My Protector

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Chapter 13: Surprise

Loren’s POV

It was hard to lie and say that I wasn’t tempted my Killian’s delicious kisses. His touch could be so tantalizing and exciting yet so calming. It had the ability to distract me from anything in life. Nothing else mattered when I was with him.

I wanted to have the same effect on him. If he could take me out on such an extravagant date last night, I could do the same for him. To the best of my ability at least. I wasn’t sure of how he would react to my “date” but I guess his reaction would be a good indication of how well we would get along in the future.

I got ready in what George had bought me; some boyfriend jeans and a plain white tee. Clearly he didn’t have as much of a sense of style as Val did.. but I was thankful because I wasn’t hoping for something over the top. I really needed to start bringing my clothes when I saw Ian.. I felt bad that everybody had to go shopping for me.

Walking back out of my room, the delicious smell of caramelized bacon and fried eggs made its way to my nose. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was until now and neither did my stomach, telling by the way it was now grumbling.

Like he promised, Killian was waiting for me downstairs on one of the couches. He was wearing a grey sweatshirt, jeans, and white sneakers. He may or may not regret wearing white shoes..

Smiling as he heard me walk down the stairs, he greeted me. “Hi darling”

I was still mad at him for what he did just a few minutes so I just looked at him and walked towards the kitchen. I realized that was a bad idea once I felt his arm hastily wrap around my waist and turn me, pinning me against the wall.

“I said, hi darling” he growled into my ear.

Looking up at him, I smirked. I wasn’t so scared of him anymore.

“You’re going to ignore me now? Because of what happened earlier?” He spoke again, now facing me. A clear tone of annoyance in his voice. He wasn’t used to being treated this way.

“That’s for you to figure out” I responded, trying so hard to maintain a straight face and not giggle.

His eyebrow raised as he tried to read my face. I couldn’t help it anymore and a small smile broke the silence. He removed his hands from the wall and walked away, running a hand through his hair. I could hear him mumbling something but wasn’t able to make out the words. I wasn’t scared to give him a taste of his own medicine.

I followed him into the kitchen as I saw George at the kitchen island pouring some orange juice into two glasses. Killian was no longer in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure where he went because he had just walked into there. I stood for a few seconds trying to figure out where he had gone.

George must have noticed the confusion on my face because he finally broke the silence that I was too scared to break.

“Ah, madam. Mr. East went into the dining room.” He was now holding the two glasses in his hands. I didn’t realize that George wasn’t from the US until I heard him speak. His voice was smooth and proper. George was short and was maybe 40 years old. His hair was a light brown and neat. He wore black dress pants and a white dress shirt with a sweater vest over top. His eyes were an icy blue.

I looked at him again, not knowing where that was. “Oh thank you. You can just call me Loren by the way, nothing fancy. But do you think you could show me where that is?”

“Oh yes of course, follow me” He gestured as he carried the orange juice around the corner and into a large room with a giant wooden table in the middle. The table could easily sit 15-20 people. In the middle of it was a large crystal vase filled with fresh cut flowers. A cream table runner ran across the table, various other candles and centerpieces dispersed through it. On the table were two settings; one at the head and one next to it. Killian was already sitting at the head of the table, a plate of bacon, eggs, and pancakes in front of him.

George set down the glasses or orange juice and gestured that I sit next to Killian.

“Is there anything else I can get you, Mr. East?”

“No that will be all, thank you George.”

Shocked, I looked at Killian. I had rarely heard him say those two words. Better yet, I rarely heard him speak to anybody. The only for of acknowledgment I ever saw him give someone was a nod.

“Thank you George,” I thanked him before he exited the room making him turn around and smile as he gave me a nod.

Sitting down in the extremely plush seat, I looked down at the food. The bacon was cooked to perfection and the scrambled eggs looked as soft as a cloud. There were two pancakes on my plate with a small square of butter on top, most of it had already melted and were dripping off the sides. On the side was a small container of what looked like maple syrup.

Killian was already eating and I could feel tension in the air. Was he actually upset about what just happened? The only sound in the room was him chewing his food

I took a bite of the bacon which made a crunch louder than the normal bacon crunch. It actually sounded like I took a bite out of a rock. I must have been cringing way too hard at the noise because out of the corner of my eye I saw Killian look up at me, trying to hold back a laugh. Looking back at him I burst out laughing which made him let out a deep laugh.

