The Abyss of Your Heart

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《Christian what kind of secrets do you keep in your locked heart ..?》 Somehow my journey near you began, wanting to explore seduce you .. In the heart of Manhattan, a powerful charming Don Juan but at the same time sworn bachelor businessman named Christian Balton, who does not believe in love, acquires an almost bankrupt company with the vision to transform it into a colossus. However, not everything comes to him as rosy as he imagines as he meets resistance from his ex-daughter owner! Marina Aston, a revolutionary, stubborn but at the same time incredibly lustful and fragile, poses a great dilemma in his carefree life. To be left in her charm at the risk of unlocking his bolted heart for the first time or to leave it behind him forever? Passion is intertwined with egoism in a relentless war of seduction and eroticism, hatred and love with winners and losers, which of the two will prevail ? (c) 2021 Elena Paxi

Romance / Erotica
Elena Paxi
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Chapter 1 - Fatal Encounter

She lived her youth calmly without concepts and problems since she had everything she wanted for money, parents who adored her as good friends and everything others dreamed of. Nevertheless, she remained very serious and organized, so much so that her friends often used to caress her "miss ice", no matter how much she grimaced annoyed.

She knew in that look that they were probably right, since she was always more mature than she was and did not let her mind wander about whatever money she had.

When she was reading or not working in her dad's company, she usually met her ill-educated and also wealthy friends in bars, where she was ridiculed so much that she worked so hard since she did not enjoy her age or financial comfort.

"Come on, Marina at last" complained her gluer "Learn to throw it out, you have lot of money do not need to worry about your survival .." but she insisted that the same data did not apply to her, she remained completely different.

So looking at her intently as she was already lowering the third shot in a row with such indifference to what was happening around her as if she had conquered the world, she was showing such arrogance to the outside.

"I have pointed out again that I do not work for a living but out of ambition I have
dreams to build a career in business!"

"Calm down sweetie, none of us will stand in your way, but life..and love is so intoxicating that you have no mind for work!》

Something like this applies to you that you do not manage to separate while you already have the next one ready..for me things are different. If so the love is better not to try!" She commented caustically, leaving her mind wandering around this complex feeling that awakens your being and fills your life with

Will I experience it with all the intensity and the corresponding romance I want?
She wondered while taking a sip of her cocktail before the thoughts vanished from the pleasant company and conversation.

The next morning, of course, she did not hear the sound from the alarm clock. For another day she flew away from the piercing sound of her mother's voice, which she used to wake up to every day since she was little, even though she regulated the awakening.

Unfortunately, she did not have siblings, a wound that hurt her especially when she saw the bond that the gluer had with her brother.

For exactly the same reason, both her parents were devoted to her, offering all their love and affection. Except that sometimes they became quite oppressive, wanting to have a say even in her love affairs, which bothered her.

" little girl, I wake up at last ..." Miranda shouted as she pulled the curtains, letting the light of a new day spread all around, full of beauty and carefree. The weather was sunny summer although the heat seemed unbearable in the district of the island where they stayed during the summer months.

During the winter, they lived and worked at the company's headquarters in New York, as did most American businessmen with subsidiaries in various parts of the United States.

She loved this island and had many sweet memories from a baby until today, a girl of twenty years old. Today's Marina was sweet, full of dreams and lively, the face spoke for itself.

Her big honey expressive eyes betrayed all her feelings, her well-shaped nose combined with her intense cheekbones and velvety full lips left no manly look indifferent.

One would easily imagine that she works as a photo model clearly and they would not be wrong! From time to time he had various professional proposals to deal with. But it was not a dream of a lifetime to become a cover every three and little by little he chose from a young age to become famous in the business world. Besides, thanks to her father, who was always an excellent professional, she gradually learned the secrets of business. In order to later have all the necessary supplies to manage the family group alone. She reluctantly opened her eyes unprepared to face the bright sunlight that gave the creator notes of beauty and optimism. Her gaze traveled farther from the large open balcony door overlooking the large manicured garden and the pool of the house could clearly see the deep ocean in the background.

This moment was one of her favorites, the endless blue blended harmoniously with the color of the sky creating a natural work of art. She felt so lucky that she had the privilege of seeing this masterpiece of the god every day like a living painting at her feet.

The vastness of the sea made her believe in eternity that nothing ended in life, everything had a sequel. This thought always filled her with positive energy so that she could face another difficult day at work with courage and enthusiasm.

