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Episode 2

Sneha turned her head and get socked to see a man is standing in front of her and his beauty is cannot be explained by words .
His fair skin ,his facial structure , thin redish pink lips big eyelashes are all stunning but most attractive is his deep blue pupil his eyes are deep like ocean Sneha never saw such a awesome looking person she looks at him without blink her eyes for the person's interruption she comes out from her daze the person says "Your purse fell on floor and I took it "and he returned the purse to her . Sneha took it and thanked him . In that time a person comes to her and asked "Are you miss Sneha Roy?"Sneha replies "Yes ,Are you John?" the man says "Yes I'm here to pickup you. Sorry for late . Your car is ready . Sneha replies "No it's ok, I doesn't waiting for long , ok let's go ". Then she turned her head to the person who returned her purse and says thankyou mr for your help btw my name is Sneha What's your name? The person smirked and sayed nice to meet you miss and as for my name when we will meet next time .Sneha shoked to hear his words but after she thinks that he doesn't want to tell his name doesn't says anything .The person says see you next time .Sneha smiled at him and says good bye and goes with John . After 1 hour they reach her father's villa.
Sneha's father is a doctor and madical college's professor ,age 52 name Asish Roy.
Sneha's father waited on the main gate of his house for them. After get off from car Sneha sees her father and a big smile appears on her face and she runs towards her father and hug him ,her father also hug her back and says to her " welcome home my dear. " She smiles and enter into the villa with her father. when they enter into drawing room Sneha notices a middle aged woman is standing with a big smile . Sneha's father introduces to Sneha that she is Mrs Resa and she housekeeper of this house .Sneha says hello to her then her father asked mrs rose to take Sneha to her room. Sneha goes with her to the first floor to her new room. When she enters into the room a smiles appear on her face.
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