“Sorry-” I managed to wheeze out

“What the fuck was that” he said in between breaths

Looking at him I just shrugged and continued laughing, unable to speak. How could something so stupid make us laugh so much?

“Don’t tell me you’re still pouting about what happened early” He questioned, no longer laughing. Looking up at him his eyes were a dark green but the golden halo was still present around them. A small smile on his lips but the rest of his face sat with a serious expression.

“Why, are you worried?” I joked

“Worried? No-” he shook his head, “- but irritated? yes.”

I now took a bite of my eggs which were fluffier beyond imagination. I let out an unintentional moan at how delicious they are.

“These are so good oh my gosh”

“George will be pleased to hear that” Killian chuckled but nodded in agreement “why do you think I’ve kept him around for so long” He looked into the kitchen as if he knew George was listening in.

“But don’t be fooled, scrambled eggs are just about the only thing he can cook well” He spoke a little too loud and winked at me. Shortly after we heard a scoff come from the kitchen and banging pots as George started to wash the dishes. Killian started to chuckle making me laugh. I’ve never really seen this side of him before but I was enjoying it. He seemed happy.

The rest of the breakfast was delicious. The pancakes were as fluffy as the eggs and the bacon was cooked to perfection.

Letting out a satisfied sigh, I pushed my plate away and grabbed my full stomach, leaning back in my seat.

“I’m stuffed,” I groaned and at the same time George walked out and collected our plates.

“miss,” he spoke as he took my plate and smiled. Looking at Killian, his smile disappeared, “Mr. East, did you enjoy your breakfast?” he asked coldly as he picked Ian’s plate up.

“Yes thank you George, delicious as always” He smiled at me.

George squinted his eyes at Killian as he nodded his head. “Very well,” he responded as he walked out of the room.

I couldn’t hold my laughter in because once George was out of sight I let out a giggle, grabbing my stomach at the pain from the sudden movements and how full I was.

“So, what do we have planned for today?” Killian eyed me suspiciously

“You’ll see” I smiled “but we need to go to my place first”.

“What for?”

“Well I need to pick up some stuff and yeah” I trailed off, not wanting to tell him that I really just needed to get my car.

“Okay, I’ll call Edward then.” He spoke and pulled his phone out, dialing Edward.

Looking around the room, I noticed how much more detailed this room was from the rest of the place. Above the table was a long light fixture lined with multiple lightbulbs and various pieces of blown glass art. Along the wall beside the table was a long wall table with black marble on the top. Various art pieces were lined along it and a large painting was hung from the top. At the other end of the table was another fire place and another piece of art hung above it. The chairs at the table were a soft black velvet with black wooden legs. Along the other side of the table was another large window, its view similar to that of the other rooms. Behind Killian were two large wooden doors. These must lead out to the living room.

“Alright love, Edward will be here in a few minutes. You ready?” Killian spoke as my eyes landed back on him.

“Yeah, lets go!” I jumped up from my seat excited for the day.

About an hour later, Edward had dropped us off at my house. He had asked when to return but before Killian could speak I told him not to worry about it because I had my own car. Killian gave me a weird look but told Edward to take the rest of the day off.

We walked inside my place as I took my heels off. I ran into my room to grab a pair of socks as Killian stood by the door observing the place. When I returned he was holding a picture frame, staring at the unfamiliar faces in the photo.

“Is this you?” He asked, pointing at the little girl smiling on a horse in the photo.

I nodded in response, “and those are my parents” I referred to the man and woman next to the horse. A frown made its way to my face as I remembered how good life was before my parents separated. This photo was from 17 years ago a few months before my parents split. I remember this day so clearly even though I was only 5 years old. My parents had brought me to the beach where we played mini-golf, built sand castles, and rode horses in the background.

“Funny story about this day,” I giggled, “I wasn’t going to ride the horses initially. My parents had no interest in me setting foot near such a giant animal but once I saw them I would ask every 5 minutes if I could ride them. And every time I asked, they would tell me no because I wasn’t old enough. So me being, well me... I ran over to the horses about 500 feet away while my parents were busy with something and asked the guy in charge of the whole thing if I could ride them. He told me that I could as long as I had parent permission. By then my parents had noticed I was gone and were running towards me. When they got to me I threw the biggest “tantrum” about them lying to me, they ended up letting me ride the horses. But I wasn’t actually upset that they lied to me... I understood why.. I just knew that if I did that they would let me ride the horse.” I chuckled reminiscing on that day.