She stood up slightly, stretching her arms while smiling tenderly at her mother. "Good morning ..I did not hear the alarm clock!"

"Oh my little girl, it makes sense not to listen to it, you spent out all the night again yesterday, I understood you when you came back around four o clock in the morning ... if I'm not mistaken. Today your father left alone for the company ! He was a little annoyed but I explained to him that for a day nothing was done to rest. After all, you know how satisfied we are with you and your progress ... " He observed her nausea as he snorted, struggling to recover from last night he had drunk more than normal just as he managed to get four hours of sleep. "My mom has not woken up yet ... do not moan at me! Of course, I will not rest, I will start in half an hour for the company to look, I got up and I am already going to take my bath ... "she commented, waking up. She disappeared with quick movements in the bathroom in order to save her chant since when she started to complain nothing stopped her. For Marina, this was the daily morning work and some empty afternoons, sometimes walks with her friends in summer hangouts and bars. With beautiful young people who were looking for a new adventure every day.

Other times she liked to swim on the private beach under her house. She wondered for a moment, looking at her reflection in the mirror, if she wanted inwardly to start a new bond. But if fate had brought them like this so far, it would not have sought it.

Although two years had passed since the last traumatic bond that marked her without looking for something new.

It probably wouldn't come out soon after all he wasn't so interested in romance he was disappointed.

"Better my girl this time you have goals to achieve .Love can still wait .. " she monologued wrapping her white wet towel around her shapely wet body.

For now the immediate priority was the career she wanted to stand on her own two feet. To be able to become independent early in business and gradually to build an empire. After she hurriedly got dressed, she drank her juice and finally started for the company, although late. Clearly he had to set a good example to his colleagues and staff, although he tried hard, the young man often overcame it. So far her parents showed understanding, fortunately she thought anxiously as she passed the threshold of the shipping.

Without first visiting her own office, she hurried up to her dad's office to greet him. In fact, she had bought him his favorite coffee to shape him.

She hurriedly opened the sliding door without knocking on her excitement and stormed inside like a siphon. Abstract greeting her dad with a kiss as she offered him coffee with a smile.

To her surprise, she noticed another male figure in front of him, she was very ashamed of her indiscretion. Without articulating a word, he immediately fled to let them continue their professional discussion. Her father, the famous successful shipowner Nicholas Ashton, held her hand tenderly, realizing her shyness. 《My girl, I will not let you go back to your office before I introduce you to our guest! Σε he commented with a smile.

He got up manfully from his place, buttoned his jacket before making the recommendations between the two strangers who exchanged strange looks.
"Christian forgave for the indiscretion my daughter Marina has been working for the company for two months. Ηe commented justifying her while without wasting time he introduced the stranger to her.

"My sweet Marina this man name is Christian Balton one of the strongest competitors in the field. He will cooperate with us now ... "Nicholas pointed out excitedly.

At last the mysterious man moved from his place considerably numb as he reached out to greet her.

She felt her breath suddenly cut off her legs did not cross her as soon as she saw the prince of her fairy tale in the face of Christian Balton!

He had it all with a cursory glance lost in his imposing appearance he looked so haughty and dynamic. Tall around 1.90 brunette with rich shiny short hair in the color of ebony. Wonderful green eyes that at a glance capture well-spoken robust cheekbones and as much for his lips.

Ah his lips ! Enchanted, they invited you to explore their occult aspects so well formed. As if the best sculptor had carved them, without even realizing it, she was staring at him at that point like an unfinished little girl waiting to be kissed for the first time in her life.

Then her gaze traveled lower to his husky muscular body that was clearly visible through the very expensive black suit he wore.

No doubt he had realized in a flash that he had impressed her greatly. Although he remained expressionless throughout the handshake, he did not even smile and insisted on examining her in an apathetic, almost derogatory manner. From within, he definitely mocks me, he concluded, since he behaved so immaturely as if he saw for the first time in a man's life. That is why he would not continue his stupid game as he also offered her her hand, although belatedly he made sure to finally behave professionally.

"Nice to meet you Christian! He uttered honestly, he sparked her with a look of fire as at the same time a fake restrained smile was etched on his face.

"Similarly Miss ..Aston! He responded abruptly at the moment, pointing out another embarrassing mistake you were exposing in front of him.

Since he chose to speak to him in the singular without even knowing him, it seems that the handsome man was a hard nut to crack ! pondered skeptical.

