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The Abyss of Your Heart

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Chapter 2 - Without identity

It was six o'clock in the morning and as soon as it started to dawn as if it had started for the company he had not been able to turn a blind eye all night he felt able to save their company by any means from his hands!

There was no time for flirting and romance with him except for hard work. As soon as he arrived at the company he immediately ran to her father's office to get the most important documents he kept locked in his drawer.

to her surprise she saw in the position of president the man who would hate as everything seemed deadly sitting comfortably behind her father's office she was already working from an early age he looked at her from top to bottom shamelessly.

"Please knock the damn door before you enter Miss everything you knew till today changes .! Why you came so early here ?" he commented, of course, because of yesterday's delay, of which, unfortunately, he was a witness.

She lost the land under her apron, that is, there was no hope, she was officially the new owner of her father's company, which he and her grandfather had built with so much effort years ago and suddenly now it belonged to a stranger.

She could not contain her teary eyes or her trembling lips and all the pain she felt inside her but she had to fight so she would not be humbled in front of him.

she took a deep breath to clear her mind "Excuse me sir but this office belongs to my father I did not imagine I would meet you here I came to look for some important documents" she was embarrassed.

Without even bothering to look at her he just listened to her and thanks to her he did so much he was devalued so she was very dizzy but she would not let herself collapse now no she would not give him the joy.

He glanced at her unmoved in front of her drama as always expressionless "Oh indeed! what a pity that your father informed you that the company passed into my hands since yesterday! How this will be my office my miss! From now on you are just an employee and not the marketing manager. the changes are posted on the bulletin board from there you will be informed a resignation from you would be accepted good morning .. "he announced cynically.

She could not believe what she was hearing, there could not be such a person, she could not become so bad "And ... she was trying to hold back her tears but unfortunately he was watching her.

"What will happen to my father?" She asked, stunned by his style, nothing had changed, she remained absolutely expressionless despite the pain reflected in her face.

"I'm sorry but he chose to sell the company in my own hands otherwise you would probably have failed! you will be informed in the process about the rest, please leave the dramas here, it is a job! " he exclaimed indignantly as he returned to the numerous documents in front of him.

His last words tore her to pieces, he hurriedly closed the door behind her, he ran away, he could not stop the sobs that were shaking all over her body, everything was lost !!

Her father had told her absolutely nothing about the impending catastrophe she chose to fight it alone resulting in losing the business that offered them all the goods.

As she walked alone on the empty corridor next to the offices after all the employees had not yet arrived at their work, she met at the end the former secretary Margaret reading the bulletin board, which mentioned the names of the employees who were being transferred to other positionsinside the building.

She looked just as frightened and at the same time sad worried about tomorrow as the others as if she saw her ran to her and hugged her.

They maintained a very good relationship with each other "Marina why so suddenly? Changes have been made! but what do you have, you are trembling, you have turned pale, calm down ... »he urged her, she was really trembling and she had turned white like a cloth as soon as she found the strength to speak.

"And as soon as I found out, you are no longer my secretary, nor as a director, I am very sorry ..." she burst into tears again, while at the same time she sat disappointed on the floor, looking like pieces, the employee noticed in shock.

"I know you are a special secretary of Balton, did you not find out anymore? He informed her, causing her strong reaction and she was thrown up in shock.

"He chose me as his special but how? She cried in astonishment as tears flooded her face.

"I do not know how and why ...However, you are his secretary in the announcement and I am in the accounting department from here on out, he did not dismiss anyone anyway! " commented with satisfaction after all the employees as soon as the sale was learned last week they were trembling not to lose their position.

Wiped her eyes determined she had to work hard to get back everything her father had given her so recklessly after gathering her courage she set off for her new post.

Saw outside his office his new workplace a small corner desk with an old worn chair forcibly held once more to prevent it from collapsing.

He had to take her responsibilities now knocked on his door discreetly and he entered slowly raised his eyes to look at her.

