She Belongs To Us!!

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Chapter 2


Sitting in the office going over the reports for the latest spy satellite launch, Alaric tries to make sure it’s ready on time. He became the CEO five years ago when his father passed away, and has tripled the size of the company since then. Phoenix Telecommunications is the top Satellite developer in New York City. With clients from NASA all the way to military even the Mafia. Sure being the Apples most eligible bachelor has it’s perks but at 200 years old he is ready to settle down and start a family. His human side appears to be a 30 year old man but his dragon Draco knows time is running out to help replenish the dragon community.

‘Don’t lose hope I can sense her near us!’ comforts his dragon Draco.

‘I’m not but I grow bored with these human females. Always throwing themselves at us. None can ever pass the test and it’s tiring! If we don’t mate soon our line dies with us!’ Alaric states.

'Ugh! Speaking of pesky humans, have fun ha ha!' Draco mocks as he disappears in the back of my head.

Rolling my eyes I can smell her before she even knocks on the door. Jessika Finley, my Vice President. Sure pops always said NEVER mix business with pleasure but come on a man has needs. Jessika is pretty and flexible but way too clingy. She’s brilliant, made Vice President at age 24 five years ago, and a complete asset to this company.

All the human males in the office fall for her big doe eyes as blue as an icy lake, soft brown hair cut in a sleek bob above her shoulders, the caramel kissed skin so soft and smooth, curvy waist leading down to her strong legs. You can tell she runs every morning before work standing at 5’7 they still go on for days. And her tits are the perfect fit in your hand, and perky yeah any man would drool over her, but me no I am waiting on my mate now that I know she’s close by. That’s why I cut things off with Jessika before they went too far but she refuses to give up.

3...2...1... *knock* *knock*

“Come in,” I stated letting out a breath of frustration.

“Alaric, honey I thought I’d see if you’d like to go to grab lunch? You’ve been working so hard,” Jessika pouted ad she leaned over my desk showing off her ample tits.

“Jessika, I’ve already told you where we stand! Our relationship is strictly professional, but speaking of work we have a few things to finalize before we launch the new satellite. We can discuss this over lunch with Ansel.” I said dismissively.

She stood up and tried to approach me behind my desk pouting.

“But, swe..”

“Jessika go get Ansel now so we can get through this report.” I interrupted losing my patience.

'Ansel, please gather all your reports. Jessika is on her way to collect you now. Oh and Ansel, PLEASE, try to hurry will ya?' I mind linked him.

Ansel is my consultant in many of our fields here at Phoenix, but he is also my advisor for the dragon community.

“He will be mine!” I heard Jessika mumble as she left.

'Yes, your highness!' he linked back.

All three of us made it to Roadhouse down the road. They have some of the most mouth watering steaks I have ever put in my mouth. When you bite into the juicy, flaky, medium rare steaks I swear you can feel the juice laced with blood ooze down your throat coating it in a savory garlic sauce as the tender meat literally melts in your mouth. Just thinking about it I can feel the saliva forming pools in my mouth.

We are seated in the corner as we begin our meeting. After a brief moment the waitress takes our orders. Ansel and myself order the biggest steak they offer with side of homemade fries smothered in chili and cheese while Jessika orders a Caesar salad. Ugh vegetarians I roll my eye inwardly, she tried to change me but my dragon needs plenty of fresh meat.

*An Hour Later*

“Alright. I believe we are finally ready for this launch. Either of you have any ideas for the extra security needed?” I look at them both hopeful, that we can hash out all the details before we head back to the office.

“Actually I have a candidate coming in today. He is my old college roommates uncle and he owns his own security company. His staff is made up of veterans and retired military personnel. His name is Mark Carson.” Jessika says sweetly trying to rub her foot up my leg.

I glare at her and thru gritted teeth say, “Okay when he arrives send him to my office. And if you don’t remove your foot you will be packing your office when you return!”

She quickly removes her foot smiling innocently, “ he will be at the office when we return.”

We pack up the meeting pay the bill and head back to the office.

'She really wants to jump start your royal rod, and ride you through the night as if her life depended on it lol' laughs Ansel in the mind link.

'Ansel, you know I respect you. As you should your elders, with you pushing what is it now 250? No, 265. However, of yoy say that again I will use my talons, and claw your tongue out! Understood? I state trying to relax.

'Crystal Clear, your highness!' He quickly replies.

*Inside the office garage*

“You thought you could skip school today and I wouldn’t be able to find you! Your mother has been worried sick so get your stupid fat ass home before her punishment gets worse. I will be home after this meeting and if you have any common sense you won’t piss your poor mother off anymore. Or this time” Mark sneers rubbing his hands up Liza’s thigh gripping it deathly hard, “ you can deal with my punishment!”

“You disgusting pig don’t ever touch me! Fine I’m going home but like I told her I will be gone in a year!” Liza retorts back as she pulls free to head home.

While walking she suddenly feels as if eyes are watching her making her feel hot as she walks around the corner. At the same time a yellow Lamborghini turns the corner and slows down. She panics not knowing the area and bolts the rest of the way home.

'MATE' screams Draco.

Alaric slows his car frantically searching for the source of the heavily smell. A mix of smoky campfire after it’s burned out and lavender. Just as he’s about to look he sees the back of a woman just as she dodged into the alley. His body gets hot as if he has lava coursing thru his veins smoke rising off his skin and clothes threatening to burn.

'NO! NOT, NOW! WE, CAN NOT, SHIFT! WE, WILL, FIND HER! I PROMISE!' Struggling I shout to Draco, as he begins to give me full control back.

'Soon, my little mouse. Soon, you will be ours!' Draco says happily.
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