to get it back.

Well I guess I spoke too soon, no no no not the PC, I don't know what came to me but I ran toward him and hugged him tightly from behind while begging him not to break the PC, I started caressing his chest while tried to tell him to take deep breaths.

"Sir, please, take deep breaths, calm down, if you break the PC we will lose all the data and all your work will be delayed, please sir calm down." I said while tightening my hug on him.

He took a deep breath and took his hands away from the PC, thank god, I was about to break the hug but he abruptly turned around and hugged me tightly while smelling my hair, ok this is something that I was not ready for.

His hug is so warm and me being short doesn't help me at all, his tall figure is covering me like a blanket, I feel like I am engulfed in a cacoon of love, not wanting to get out of it.

'Stop it Arav, don't forget he is just your boss and this is just happening in the heat of the moment, don't get your hopes high.' I gave myself a pep talk in my head creating a red line to stop myself from falling for him more then I already have, ah my stupid heart and his stupid ways of making me fall in the sweet goo of love.

"S...sir Adir, umm..." I couldn't say anything, my tongue got tied and what stop me from even finishing the sentence is his hold on me tightening.

"Please stay." He just said that and I melted, I felt like my brain stopped working and my heart started giving instructions to my body, to caress his back up and down while listening to his rapid heartbeats.

I don't know for how long we stood like that hugging each other, me caressing his back and him smelling and breathing deeply above my head, damn him for being taller then me, not fair.

Our moment was broken with phone blaring making the silent room wake up. I tried to break the hug but I guess my boss had other ideas, he sat on his chair and pulled me on his lap tucking my head near his neck and hugging my waist with one hand and picking up the phone with another, I was trying to get up but one glare from him and I dived inside his arms like a scared squirrel.

I will enjoy this warmth as long as I get too, maybe this is a gift from him for being his good employee or whatever excuse I can make to stop myself from looking at one tiny hope of him looking at me like I have looked at him for past three years, ah one sided love is tougher then eating pizza with pineapple, I can bear that but this, I don't know how will I handle my feelings after the day is over and I will be back in my room alone again staring at the ceiling hoping for my hopeless love to go away.

"I want her to know this, you be here by tomorrow and keep the papers ready, if she is trying to do what she wanted then I will show her how much I care for her opinions and her selfish acts." With that he disconnected the call and went back to hug me while rocking the chair.

"Sir, umm.."

"Shh" he said while putting his index finger on my lips, his eyes were looking at me with so much passion that it made me shiver.

"I have waited for this moment for so long now that you have stepped in my boundaries, I won't let you go because this wolf is marking his territory and that territory is this." He said while pointing at the area where my heart is which is by now gone into frenzy listening to his words.

I know my eyes will pop out anytime now with how wide they are, my mouth is open in shock and don't even ask about my heart, that stupid heart is right now dancing at his rhythm not allowing me to speak or do anything accept follow what sir Adir says. I am doomed.

"Sir what do you mean?" I said when he snapped me out of my thoughts with his caresses on my cheek.

"What I mean is, I have been looking at you since the day you stepped your lovely feet in my office, since the day you started enchanting me with your voice and beautiful eyes, since the day you spoke sir Adir and today when you gladly came into my arms and my dear baby Arav I am not letting you go." He said with his gummy smile.

"Sir Adir I am just a mere employee to you and you are my boss."

"Do I look like I care." He said with conviction and I became puddle.

"No.. you don't, sir but.." he didn't let me finish this time he shushed me with his lips. He was kissing me with so much intensity that I couldn't cope up, his lips were moving with mine sucking all the doubts and insecurities out of me, living behind nothing but pool of love and me swimming in it like a happy fish.

I kissed him back forgetting where we are or who we are, I gave in to the strong waves of love and let it sweep me away from the ground and take me to the clouds of emotions where everything is ok, everything will be ok as long as I held his hand with love and care.

I was breathing heavily while he was resting his forehead to mine,

"You are mine is it clear." All I could do was nod and that is how our journey started, I don't know what will happen in the future but as long as he is loyal to me so will I be, as long as he is ready to hold my hand so will I be, as long as he is ready to face the world with me so will I be, it was not one sided love after all and thank god I don't have to eat pizza with pineapple ew.

Sir Adir passed his order and secretary Arav fulfilled it with red cheeks and swollen lips, eyes overflowing with love and arms busy with hugging him tightly, I am happy.


The end.... or beginning.
Forgive me for any mistakes as English is not my first language.

Stay happy and don't loose hope, everything will be alright ok.
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