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Episode 4

After that a very low voice comes in my ear fro veranda . I could hear her voice "Don't worry I'll come to you very soon ,I love You and I will never betray you " then someone was talking behind the phone but I can't hear then she said "I love you and I'll love you forever take care bye* then she cut the call . After listing her words my whole world started to spining then she came to room and saw me she asked me why I am awake to listen her words I got furious and started to hit her she shouted and asked me the reasons but I was not listing her after hitting I got out from the house and went to my friend's house. Naxt day morning about 10 am I returned home ,when I was passsing beside the park Isaw your mom was sitting on a bench with a person .I got furious ,I went home directly when I reached home my mom started to bad mouthing about your mother I became more angry .After one hour later she returned I asked her where she went at that time but she was angry at me so she avoided me her ignorance I couldn't take it and I went out .At evening When I returned I gave her an bunch of documents she looked at me in questioning eyes I didn't answer she took the file and looked atit .A cold smile appeared on her face .She looked at me in cold face .I couldn't understand what was in her mind at that time ,the document was divorce paper . She said nothing and signed on it and returned to me in that time I was very dissatisfied so I didn't think anything and also signed it .After some days the other formalities were completed in court . I was very dissatisfied and sad . But my mother was very happy and she decided my marriage with her friend's daughter . One day on the street we met coincidentally ,she asked about me in a soft voice I didn't answer ,I asked abot her she said she is alive that's all .She farther asked me for the reason of the divorce. I raised my eyebrows and said "to make you happy " she did not understand and looked at me in a questioning expression I told her what was I heard and saw after listening what she said made me shoked and made me guilty
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