She immediately hurried to correct her mistake with courtesy "I hope your cooperation with our company is highly constructive and leaves good impressions on both sides" he said coldly. "Ha! Now what do you have to say smartly" she rewarded herself for the quick reaction.

Observing the arrogance painted on his face, a sign that the two of them would probably not do very well.

"Believe me, my lady, that I research the companies very carefully before I synchronize with a company.Whenever I would wish the same for your good" he commented almost threateningly while his face remained arrogant.

He watched her from top to bottom with obvious disdain as if she were no uneducated beggar.
He would not tolerate this anymore! She finally turned to the exit ready to leave irritated. to be able to continue the pointless discussion he had so indiscriminately interrupted.

"Excuse me, I have a lot of work waiting for me in my office, father, will see you later.
As for you Mr. Balton, welcome to our company! Whatever you need, I am at your disposal ... "she cried politely, trying to disappear from his piercing gaze as quickly as possible.

《The willingness on you screams Miss.. have a beautiful day .. he replied leaving clearly the implied to wander between them.

At the same time, he fixed his eyes on the half-open bodice that left her white cruise shirt uncovered. She did not bother to quarrel with him, he would not lead her anywhere, she would destroy an important agreement for her father, rather than defend her damaged dignity.

She watched him intently as she closed the door as she passed. Unperturbed, he returned to his post, continuing to carefully study the contracts he had to sign as a proper professional.

"Wow, you idiot ..." she whispered as if she was finally sitting behind her glass desk. What problem did he have with her and insulted her in the worst way? he was obviously terribly arrogant.

He thought that everyone should treat him like a king. He seemed so disgusting and clever that he managed to surprise her for the first time and lose her words. But he would not do it again from now on she knew very well how he should behave. With contempt, as he did, he would just show it to him at the next meeting .. !!! Think about starting work with a cup of espresso.

A few hours later another tedious conference had just ended with the shareholders leaving the room leaving her alone.

Taking one last look at the documents they had signed, she found herself in front of the cooperation document of her father's shipping company with the Balton group.

Although in the end she chose not to pay attention to the present moment at least after her meninges were pounded by a terrible headache. She would continue to study them at home with another cup of coffee that would help her tone, she decided satisfied.

She hastily gathered the rest of the documents and placed them in her black leather briefcase, leaving the conference room. As she walked abstractly towards the elevator she fell on the one who monopolized her thoughts.

She had just come face to face with Christian for the second time the same day but he did not even move his finger to restrain her from falling to the ground. He only observed her with the familiar arrogance that he already did in her father's office before.

As she walked abstractly towards the elevator she fell on the one who monopolized her thoughts. She had just come face to face with Christian for the second time the same day but he did not even move his finger to restrain her from falling to the ground.

He only observed her with the familiar arrogance that possessed him "We could see where you are stepping on .. if you drive in the same way we will soon mourn the victims ..." he commented mockingly.

After she recovered somewhat from the blur, she straightened her crumpled clothes, exhaling irritated but well, how dare she dare ..!

"You know something, Mr. Balton, you do not have to worry about how I drive, judging by a simple moment of carelessness, which you took advantage of to make fun of me good night ..." he commented, passing him indifferently, leaving him behind with a lazy smile painted on his face. observes. Just before the elevator doors closed she heard him clearly a few steps back shouting at her.

"Once again, my lady, pay attention to your manners ..." she commented meaningfully, referring to her morning failure, obviously. This was now out of control with him, he knew he was playing his game well, but she was constantly falling into the traps like a rookie. How could she not even notice that he was in front of her? It seems that the fatigue had completely absorbed her, if he did not have ways as he said, he would answer him as he deserved, even if he said what he wanted! As soon as she arrived at the mansion she was isolated directly in her room without speaking to anyone. She finally removed her high sandals that hurt her unimaginably and lay down, she immediately needed to straighten her defenses.

The headache, however, seemed so unbearable, after all, it was a very tiring day. And as if that were not enough, she also had to face her indomitable partner, where she would significantly complicate her daily life, so she was sure she was thinking as she was gradually left in oblivion. Miranda anxiously opened the door of the room he had not met as she was returning as usual when they had dinner together.

Miranda anxiously opened the door of the room he had not met her as she was returning as usual when they had dinner together.

Silently entering the room, he saw her sleeping in her work clothes in front of her.
she looked so tired that she did not want to upset her whenever she left relieved.

Crossing the vast corridor of the mansion to the stairs leading to the dining room, she noticed the light in her husband's office on.