He looked tired, something he had not noticed before, he had dark circles under his eyes but he imagined the same arrogant.
"Miss, you were probably informed about your new post from what it seems .." he commented harshly at the moment andonly for what he had caused her."In fact, I was informed, I would like to be informed what my responsibilities will be from now on ..." she spoke sharply as coldly as she could, while all she was shouting was HATE!

She made sense for her to pass by and sit down by force. Her aprons were holding her. .so as you understood you will have to work with me today " she announced sternly with him ?

There was nothing worse than that, she would have to work for eight hours or more in the same space as the one who was now talking to her and in the singular since it was in his hand he had lost her prestige.

"In fact," she replied abruptly as he handed her the laptop and began to dictate.they had spent almost four hours working together he was almost done with the letters to the clients as he was very demanding every letter he completed went through him for approval and then with a nod he sent it where it was written in the report.

The last letter she handed him was watched by him for many hours, amazed, probably something was wrong, he really did not make a mistake, after a few minutes he saw him get up with the paper in his hand and approach her threateningly.

"Would you send this here?" is all a mistake and in fact you would send it to my best client this eh? Do you understand your opinion about my person to keep it for you? Whether you hate me or not, no one cares! ”He shouted furiously while at the same time he almost threw the paper in her face.

She immediately realized her tragic mistake he had delivered the wrong glue she was using to vent her anger that she was writing
how much she hated him she lost it should not have happened now Christian knew her feelings and that was bad he would do anything to chase her away.
maybe she also submitted her resignation ..? For a moment it seemed a good idea but she would not try it would not leave their company in the hands of foreigners so easily!

He got up again from her office, embarrassed, and handed him the normal letter.
"Send it!" At least she does not say that you hate me! " he mocked her angrily he would not continue just sitting quietly again in front of the laptop and continued to work.

As she was gathering some documents for a while she was removed, she noticed that her new boss was absorbed in the contracts and agreements and he did not even notice her.

She wondered inside her since he was as hard and impenetrable as she seemed then because he was so annoyed that she freely expressed her feelings towards his person? he shouldn't even have bothered him so maybe he wasn't really the monster he wanted to show of course he thought he would send this letter to his client so he probably didn't even care what he thought.

he had overdone it by writing so many times on a piece of paper how much he hated him he should have thrown it away but he was fired.

The sound of her cell phone broke the silence and his piercing gaze flashed on her.
"Pick it up," he ordered with a growl.

she knew that it was her mother and she did not want anyone in particular to hear their conversation but the phone on the right said to be silent, she insisted, so she finally answered the call reluctantly.

At the other end of the line, her mother was heard shouting in agony, "Marina, my love, did you hear that?" And in fact one of the first to think about lowering the volume of the handset so that it is not heard outside.

"Yes mother unfortunately ..." he replied breathlessly.

"But why ..why does this happen to us my child? What are you still doing there? Come to our house, do not be humiliated anymore ... »her mother seemed to be holding back uncontrollably, she was shouting and it clearly reached her own ears, even if she played it indifferently, she was definitely eavesdropping.

She had to take matters into her own hands. "Mom, listen to me, I'm busy at the moment, we will talk further when I come to close" she cried abruptly, ending the call, trying to keep her composure and morale high.

despite her agitation she did not want to give the joy to him to know what upset her had caused them after she took a few deep breaths under his watchful eye tried to relax and continued her work quietly.

he had spent the night not taking a break to prove how hard he was working he had not eaten anything. she was just stuck on the laptop screen, her eyes were burning horribly.

but he, in turn, had not yet left, he was working just as hard, he suddenly noticed him out of the corner of her eye moving from his office and winking at him to stop.

"You can leave, he went late, you worked hard enough for today, turn off the computer and tell me the documents here, I will study them and I will give them back to you tomorrow" he ordered abruptly while filling his cup from the coffee machine he had behind him.

it seems that she will spend the night collecting my father's mistakes, she thought sadly, she decided in a flash that she would stay, she would go against what he said, she would prove that she was not afraid of work, so she did not move from her position.

after he had prepared his coffee he sat down again in his armchair, sure that he was now alone but surprised he saw her opposite him smiling at him but he was not well tired for so many hours he wondered?

