My Protector

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Chapter 12: Sir

Killian’s POV

The soft sound of rain drops hitting the windows woke me up from my deep slumber. Groggily rubbing my eyes, I swung my legs over the side of the bed and walked to the bathroom to prepare for the day.

Looking in the mirror, the stubble on my upper lip and jaw were begging to be shaved; my dark brown hair a tousled mess. After brushing my teeth and shaving, I decided to go downstairs and get some work done before Loren woke. The sky was barely illuminated by the rising sun.

I walked out into the hall and immediately the soft sounds of soft, bell-like rings made its way to my ears. I made my way to the top of the stairs as the sound of the soft melody became clearer. My eyes landing on her sitting at the large black instrument. Her eyes were closed and her brown waves cascaded down her back. Her petite fingers flowed across the black and white keys of the piano. With every gentle press a soft and warm note was produced, all joined together into the most beautiful song I had heard.

I leaned on the railing, and took in every note, feeling every piece of emotion given off by the beautiful pianist in my living room as she coaxed the soothing melody from the instrument.

When the song finished a minute later, she opened her eyes and jumped slightly when she saw me. Her eyes scanned over me, taking in the view of my bare chest and abdomen. The only thing I wore were my grey sweats.

“Sorry, I should’ve asked you before I started playing” She spoke, her voice being the only thing more beautiful than the song she just played.

“No need to apologize love. You are incredibly talented, when did you learn to play?”

A soft smile grew on her lips. “I took lessons a long time ago as a child but stopped when I was in the 6th grade. My annual talent shows were during the holidays when family would visit us. Now I only really play here and there when I get a chance”.

I nodded my head as I walked down the stairs, smiling as I imagined her as a child joyfully playing songs for her family. “Sounds like fun, are you still able to hold your talent shows? You might have one extra attendant this year” I winked.

Giving off a soft giggle Loren responded. “No, our family doesn’t really gather anymore. Not since my grandparents passed away and my parents got a divorce. Besides, nobody really lived close to each other anymore”. Her smile slowly faded as she spoke.

“I see,” I sighed as I sat next to her on the bench. “Well, I will always make time to listen to you play.”

“Thanks,” She chuckled and looked up at me with glossed over emeralds. The sun was now higher in the sky, illuminating the white clouds that blocked its rays. It was strange that she was awake already after our long night.

“Did you sleep okay? I wasn’t expecting you to be up. The sun has barely made its daily debut”.

“Mmm sort of, but I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to explore around” Her voice held guilt and sadness. “But I didn’t go beyond any closed door, I promise. I mainly just walked around down here and in the kitchen!”

“Bad dream? And, if you wanted a tour of the place you could have just asked me” I gently nudged her, a smirk forming on my lips.

“Kind of, I don’t know. Anyways, your home is beautiful but it was clearly designed by a man. Everything in here is either black, grey, or white!” She giggled.

“Well that makes sense since I was the one who designed it”

“You need some personality in here, its so cold”

I chuckled at her comment. I liked the decor. It was modern and clean. Nothing too messy. Life was too busy and complicated already, I wanted to come home to something that kept my mind clear.

“Come to work with me and you’ll see enough personality. Better yet, come to my bedroom and I’ll show you a whole new one” I winked at her.

This caused her to groan and roll her eyes but a small smile formed on her deliciously pink lips giving me the answer I had wanted and hoped for.

“Are you hungry? George should be here soon”

A puzzled expression developed on her face. “George?” she questioned. “Who is that, your butler?” She joked

“Yes actually,” I smiled at her and her eyes widened. “Come on Loren, don’t act surprised. If I have a personal driver i’m going to have a butler” I said acting like she should have already known this.

She rolled her eyes and scoffed again, this time punching me on the arm. “You are so spoiled” she joked

“Not as spoiled as I’m going to make you” I joked and picked her up from the bench, bringing her to the couch as she yelled out my name and laughed.

It was not joke. I wanted to spoil her beyond possibility. Every second I spent with her, I was introduced to more beauty. I wanted to steal every breath she took. I wanted to claim her beautiful soft lips as my own. I wanted to care for and comfort her from the dream that stole her smile and replaced it with sadness.