How much she had missed all day she thought and without a second thought invaded inside smiling.

She approached him and after kissing him tenderly on the lips as usual she sat next to him on the leather sofa.
"Are you still working my love? I was wondering if we were going out a little tonight to break out, it's so cool tonight ... »she complained nastily, passing her thin fingers tenderly through his sparse white hair.

Tired, he removed his myopia glasses, rubbed his eyes and smiled at her modestly it seemed that something was bothering him for days but he did not talk to him no matter how hard he tried.

"Miranda, you now know very well that our work offered us all the goods we have had for so many years. In fact, today I signed an agreement with the Balton group and you can not imagine how demanding Christian is ... "

She looked at him curiously. "Tell me, is he really as hard as he sounds? »

"And worse .. he demands that we all talk to him in the plural, he is quite quiet, very arrogant .. but I know very well that he is camouflaged" he answered with too much confidence.

"How can you be so sure of this my love? You do not know him personally as far as I know. in fact, most in our circle say the same that his heart is like a stone! Others even describe it as impenetrable to an iceberg!
Let him say that the yellow leaflets deal with him every day, he is a terrible woman ... "

Nicholas got up from his seat, approached and stood in front of the window, gazing at the endless blue in front of him, skeptical.

"You know something Miranda ... I dream of a dynamic businessman our daughter like him. I know you may react badly at first but I'm sure she likes this one.
In fact, they fit together and you had to see them face to face together, today I found out in the company when I introduced them.
at the same time, if you think about it, she would have the opportunity to continue the rich life like the one we offer her and not to end up with something inferior ... "he commented disparagingly on the lower class of people.

As born from a cradle in money he did not want his daughter to marry someone who did not belong to the same social class.

Shocked, Miranda shook like a spring from her position. "You can't talk seriously, Nicholas! This man for our little girl did you go crazy? The only life he can live with will be misery, loneliness, and infidelity no I do not hear talk!
I would not dare to imagine my daughter's life with him!
But what has been happening to you lately? I do not recognize you anymore! How far will your ambition go? you have so much and you want even more! Oh my god !" she uttered disgusted with sullen eyes.

She could not bear to hear anything more so she left her office as if chased.
She came out furiously in the garden, sighing as sadly as ever.
she sat by the illuminated pool and let herself cry to save her she felt utterly disappointed.

Her wedding had become a simple routine although a stormy love was born between the two of them in the beginning.

They did not leave a moment alone, they spent a lot of time together, they shared thoughts, feelings, dreams, they went out, they had fun, they made love, they were thirsty for each other's bodies and as if they became parents, their happiness was complete.

A year later, however, a thorn was stuck in her heart on the day she miscarried their second baby in the early stages of her pregnancy, which she longed to give birth to by giving an heir to Nicholas.

He was very disappointed, he read it in his eyes that sad night, but he still managed to bury the pain and stand by the rock until he recovered.

Finally, with a lot of patience, they had gradually overcome it. Since then, none of them sought to have another child, so Marina had no other brothers, even though she carried it in her soul heavily.

As husbands they remained very much in love all these years and as a father he helped and supported their daughter in everything while he was a model wife.

In fact, Marina had more weakness in Nicholas than in herself, but she did not bother her that she trusted him from a young age with all her secrets due to the fact that as a mother she behaved superprotectively.

She made sure to elaborate to hide the secret that haunted her until today if Marina knew that besides her she had no one else in the world maybe she understood her phobias.

In the last two years, the situation between them has changed dramatically, now the only thing that bothered Nicholas was money and clearly the shipping company devoted very little time to his family.

Of course, she avoided expressing the complaints and grief that plagued her. stoically.

As she opened her eyes she had already spent the night while she had returned early in the afternoon from the company she cast a fleeting glance next to her at the digital clock that adorned the nightstand it was past ten she realized that she had fallen asleep and that she was hungry like a wolf.

She got up and with quick steps went down to the kitchen, first passing through the majestic living room of the house, glancing around looking for her parents, but to her disappointment she did not meet anyone there.

She was surprised that her mother did not sit carefree reading her favorite book as she used to at night.
As for her father, she must have fallen asleep by the time she woke up every day at five in the morning.
But where could Miranda be?