“You conniving little snake! You need to come work with me, you were built for the business world!” Killian laughed as he set the photo down.

“So where are your parents now?” He asked

Reluctant to answer, I let out a sigh. “Well its a long story... that photo was actually taken a few months before my parents got a divorce. Now my mom has a new husband and they pretty much travel around the world. I think they’re in Spain right now? honestly who knows.. and my dad is living his best life in Florida. Hes the best dad I could ever ask for. Super supportive and kind. Never gets mad at me, never expects too much from me. If I mess up he holds me up.. meanwhile my mom and step dad seem to tear my down. But thats a conversation for another time!” I didn’t want to talk about my problems. I never liked to and I wasn’t going to bring down the mood before our fun date.

Thankfully Killian got the hint that I didn’t want to talk about it so he changed the subject.

“So, did we just come here to get socks?” He joked

“No, I told you that you’ll see! Be patient!” I playfully pushed his shoulder. “I’ll be right back” I yelled out as I ran to the kitchen to grab some snacks for the day. I packed some drinks and picnic supplies in a cooler. In a basket, I packed silverware, plates, and cups along with dry goods. Bringing both out to the living room, Killian immediately stood from the couch and grabbed them from me while eyeing me suspiciously but not saying a word.

“Bring these out to the garage, will you? I asked. As he walked out I put on my grey sneakers and grabbed a sweatshirt, blanket, and my keys. Walking into the garage I unlocked the jeep and asked him to put the stuff in the back.

“Ready?” I asked as we both closed our doors.

“Hm, well I’m not sure what i’m ready for but if it’s with you love, then yes.” He grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it causing electricity to run up to my arm.

With a smile, I started the car and backed out of the garage.

“I don’t think a woman has ever willingly drove me around before” He finally mumbled a few minutes later.

Scrunching my nose at his comment, I was almost offended. “Is that a bad thing?” I asked

“No, no. Well for them it is. I guess. I don’t know. This is just new to me. Usually they expect myself or Edward to drive.” He responded and I nodded in response.

“Princess, I didn’t mean that in a bad way.” He spoke as he grabbed my hand.

“I know, i’m just worried about how you’ll react to where I’m taking you.” I could feel my hands getting sweaty and I bit the bottom of my lip.

“Don’t be nervous, i’m here arent I? Can’t you tell that I’m happy enough being with you. It doesn’t matter to me.” He spoke again, rubbing his thumb on my hand and kissing it again.

He had to have an idea of where we were going, right? I told him to dress casually and he saw me packing food and a blanket. He had to have some idea that we were venturing out of the city.

An hour later we had driven away from the city and we’re now going through various small towns, all separated by woods. Along the way we were greeted by scenic views of Mt. Rainer and different rivers and lakes. The drive was quiet as we both focussed on our surroundings. I decided to bring Ian to one of my favorite spots in the world. I came here to escape the harsh realities of life. Nobody would disturb me here. Nothing could hurt me here.

A few minutes later we drove by a sign for a forest road telling me that we were close. I took the next right and shortly after we were on a dirt road. Various potholes were dispersed in the road. Clearly these roads weren’t travelled on often so they weren’t maintained well.

“Uhhh, are you sure you can drive up here??” Killian asked, tensing up every time we went over a bump.

The site of him so nervous right now made me laugh. “Yes, I come here all the time” I exclaimed and looked over at him, giving him a reassuring smile. “And don’t forget, we’re in a Jeep. We are more than capable”

And with that, I sped up, crashing through a huge mud puddle ahead of us. The dark liquid splashed onto the hood and up onto the windshield. My previous white jeep was not a murky brown color.

“Wooohooohoooohooooo!!!!” I yelled out, excited to finally be back in nature.


I slowed down to a stop and rolled down our windows. You could hear nothing except for the purr of my engine.

“Don’t you trust me?” I asked him and he looked back at me, eyes wide open and his face pale. I laughed at his expression because I had the same reaction my first time.

“Dont laugh at me Loren. What the fuck are you doing?” He growled as his right hand was gripping on the door handle so tight, his knuckles turned white.

“You introduced me to your world last night. Well, welcome to mine” I laughed again and looked out the windows. Behind the trees you could see the top of Mt. Rainier peeking through. “Do you see that?” I pointed towards it, “I am taking you to the BEST view of it.”

Killian had relaxed now and was looking out the window at the mountain. “Okay but no more of your funny business.” He glared at me, a small smiling forming on his face.

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