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Reaper (Broken Angels, MC Book Two)

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Reaper is wanting to find his old lady. He's ready to settle down and have what his best friend has. He's been through a lot, but who hasn't been in this club. He met her when she came down to visit Ali and she decided to make her new home in the same town as her. Hannah Mason isn't looking for anything serious right now. Just coming out of a long relationship after finding him in a compromising position with her sister, has made her want to be a free spirit. Not to mention her family secrets. She wants to concentrate on getting her and Ali's clinic up and running and she can't deal with the distraction of a relationship. She met him when she decided to move to town after meeting up with Aliana at the club one day. She knew there was something about him, but all she wants is a good fuck...right? He's lonely and looking for more. She's looking for a thrill and a one night thing and he's what she wants. However, you should always expect the unexpected.

Romance / Erotica
Riki Leigh Bishop
Age Rating:

Author's Note

Hello lovelies!

This book will be available on Galatea this week!

In light of recent events, I have decided to not keep more than a few chapters of my completed books on this sight. As of right now, I'm not comfortable having the entire book on here.

However, they are available on Amazon!

It does my heart bad to have to do this. I love being able to give my readers something to pass the time. I love giving you all something that can help you escape reality, but that can't be possible with people stealing other people's hard work.


Riki B.

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