“I’m serious,” I whispered, moving a loose strand of her hair away from her face. The way she jumped at my touch as if I was shocking her, the way she blushed but smiled when I would say something remotely suggestive, and the way that her eyes became darker and hungrier every time I looked at her made me want her even more.

I leaned forward and captured her lips with mine; a moment I had pictured in my mind since our last. Her lips responded and responded to mine, equally hungry sending a warm sensation to my abdomen. The hair I had just moved out of the way fell back into place, tickling the side of my cheek. My hand made its way up to her face, capturing her jaw and neck in its hold, my thumb resting on her cheek.

She let out a soft moan as her mouth welcomed my tongue. I let out a deep breath as I pulled her onto my lap, both of her knees to either side of me. Both of my hands were now placed on the backs of her bare thighs. She was only wearing panties and the shirt I gave her last night. Her left rand rested on my hard chest as her right made its way to my head, tangling her fingers in my now messy hair.

Her hips started to inch back and forth over mine. Her movements gentle at first, almost as if she were scared of how I would react.

“Good girl,” I growled into her ear as I kissed up her jawline and down her neck. The hairs on her skin stood up and her back arched, pushing her chest into mine. I wanted to rip her shirt off in that moment but I wanted to see how far she would take this. I wanted to see how comfortable and confident she was here.

She let out another soft pitched moan as her movements became harder and hungrier against myself. Suddenly she slowed and opened her eyes and pulled her face away from mine; a bright pink color developing on it. At that moment I could tell that she just felt how much I wanted her.

The corner of my mouth curled upwards as I placed my hand on the back of her neck and head, pulling hers closer to mine.

“Scared already?” I whispered and pushed my hips upwards into hers, taunting her.

“N- n- no..” She stuttered, keeping her hips in place. She moved her face forwards again but before her lips could touch mine again I tightened my grip on her hair stopped her in place. I turned her head slightly while bringing it forward again so that her lips were next to my ear and mine were next to hers.

“Sir.” I growled

“W-what?” She whispered back, he hand placed on the back of the couch and my chest after the sudden movement.

“You call me sir,” I whispered back, nibbling at the lobe of her ear causing her to let out a deep sigh. “Do you understand?” I bit down harder on her ear.

“Yes sir,” she moaned.

“Good girl.” I kissed the area just below her ear. The movements of her hips became more intentional. A rush of pleasure to ran through my body every time she moaned, her angelic voice causing my breath to quicken.

The sound of the elevator door ringing caused her to jump and fall over onto the couch, trying to hide from whoever was walking into the room.

Turning my head, I saw George walking in with bags of groceries and a bag from Nordstrom in both hands.

“Good morning sir,” he spoke as he placed the Nordstrom bag beside the couch. The name that I had just instructed Loren to call me rolled off of his tongue. It was a name that everybody called me. It was a name that I hate being called, except for in bed. Ironic isn’t it?

“Good morning George,” I nodded at him. I looked back over towards Loren who was staring back at me, her eyes wide open and her face bright red.

“Did you know he was going to be walking on??” She whisper yelled once Georges footsteps disappeared into the kitchen.

“Yes, and you did too darling, remember? But I didn’t know when he would be back.”

“Oh.. right..” She responded after remembering how shocked she was that I had a butler.

I stood up adjusting my pants and held my hand out to her.

“We need to get ready for the day now,” I spoke as she grabbed my hand. Bending over, I picked up the bag that George had dropped off and handed it to her.

“Keep forgetting your clothes and you’ll have a brand new wardrobe in a few months,” I chuckled.

“Killian.. you didn’t have to send him out shopping for you...” A frown made her way onto her face.

“Why is that? So you can walk around in your dirty clothes or my shirt tempting me with your bare ass all day?”

She let out a deep breath in response. Without a comeback she spoke “Okay well you aren’t allowed to wear a suit today.”


“Its a surprise,” she winked at me. It was not fun being on the other side of that phrase.

Making our way upstairs, the smell of bacon made its way up to my nose.

“Ill meet you back downstairs once you’re ready” I kissed the top of her head as we got to her door. “And don’t you dare finish what we started downstairs.” I winked.

Her only response was a blush on her cheeks as the image of us not even 5 minutes ago popped into her head.

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