Astonished, she went to the kitchen where she met Dorothy, their housekeeper, as she was getting ready to go to rest. She decided to ask her .
"Good evening Dorothy, do you know where my parents are ? Why did something happened tonight while I was sleeping?》

The woman did not speak alone, she watched her anxiously looking for the right words .
"None of them wanted to dine my girl, your mother fell asleep early as for the gentleman she came out a little while ago. But I will make you eat your favorite vegetable souffle! Mmm ... you avoid looking at me, you are hiding something from me, I have a premonition, come and tell me, I am really worried!》

"You know that I do not interfere in them but I will tell you that I know about an hour ago voices were heard from the office..and then your father left I only know these .."commented the woman, hurrying to place the plate on the table, saying goodnight.

They got into a fight and it turned out badly that something serious must have been happening between them lately and her parents were behaving strangely, something kept them apart by force, now they exchanged a good morning.

She was very sorry even though she pretended not to see so as not to upset any of them inside she was fully aware of their marital status.

On the other hand, Christian was constantly wandering around like a thief in her thoughts, but why? it should not even have crossed her mind after the rude approach but you could not help but notice him he was beautiful in appearance.

Perhaps somewhere deeper there was another side of him hidden which was sweet, tender, sensitive to such a character would melt in contrast to this harsh and computational side he presented to the outside.

Immersed in her thoughts, she did not even hear her cell phone ringing so hard that she caught it without looking at who was calling "Please", she answered in astonishment from the other end of the line, a deep bass male voice reached her ears.

"Good evening Miss Aston!" she lost her speech and was unconsciously shaken from her place as once again the object of her thought was on the other end of the line and in fact she had disturbed her senses for good.

She had to say something but she preferred to play it indifferent pretending that she had not recognized him "Who is asking for me please?"

"I'm Christian Balton!"
he pointed out abruptly with a vengeful tone, in fact he finally had such a great idea about himself? he asked inwardly, "Good evening, Mr. Balton, what would you like at such a time?" There was silence on the other end of the line for a few seconds.

"I wanted to talk to the marketing manager right away. You know, they just told me you》

Hmmm ..! so that's why he phoned so late at night she thought "Indeed I am ..tell me" urged him in the same tone as him.

"Listen, I studied the last sales you had through your advertisers. I think there are some significant gaps in the reports and a lot of annual advertising costs on the part of your company. So I would like you to explain to me .. "

At the moment he was confused as if he was not asking for a lot of information?
He did not run the company, he just worked with them, he was indiscreet "Mr. Balton, you never get tired of working from what I see ..." he commented ironically.

He certainly did not let it go unnoticed. "Listen Miss Aston if you are willing to flirt or have a small chat with me on the phone I will inform you that I have no time to lose you I asked you something obviously evasive I will find a way to be informed good night ..."

He literally stabbed her. Teased so much by a simple comment to break the ice? She wondered, well, what had caught her, was she really struggling to flirt with him?

He was still on the line so he would give him his coveted answer "I did not have such a purpose Mr. Balton obviously you misunderstood an innocent humorous comment of mine you turned it as you wanted. In any case, I inform you that our sales with the corresponding advertising campaigns were gradually increased, so we invested accordingly .. "

"At last miss! You entered the topic the next time we will communicate you will answer me immediately ..! Let me emphasize that the company's revenues do not go with the expenses, so you probably do not manage the money for the advertisements well ... "he commented disparagingly in a low lustful voice that awakened the senses.

But what exactly was he looking for so late at night ?

She began to get very upset with his manner and his arrogant attitude "Look Mr. Balton so that I do not delay you any longer it would be better to go through my office tomorrow morning to answer any questions you may have" once again prevailed silence seems to be consideringhis every word.

"Well, I will send you my secretary, but know if I am not satisfied with the results, then maybe I will change my mind and not buy your company. It may seem to me a useless investment this ..and you ..good night .. !! " he dropped his bomb and almost carelessly hung up the phone literally and even with another insult hovering in the air.

Was she completely frozen, what exactly had he just announced to her? did not intend to work with their company but to run it? to save them from bankruptcy !! And she had no idea what was going on!

Now everything was explained why her father had changed so much and he was closed to himself now he understood everything the tangle of mystery unfolded before her eyes.

He would not let such a thing happen if he had known earlier that they had reached the sad point of the buyer insulting them and bargaining. Ah! sighed with sadness that the company would go with Balton for president?

he seemed so bad ruthless nothing would block his way as long as he fulfilled his ambitions!

Suddenly all the fantasies starring her irresistible collaborator vanished like leaves in the strong north as a ruthless war between them was now threatening to break out ..

"What's out Balton ..!"

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