"You probably did not listen to me, Miss. I asked you to leave. Will you work again tomorrow? Why are you not disciplined? Empty my space immediately! " this time she sounded completely cynical with the result that he stubbornly persuaded her for good that even if he told her he would sit there he would fight to save what he could even though everything had been lost and in one night fortunes were not gained he remained optimistic.

Christian was not accustomed to being ignored, he had learned to be obeyed by everyone, even his own people, even the women he had relationships with from time to time, and today a simple swordsman dared to go against his will.

Rather you did it because she had no idea yet what he was capable of doing in order to make her revolt against him they did not pass.

He still wondered to himself why he finally decided to keep her in the company since he saw how damaging it was for her father to end up here now he would show her what Balton was going to say.

He got up angrily and approached her with eyes like burning coals and fists clenched and continued to watch him seemingly unperturbed.

Abruptly he lowered the laptop screen with such force that he had surely crushed her then he grabbed her tightly by the arm he lifted her up by force ignoring the protests 《Leave my hand I'm am in pain !!! You are a peasant !!》he shouted at him, hurriedly handed her the leather briefcase and almost dragged her to the exit.

"You probably did not understand well little girl how the rules work here, I asked you to leave and you will do it! I am in charge of your revolutions elsewhere ! Whether you like it or not, your dad seemed unworthy to run his own company, so you's out for that .. now .. !!! He twisted as he pushed her unconsciously into his intensity.

She tripped on the heel of her heel, broke her balance and slumped down, hitting her head on the marble floor with a fork.

She instantly lost consciousness while her body lay rigid in front of his legs for the first time in his life he had turned pale did not expect such a development.

He did not want such a thing to happen under any circumstances, his intention was only to scare her nothing more but she had overdone it, was it too late now to correct the bad situation or was she already dead?

He leaned over her and carefully raised her head with gentle movements he did not seem to react this intensified his fears.

Frightened after a few seconds he noticed that the spot where he had hit had begun to bleed.

He rested his trembling hand on her neck desperately looking for a pulse with his heart beating irregularly.

Her pulse was extremely weak he had to take her to a hospital as soon as she looked very serious.

Without a second thought, he picked it up in his hands and with quick steps took it to the company's garage, pressing with difficulty the button that unlocks his car.

After pushing her as softly as he could into the front passenger seat of the two-seater sports car, he pushed her forward, trying to keep his composure.

God knows how he got to the nearest hospital he almost crashed several times passing in red during the journey.

The nurses were waiting at their doorstep as she took care to warn on the way she lifted her body in his arms again watching shocked red spots staining the white tiles at the entrance of the Hospital.

Without further hindering he leaned softly on the stretcher watching her almost lifeless body move away his stomach knotted.

She was rushed to the emergency room and Christian was left alone to walk back and forth waiting for an answer from doctors.

In the meantime his white shirt was stained with blood as if he had committed the most heinous crime

Inside he wished the blow was not serious as then she would have to face heaps of accusations and if she succumbed to her injuries even worse then her parents would run him to court.

He had not decided in the turmoil what to do, he could not put his thoughts in order, the agony and the anxiety were constantly clouding his mind, creating a chaos.

He had chosen not to notify her parents yet, nor would she, of course, unless things were so serious that she did not even want to think about it at the moment.

The doctors examined her for a long time and no one had left the room to inform him about the development of her health, at least with himself he would be fine if he took care to immediately take responsibility for his act.

Luckily for him, he had not let anyone realize the accident since most of the company's employees at that time had gone unlike the one who remained there stubbornly.

She forced him to lose control to escape the tragic event but he had not pushed her so hard if she had not tripped and her damn heel did not say to break now she would be sleeping peacefully in her house and he in his own.

He had never had such a thing happen to him in his life.
At last a doctor crossed the aisle approaching him skeptical. "Are you the girl's husband? He asked sternly with an expression of disbelief in the tone of his voice.

