My Protector

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Chapter 10: Mr. CEO

Loren’s POV

After about 20 minutes of driving, we were back in the city and he parked in a garage under a tall, black building. Looking around, there weren’t many cars in the garage.

Killian opened the door and smiled down at me, pulling me up to a stand. I followed behind him as we walked to an elevator. He put his thumb on the scanner and after it turned green, the door opened. We rode the elevator up a floor to a dark yet beautiful lobby. The floor was marble and a large fireplace was in the wall, one large black couch and matching accent chairs sat in front of it. At the other end of the room was a black reception desk which was empty. The ceiling was high and a beautiful chandelier was strung from it. He guided me towards another elevator and pressed the button to go up.

Once inside, he pressed the button for the top floor and again, placed his thumb on a scanner. Once it turned green, the elevator door shut.

“Almost there,” He looked over to me. I was leaning on back wall of the elevator and he was leaning on the wall next to me.

Pushing myself off the wall, I twisted to the right and leaned on him instead. I wrapped one arm around him and put my left hand on his abdomen, my head resting just above it. I could feel his defined muscles under his shirt, contracting with every breath he took. Welcoming my touch, he wrapped his strong arms around me, tightening them when I let out a sigh.

“Is everything okay?” He asked after a few seconds

“Yeah, i’m just so happy right now. Thank you for tonight” I responded with my eyes closed.

“We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet though” he chuckled

“No such thing, any time with you is the best part” I looked up at him now.

Looking down at me, his face seemed to inch closer to mine but at the same moment the elevator dinged and the door opened, causing us both to turn our heads.

I stood up straight and looked at him smiling, “Lets go see that view now!” I exclaimed practically running out of the elevator.

We were on a smaller floor now which confused me. There was a big black desk in front of the elevator and a small area of chairs similar to the ones downstairs in what looked like a waiting room or lounge. Next to the desk was a large set of black doors. Not sure where to go, I looked back at Killian who just smiled at me and shook his head.

“Are you lost?” he joked as he walked towards a large set of doors ahead. He unlocked them and we walked into the room.

“I just need to grab one thing first,” He walked over to his desk and grabbed a set of keys. He paused for a moment and looked back up at me, “You aren’t afraid of heights are you?”

“No” I shook my head

“Perfect”. A smirk developed on his face as he pulled out a small red cloth from his pocket. He walked behind me and told me to close my eyes. Doing as he said, he placed the cloth around my eyes and tied it.

Feeling his breath on my neck, a shiver went down my spine.

“I hope you aren’t scared of surprises either” he whispered.

My hands became sweaty and my heart was beating even faster. My stomach churned as I spoke again,

“D-d-depends on the surprise.. but usually they’re just surprise parties so if thats where you’re taking me then yes I will love it”

I felt his hand travel down my back, almost touching my ass. I wished that he would just move his hand down one inch, I wanted his touch so bad now.

He slightly pushed his hand, indicating that I walk forward. I heard the ding of an elevator and he pushed me forward, telling me to watch my step. As if I can even see what I’m watching for right now. I rolled my eyes knowing that he couldn’t see. The elevator door opened and a cold breeze blew into it, giving me goosebumps.

“Uh.. um... where are we??? Can I take the blindfold off now???” I reached up to my face but before I could touch the blindfold Ian grabbed my hand.

“Don’t make me tie your hands up too.” He growled as he picked me up. My breath quickened as I got more scared. What is he doing?? Is he going to throw me off the roof of this building???

“Ian, please.. I- Im scared. Where are we?”

Squeezing my arm, he reassured me and set me down. I shivered as another breeze went up my dress. He grabbed my shoulders and gently turned me. Following his direction, I shuffled my feet.

“Welcome to my world,” He spoke as he lifted the cloth from my eyes. In front of me was a huge black helicopter. Behind it were a million city lights, glowing in the night. Taking in the view, I was speechless. Looking back at him, a huge grin rested on his face.

“Wow... ” I took another look around. “Are we going in that??” I motioned towards the helicopter.

“Yes” he said as he opened the door and lifted me into the passenger seat and handed me a large blanket that I didn’t realize he was holding. Walking over to the other side, he got into the pilots seat.

“And you know how to work this thing???” My eyebrows rose a few inches

“Yes” he smiled at me now, turning on the helicopter. “I promised you the best view and I am going to give you that”.

I wrapped the blanket around myself as he handed me a headset to wear. I watched as his hands pressed the different buttons, preparing us for lift off. Before I knew it we were up in the air and Killian was talking into his headset to local air traffic controllers.

We flew over the city as he pointed out landmarks I would have only recognized from the ground. Every single time he did, my mouth opened and I looked at him. The only word that could escape my mouth was the word wow. I gripped onto his arm every time he maneuvered around the city which only made him laugh.

“Next time I bring you up here, it will be during the day and we’ll fly over the mountains and everywhere else. ” He promised as we returned to our starting point. “This was sort of a last minute thing”.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I got the idea when you were so amazed by the car and I realized that you are always so quick to notice the view, wherever we go. So I figured I would take you for a ride up here” He shrugged as he helped me out of the helicopter.

Looking up at him, my sight started to blur. Now was not the time to cry but I couldn’t help it. Nobody had ever done anything like this for me, and now I had this man holding me who would take me on a helicopter ride after coming up with the idea just hours before.

