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My Best Friend's Brother

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Loving someone can be difficult, especially when it's your best friend's brother.

Romance / Drama
Victoria Anderson
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Chapter 1

“Stop Anthony,” I said as I rolled off of the couch laughing my ass off.
“Well, I told you to hand me the remote. And...you didn’t. So I’m going to tickle you,” Anthony said as he snatched the remote from my hand, “I warned you,” he added.
Anthony then switched the channel from my show, Dynasty, to his football game.
“Your team sucks,” I said before getting up and walking away with a huff.
I stormed into Maggie’s bedroom. Mags was sitting on her bed doing her schoolwork as I took a seat next to her on her bed.
“Your brother is an asshole,” I told her.
“Don't you think I knew that?” Maggie said.
She looked up slightly from her homework and sighed. “ I'm sorry he's such an asshole. He is always to me. I wish he would just back off.”
I rubbed her back, trying to make her feel better. I didn't have any siblings, so I didn't know what it was like to deal with somebody as annoying as him.
“Well hopefully, I think you're better over the next few years since he's leaving soon. Since he's going off to college, you no longer have to see him!” I told her reminding her that her brother is leaving for college in 5 months.
“Yeah, so what? It's still five months away. I still have to stay with him for much longer.” She complained.
“Maggie. Please stop thinking like that. He'll be gone soon. Only five more months. I know he's an asshole. I'm so sorry you have to deal with him. But he will be gone soon.”
“I know. I know I should stop nagging about it. But I don't know how I can. I'm so sick and tired of dealing with him every single fucking day. I'm not even one to cuss, but he makes me want to cut. He makes me want to scream and yell and throw stuff. He's so aggravating. He makes Mom and Dad hate me. I wish he would just go away and never come back.”
“I know Maggie. And I am so sorry once again. I wish he would just back off. I wish you would just leave you alone. He does such horrible pranks to you all the time. He's so horrible. He just laughs in your face whenever he trips you all the time. He always gets you in trouble with your mom and dad. I can see it. They're giving up on you. I hate that they're doing that. It's all his fault. I wish one time he would just get a taste of his own medicine.”
“Marissa! You just gave me the best idea. A taste of his own medicine... The perfect idea! I'm going to punish him for all the s*** that he's put me through.”
“Maggie, don't do anything stupid. I mean it. He's about to leave. Don't make things worse. Don't make your parents more upset than they already are. You already grounded for the entire month. Just because of something he did. But I mean it, he can destroy you. Go make your parents hate you forever. He's evil.” I warned her.
I didn't want to see my best friend getting hurt. And I knew Anthony would do that to her. Anthony didn't give two shifts about Maggie. Even though that was his sister. He was a selfish bastard, and barely showed any attention to his sister whatsoever. He was more fed up in his sports. He cared more about his friends, and was more worried about what pranks he was going to do to a sister, then how she truly felt about them.
They weren't even just pranks. He was straight up harassing her.
Every single day she would come to school saying how Anthony did something to her. Three out of the five days of school, she would have just come in telling me, she would come in crying saying something that happened that morning. For the night previous. It was so sad to see her that way, but I couldn't do anything about it. I wish I could. But there was no way of getting into Anthony's head.
“No, I'm going to do what I need to do. I'm so sick and tired of him, I need to give him a taste of his own medicine just like you said. I'm going to hurt him the way he's hurt me, but a thousand times more. I only have five more months, and I'm going to make every single day a living hell for him. I'm going to make my parents love me again, I'm going to show that I'm worth it. He has destroyed my family in life for the past few years. Can I not allow him to do that anymore.” Maggie said.
I was happy that Maggie was ready to take control of her life and stand up to him. But I was worried for her. I was worried that Anthony would destroy her physically and mentally. Make things worse for her with her parents.
I wish you would just wait till next five months, and then go from there with her parents. But I know she is sick and tired of it, and she wants him to pay for everything he has done to her.
He constantly humiliated her, destroys her physically and mentally gone every single day. He is a horrible person, and I see that he is destroying Maggie from inside.
His parents do nothing about it. They do not stop him from hurting her. They are to engulf in his b*******.
“Fine. But you need to understand what you're going through. What you're going to do. You need to think about it. Don't go too extravagant. Do not get caught. Do not make things worse with you and your parents. It is not worth it.”
Maggie Nadine. She got it from her bed and grabbed a piece of paper. Writing down “Plan Anthony”
“What's the first idea?” I asked her
“I'm going to f*** with his mind. The way he does with mine.”
And as she said that, she wrote down ‘move his stuff around. Throw his stuff out without him noticing.’
I chuckled at the idea of her doing something so childish. But I knew it would mess with him. And she started to write more ideas down, I heard my phone being, probably my parents wanting me back.
I grabbed my phone and saw that I had a text from my mother.