He lost his words she did not know what to answer but to avoid notifying her own at the moment she nodded in agreement. "In fact, my wife is a doctor! The words came out of his mouth without even thinking about them.

the doctor, after nodding understandingly, began to explain to him how he was doing. "Look, the girl received a strong blow to the skull, resulting in a hematoma where if it is not absorbed in the next few hours, she will need immediate surgery. "I do not hide from you that such a development could leave a permanent damage to the patient ... he remains to wake up to know!"

"Doctor, tell me the truth, is there a risk that he will remain in a permanent coma after the operation? »

"It will show .. look at the blows to the head can be fatal if you do not catch them it will remain in a ward tonight under surveillance where yes it may recover if you want to go near it. But before I greet you, tell me the truth, how did your wife hit you so hard, sir? The doctor asked skeptically, of course he was partially targeting himself for beating, after all, in his career he should have been faced with many similar incidents.

Without fear he raised his head to give the final answer."We argued, at some point she stumbled, I did not manage to restrain her, she hit the continuation, I think you are familiar! I would not dare to reach out to her! ”She commented honestly, finally convincing the doctor, who exhaled in relief, realizing at the same time his annoyance.

"I had to ask, you know, my eyes have seen a lot! Whoever abuses a woman is worse than a beast ... forgive me if I offended you! Come and see her!" The nurse will take you to her!"

Without giving undue importance to the useless accusations he crossed the big corridor looking for the booth that had been indicated to him in order to get as close as possible to the room where they had it.

After wearing specially sterile clothes he stormed into the room where he was lying intubated and pale.

Her image could not leave him indifferent, especially since he had just openly stated that she was his wife for the first time in his life, he had not bothered to say this about any woman, no matter how much they had gone through.

But now for a spoiled rich woman like her he was forced to say it without fear and passion. All he cared about for the moment was to recover to finally control what kind of effect the blow would have on her. He sat silently in a chair next to her and waited patiently for the next development.

At some point late at night he noticed her body moving restlessly and grimacing in pain gradually coming back she ended up with the anxiety to pierce his limbs.

After a few minutes of agony she opened her eyes hesitantly, observing the space around her in fear, there were machines, pipes and white walls, but she wondered silently what had happened to me.

As if she saw him, she pulled away as if she was afraid of him and she was not wrong, she thought for a moment, regretting, she decided to put an end to his agony by asking her openly .

"How do you feel ? Are you in pain, are you dizzy ?" he grunted without receiving a response and continued to observe him.

She seemed not to recognize him and this worried him a lot "How do you feel I ask you do not you want to answer me? He insisted for the second time but she curious about him for a long time but did not seem to recognize him.

"You ... who ..who are you ? "She spelled in a trembling voice, this was what he did not want to hear without articulating a word, he immediately called the doctor, waiting for the official opinion.

After examining it for quite some time, asking various questions, he turned to the angry man .
"There is no doubt we have a total memory loss"

"What did you say ? "

"Calm down Mr. Balton what your wife needs right now is to be always by her side cool. Let me inform you that emotions are not allowed!》

《And from now on what will happen? Will she ever recover her memory?》

《This is not in my hand ..we can not draw so hastily conclusions maybe it is temporary maybe permanent .. σε he passed his hands through his hair unable to believe what was happening before his eyes.

Watching the two men talk in whispers a few meters from the bed that was stuck, she always understood that something strange was taking place around her, she felt lost, she did not understand what kind of accident had happened to her, but mainly who was the mysterious man next to her ?

When he finally found the courage to speak she began to ask for explanations
"Where am I and who are you?"
Christian did not have time to answer after her doctor was the first to speak in order to reassure her.

"Do not worry, my dear, you had a small accident and you are in the hospital, I am your treating doctor and next to me is your lovely husband who did not miss a minute by your side .." I'm involved for good, so should we pretend to be her husband for as long as she has amnesia ? He thought seasick as never before ..
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