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My Protector

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With both of his hands to either side of me, he leaned closer to me, less than an inch away from my ear. I felt him take a breath and the hairs on the back of my neck instantly stood up. Electricity running down my body.. "You're mine, don't you understand? How many times do I have to tell you this." he growled. I looked up at him, starting straight into his warm hazel eyes full of anger and lust. The one thing that made me fall in love with him in the first place... But I wasn't going to admit that. Loren was carefree, kind, and forgiving. When she broke up with her boyfriend of 6 years, she vowed to stay single until she learned to love herself. What will she do when she meets Killian, the one person who could care less about this vow? Killian was the arrogant CEO of the largest investment firm in Seattle. He was an ass to everybody around him, used to getting every girl he wanted with just one look. Not an ounce of kindness seemed to live in his heart. After he meets Loren, his world is turned upside down. With money and power comes danger; will he be enough to protect her from the rest of the world?

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“Dammit Loren come back here-” Killian growled into his phone. “You can’t fucking leave me here like this and you can’t just go wandering the streets all alone at 2 fucking AM.”

Sitting at his desk Killian ran his fingers through his hair and took a deep breath, hanging up he left the voicemail for Loren. He glanced at the news article that was left on the counter.

“Fuck,” he stood up causing the chair to fly backwards. He picked up the glass of whiskey on his desk and threw it at the wall. Shattered glass sprinkled on the hard wood floor disturbing the silence of the house.

He knew that withholding this information from her was a mistake. But how could he have brought up such a subject without scaring her away in the first place?

Walking down to his car, Killian called Adam who picked answered after just a few rings.

“Whats up? Do you not realize it is 2 AM?” Adam asked, still half asleep

“Loren is gone. She found out and left without telling me. She’s nowhere in the house. She doesn’t have her car and Edward hasn’t heard from her.”

After spending a few seconds to register what he just heard, Adam shot up from his bed. “I’ll be there in 5” and hung up.


It was the dead of night and the air was crisp. There was a slight mist floating in the air but Loren could still see the water from her spot. She stared at the moon’s reflection on the bay as she sat on the damp bench.

She had no more tears to cry. She had no more emotions to feel. Nothing could change how she felt about what she just learned.

He had killed someone.

She sniffled as the memories of the past year flooded her brain. Memories that were now lies. She felt her phone vibrating for the 100th time tonight. Killian had left her multiple text messages and voicemails but she ignored them. Just thinking of his voice made her nauseous.

Suddenly she heard the crunch of leaves behind her causing her to jump up from her seat. She turned around to see a black figure standing behind the bench, a few feet behind where she was just sitting. They were tall and muscular but their face was hidden. A strong sense of fear rushed over her as she let out a cry but a strong arm pulled her from behind and covered her mouth and nose with a cloth.

Killian? She wondered, instantly becoming drowsy. Her focus drifted and before she could have another thought, everything went black.

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