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Chapter 1

25 th July in kolkata of India , at 4.30 am everywhere is silent and peacefull it's hard to imagine that after some hours it will be very crowded and full of vehicles . this city in dawn has his own beauty specialy from the hawrah bridge,but after today when she able to see the city she don't know .Thinking this Sneha fills very sad .
Sneha Roy is one and only daughter of her parents . height 5.5 ft ,age 19 ,she looks very beutiful , her skin is reddish white , her eyes are like dear and a beauty spot besides her redish lips makes her more beutiful. 6 year before her parents got divorce . 1 month ego Sneha's mother got married with another man .
After divorce her father went and settled in London . After her mother's second marriage Sneha decided to go to her father and live with her father . After divorce her never got married. Today is Sneha's flight and she going to airport and she's thinking this in her car . today her mother goes with her to the airport ."Are you ok sweetie?" ( in Bengali language) for her mother's word she comes from her thoughts and reply her "I'm fine mamma" ( in bengali language) . After half an hour they reach the airport . After they complete formalities Sneha hugged her mother say good bye to her . Then she goes to waiting place, after half an hour she got in plane and after 30 minutes the plane has take off.
In London airport Sneha's flight land after she get out from the plane and collect her luggage. After collecting her luggage she goes to the exist gate and looking for her father's secretary John , in that time she collide with someone she said sorry to the person not even look at him and start to walk forward. At that time a husky voice comes to her ear from behind ," excuse me miss you dropped your things " . Sneha turnaround and get sock.
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