“Thank you,” I whispered and closed my eyes as he wiped away a tear.

“Anything for you darling,” He whispered “Now lets get you back inside!! You’re freezing!“he yelled as he picked me up and ran back to the elevator, laughing with every step he took.

“Slow down!!” I laughed, my arm tightly wrapped around his neck.

Once inside he returned to the large room and I got a better look of it. The room was large and made up about half of the floor. It’s style was modern, similar to the rest of the building. Surrounding the room were panoramic windows. The only wall in it was the wall between this and the rest of the floor.

There was a leather couch and a coffee table facing one of the windows. This looked familiar, it must have been the couch that I fell asleep on last week. His desk was huge and two armchairs sat along the wall next to it, a small table in between the two. Killian was putting the keys to the helicopter back in the drawer when my eyes landed on a plaque on his desk.

Killian East, CEO

“CEO?” I asked, looking up at him. “You’re the CEO?” I repeated after a few seconds once it registered in my head

He didn’t say anything, he just stood there looking at me.

“You didn’t tell me you were the CEO..” I spoke again as he still stood there trying to read my emotions.

“Well it’s not something I can say casually without sounding like an arrogant asshole.” He stared back at me

“But you have talked about work so much”

“Again, it’s not something that I can just casually bring up. Besides, it’s not even a big deal.” His jaw was now clenched and he was looking out the window. Forming a fist with his hand, I realized that this wasn’t something to argue about. I could have easily Googled him and found this out myself. Besides, everything pointed this way. How else could he have what he has?

“You’re right,” I responded, my voice softer than before

Looking back at me, he looked surprised. “What?”

“You’re right, it’s not a big deal. If you aren’t comfortable sharing something with me, I can’t be mad at that. But I have one question; why?”

He took a few seconds to think as I took my jacket off, exposing my olive skin. His eyes travelled down to my shoulders and he bit his lip, thinking for a few more seconds.

“I wasn’t sure how you would react. I wasn’t sure if you would be scared off or maybe you would just want my money-” he spoke as his eyes travelled down the rest of my body as I sat in the armchair next to his desk.

“You thought I would use you for your money?” I felt slightly insulted now

Taking a deep breath, he ran his fingers through his hair. “No, not anymore no. If I did, we wouldn’t be here right now and tonight wouldn’t have happened. After our first date I realized that. However, it was still something that I didn’t know how you would react to.”

I nodded. “So that explains why everybody treats you the way they do...”

“And I have to add, in addition to this building, I also own Marty’s and the ice cream shop we just went to, along with my apartment building.” He surveyed my face to see how I would react. “No secrets right?” and he walked towards me.

“And now that explains why you act the way you do!” I giggled as he put his hands on the chairs armrests.

“No darling, I act that way because I am Killian East” He whispered into my ear.

This all made sense now. This is why he was so well known by everybody except for me. This is why everybody looked like he was going to bite their heads off. This is why he was able to bring me out on that helicopter so last minute. This is why he was so arrogant.

“Is that a problem for you?” He whispered again, drawing me from my thoughts.

“N-no” I stuttered.

“I hope not,” me smirked and reached his hand to the back of my head, pulled my face towards his. Heat rose from my stomach as his scent made its way to my nose. My heart skipped a beat as I realized what he was about to do. His lips brushed against mine and at that moment, the rest of the world didn’t exist. Thankful that I was sitting, I knew that my legs would have given out if I had been standing.

Pulling his face away from mine, he picked me up and set me down on the edge of his cold desk. My silk dress rising slightly, more of my leg exposed through the slit of the dress. He looked at my body again, hungry for more.

“God, you are irresistible” He growled before engulfing my lips with his. His right hand rested on my jawline while his left hand made its way to the small of my back, pulling me closer to him. His tongue made its way into my mouth, dominating my own. His taste and smell overwhelmed me as warmth rushed over my body. His touch was hypnotic, every move he made was with purpose. By the time I was aware of the rest of my body, my hands were grasping at his back and my legs wrapped around his waist. His hands now made their way to my fully exposed legs, gripping my thighs so hard I was sure they would be bruised.

I let out a small whimper as he ever so softly bit my lower lip, causing his lips to smile against mine. He moved to my ear for a few seconds before letting out a deep breath and moving down my neck, giving small kisses along the way. Electricity shot up and down my body with every kiss. I tightened my legs around me trying to get him closer to me which was utterly impossible.

Once me made it to a spot just below my ear, my back arched and a sharp exhale left my body. My hand was now tangled in his soft, brown hair. “Ian,” I moaned as he paid more attention to that spot. He returned to my lips, capturing mine in one final kiss.

Separating from mine, he rested his forehead on mine and looked me in the eyes. His eyes were dark, full of hunger and lust. Obvious that it was taking everything in him to not overstep.

“What are you doing to me” He growled and closed his eyes, his breath slowing.

My arms were still wrapped around him while his fists rested on the desk to either side of me.

Giving him a soft kiss on his lips I whispered “The same thing you’re doing to me”.


Okayyyy so two updates in one day! I’m not quite sure how often I’ll do the updates. I’ve just been going with it as I have time.

Thoughts on Killian and Loren? Things are getting steamy!!! I wonder how this will affect their relationship?

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