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Chapter 5

T͟h͟e͟ I͟n͟t͟e͟r͟v͟i͟e͟w͟: Alaric

‘Damnit!! That was close I could sense her. Where did she go I want Mate now!’ Draco shouted in my head.

‘I know so do I. But we cannot lose control like that! You know we cannot shift in front of the humans! It is one of our most sacred laws. The only time we can show our animal forms is if the human is our mate!! Our very existence depends on it you must stay in control. We will find her I promise!’ I try my best to regain control and finally Draco relaxes, sensing I too desire our mate.

Finally giving me complete control once again. I’d rather go the way our mate has gone but I have to get thru this interview, otherwise I know Jessika would use this as a way to continue to pester me on a daily bases. Groaning I park in the usual spot get out and straighten my clothes. Thankfully the near shift didn’t destroy my clothes so wouldn’t have to explain a wardrobe change.

As I make my way back to the office I can sense her before she even makes her presence known. Tensing up I try to quicken my pace but she speeds up.

'Hey I tried to tell you to wait for mate, but nooo you just haddd to go out with that dimwitted bimbo' Draco laughs at my aggravation.

Rolling my eyes I hear her nasally begin to speak,” Alaric dear hold on!”

The clicking of her heals can be heard as she picks up the pace to catch up to me. Spinning around , "I have already told you it was a mistake and from now on it would be strictly professional. Although I do value you as a member of this company if you continue with the pet names I will let you go. So for the final time it’s Mr. Baine! Now what do you want? I am late and trying to hurry to the office so I can do this favor for you and interview the guy YOU recommended unless you’d rather I tell him to leave?” I state coldly.

Jessika just stands there like a fish out of water her mouth open and closing like she’s about to say something but thinks better of it. Finally the elevator dings and she rushes inside beside me.

“De- I mean Mr. Baine. I was only going to let you know that the interview will be in conference room B. Mark has brought some files from his previous contracts for us to view aswell.”

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I had be holding and merely nod my head.

“Mr. Carson? Mr. Baine is ready for you if you’d follow me.”

As a man enters the conference room I can smell something oddly familiar on him. Jessika jumps up grabs his hand shaking it while I am trying to decipher the smell.

'MATE! Why does this human smell like our mate. Can I eat him?' Draco roars in my head.

'Quiet! We will find out just remember to stay in control!'

“Mark, I mean Mr. Carson thank you for coming in especially under such short notice,” Jessika states sweetly.

“ Thank you for the time I really can’t thank you enough. And I am sorry I am late I normally pride myself on being on time, but my step daughter skipped school teenagers right. Found her roaming around and came straight here.”

“Oh my, looks like you care deeply for her and her education!”

“Oh yes it has been rough, my best friend was her father. Sadly he passed in the war and she hasn’t been the same always acting out. So I am hoping with a steady job in the city we won’t have to move and she can get back to normal.”

I can sense he was lying but about what I couldn’t tell but I couldn’t allow them to move now that I know he has close proximity to my mate. With him working here I could keep an eye on her hell even meet her. I could sense Draco was uneasy as well but we couldn’t figure out why but we would.

“So Mr. Carson, Ms. Finley tells me that you are one of the best Security Agents she has searched, and that majority of your team are Veterans or retired from the military?”

“Yes sir!! My guys are very well trained and highly dedicated to their job. For many of us we have been security detail to some of the militaries top secret missions so we understand the importance of ensuring no information is leaked and the sites are 100% guarded.” He stated excitedly like a kid on Christmas morning.

'Oh boy! Another eager human' mocks Draco in my head.

“That is great to hear with this launch coming everything has to be perfect. You can show us why you would be good for this contract, and anything that you feel will help your chances.” I motion to the projector and wait for him to begin.

After about an hour he finally finishes his presentation. I was just going to give him the job because he knows my mate but after his presentation he does seem to be the best suited.

“Mr. Carson, you can go with Jessika to finalize any paperwork needed for your company to handle the security for this launch and discuss payments with payroll before you leave. Make sure to get badges for all your employees and make sure they are all here Monday morning for a company mandatory briefing on the launch. Saturday we are having our company family fun day where all our employees bring their spouses and children. Here we treat everyone as a part of the family so once a year we all get together with our extended families to get to know one another. If anyone that works in my company ever needs anything and that includes their family we try our best to help. Once you and Jessika are finished finalizing the paperwork report to Human Resources to schedule drug screen and blood tests for your employees and yourself. All of which are necessary in the event someone is injured we have our own private hospital here in the building to keep our launches and other businesses secured with no outside links. And welcome to the team.”

I leave before he has a chance to speak, something about him I cannot place but has me and my dragon on edge. The only good thing about him being an employee is the hope that he will bring this step daughter he mentioned, at least I hope it’s her and not his wife I smelled on him. Smiling in my chair, finally after 150 years I will finally have my mate. The day couldn’t come quick enough.

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