Mom - Come home! It's dinner time in 20 minutes.
Marissa - Okay! I will be there soon. I'm heading out right now. Just saying goodbye to Maggie. Love you!

“I have to go Mags. My mother wants me home now. It's almost dinnertime. I wish I could stay longer. But keep me updated on the whole situation.” I told her.
Maggie said goodbye to me, and I left her room. As I walked out of her room, I stumbled into the living room where Anthony was. He was sitting on the couch with his legs resting on the coffee table. He looked at me and smiled.
“Where are you going gorgeous?” he asked
I raised my eyebrow confused.
Gorgeous? He's never even mentioned to me before. Over these past years he has never paid attention to me. Unless I got in his way with something.
Like earlier with the TV remote.
“I'm going home. My mother wants me home for dinner.” I told him. Ignoring his comment.
“You usually have dinner with us though. Why not tonight? You're always over... Never at your house. Always up and Maggie's ass.” he said.
“I'm not always over here. I just love hanging out with Maggie. And so what if I'm up her ass? She loves me, and she loves having me over. It's not like I bother you anyways. So why do you even f****** care? Why are you such an asshole to her? I wish you would just be nice to her. She's your f****** sister!” I yelled at him.
Anthony rolled his eyes, running his hand through his soft brown hair.
“I can do whatever I want. And I don't need a little b**** like you telling me what I should and shouldn't do.” He stood up from the couch and walked toward me. Now he was standing right in front of me, only inches away from me.
“I am not a little b****. F*** you Anthony. I will stand up to you, even if your sister won't.” I snapped back.
“You know Marissa. I've always had my eye on you. You think I haven’t, but I have.” he told me.
“What do you mean? What do you mean you have always had your eye on me?” I asked him, confused.
“Come on Marissa. You're f****** smoking. You're so gorgeous, I wish you were mine. I've always had my eye on you. Over the years I couldn't stop looking at you. I want you as mine. My stupid sister has always been in the way.” He told me.
I chuckled, not believing him for a second. “Come on Anthony, stop f****** around. I'm not in it for your games. I don't really care what's going on between you and your sister, but you will not drive me into it. I'm not a f****** toy for you to play with. You f****** man hore. You're so f****** stupid. You think I would actually be with you? You're so horrible to your sister, somebody I love and care about. I don't want anything to do with you.” I told him.
He smirked. “ What would my sister think if you kissed me? How do you think she would feel about that? You kissing her rival…” Anthony said.
“I would never kiss you. I hate you.” As I said that, I instantly regretted it.
Before I could say anything else, Anthony leaned in and kissed me. Hard on the lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in closer. Making sure I could not escape him.
As I tried to pull away, he moved his hands up onto my face making me forced to kiss him.
After a few seconds, I stopped fighting him. Wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling him even closer allowing him to kiss me.
His tongue invaded my mouth, swirling around and playing games with my tongue as he pulled me even closer if that was even possible.
But a sudden realisation of what I had just done hit me, and I pulled away quickly, looking at him surprised.
Anthony chuckled, and smirked once again knowing he had just won.
“I win,” he said before winking at me and walking out of the room.

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