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Episode 3

When she enters in the room a smile appears on her face, the room looks like almost same as her previous room. At that te her father enters in her room asks her that if she likes the the room or not. She replies that she likes her room but she needs some flowering plant foe her varanda ,in reply her smiles and nodded . Then they goes to have their Lunch. In the evening Sneha goes to her father's room to talk about her school . When she enters into the room she notices that her father looks at her mother's photo in sorrow expression . She shocked to see her mother's photo in his room she called her father in questioning tone . Hearing Sneha's sound her father startled after few moment he turned to Sneha with a weak smile "Sneha what are you doing here?" . Sneha says" nothing dad I just come here to inform you that From tomorrow my class will be start" . Her father says "ok dear go have some rest , you are may be tired for long journey ".Sneha nodd and looks at her mother's photo in questioning eyes .Her father notice that and understand what she want to ask he says "23 years old ego we married a love marriage ,we loved each other very much in beginning our life was like a dream but dear there is a huge difference between dream and fact the reality is very cruel after few year you born and after that the distance between us become increase .My mother was very dissatisfied with her from start after giving birth to you a girl her anger increased ,she insulted her continuously and I looked at them helplessly I had no courage to speak against my mother . For this thing a anger makes in your anger she almost stopped talking to me for many days .One day at mid night I woke up from sleep for thrust , when I looked at my side when your mom usualy sleeps the place was empty .I thought she may go to wash room but there no light in washroom . After that a very low voice comes in my ear fro veranda .
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