My Protector

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Chapter 2: Her

Killian’s POV

Who was this girl? I couldn’t get the picture of her out of my head. Her deep brown hair which was perfectly curled, falling down to her waist. Her eyes were an innocent hazel, glossy when they looked up at me. Her skin was ever so slightly tanned, as if she just came back from a vacation in the Bahamas.

Wait, more importantly.. who was I right now? I have never thought about another woman this way. I never gave them a second thought. Nobody ever kept my interest. Besides, they were all only interested in three things; my money, status, and looks.

I was always careful however to never show them off in the spotlight. They weren’t that important to me. I wasn’t a stupid man, I knew what they wanted. They were disposable.. as horrible as that sounds. I’m not proud of the amount of women that I’ve been with but did they really count?

In this world, nobody was genuine; nobody has ever kept my interest. Until now.

I ordered my usual quad shot mocha from the friendly barista who had tattoos up both of his arms and one too many piercings on his face.

Adam always made fun of me for ordering such a “girly” drink but I prefer my coffee to taste good. It’s what my dad always ordered when I was growing up and it always reminded me of him. Almost as if he knew I was thinking about him, his name popped up on my phone.

“What?” I rolled my eyes, he was always calling me to talk about stupid things.

“Dude where are you?? The meeting is starting soon and you’re nowhere to be found.” He said with a slight tone of panic in his voice.

“I ran out to get some coffee, some girl held up the line earlier so i’m running late. I’ll be there in a few.” Thinking about her again.. I should be annoyed that she made me late but i’m not??

“Well hurry, Smith is almost here”.

“Ok mom” I mocked him and hung up.

I groaned in frustration, I was not looking forward to another meeting, especially not with Mr. Smith. I don’t know why Adam was panicking, the meeting wasn’t for another 30 minutes. And he knows that I prefer to go out and get my coffee myself.

My assistant Val would’ve been more than happy to do it but honestly I prefer to escape the world of business sometimes. I was one of the most successful investors in the country, alongside my best friend Adam. We started this company 5 years ago after we graduated top of the class from Stanford.

“Here you go Ian, long day ahead of you?” A different yet overly joyful barista names Anna pushed my cup towards me.

“When is it not” I joked

I thanked her and grabbed my coffee, walking out of the cafe. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the mystery girl sitting at a window seat, her brown hair swaying as she spoke with a middle aged woman. This must be a meeting of some sort, I wonder what for. I walked out to my car and glanced at her muddy white jeep. Pressing my lips together at the site. Gross.

I got in my car and shut the door, turning my key as the engine roared to life. I sat there and sipped on my coffee, watching the girl for a minute.

With every additional look I took, she became more and more beautiful. The sunlight was shining just right on, lighting her up as if she were an angel.

She was playing with the hem of her shirt under the table; she must be nervous. However her soft lips would curl up and her perfect white teeth would shine through into a smile, hiding the nerves.

I took another drink of my coffee and one final look at the beauty in the window before driving off. Within 5 minutes I was pulling into the parking garage with plenty of time to spare.

Right as I stepped into the lobby, backs straightened and throats cleared as everybody paused mid sentence. Everybody I walked by greeted me and smiled but I continued towards the elevator giving them nothing but a nod. All of the kiss ass behavior can get really tiring sometimes.

I entered the elevator and hit the button for the top floor, closing my eyes and mentally preparing for this long meeting ahead.

I walked past Val’s desk and into my office. Taking one final sip of the mocha, I tossed it into the trash when I heard the door open behind me. There was only one person in this building who would open my door without knocking and that was Adam.

“Where are you?? We cant find you anywhere!!” I mocked our phone call from earlier. “Well I am right here and I’ve got 15 minutes to spare!” I leaned on my desk with a satisfied smile on my face.

Adam just looked at me, his face as straight as a board. He must not think i’m funny right now. Weird, usually he’s the one cracking jokes and I’m the one who’s unamused.

“Sorry, you know how important this meeting is and you know that Mr. Smith can be a real pain sometimes.” He sighed, and small smile finally forming on his lips.

“No worries brother, honestly I think I just left so that I wouldn’t have to sit here thinking about how annoyed I was going to get in an hour.” I chuckled and punched him on the shoulder.

Mr. Smith was the owner of one of the companies we were looking into investing in. A partnership with him would bring a huge deal of money to us. His company was already very well established in Canada but he wanted to move down into the states as well. Having a US company invest in them would make that process a whole lot easier and we were going to use that to our advantage. However he was also a cheap man so I know that our offer would possibly give him a heart attack and the arguments leading up to the deal would give me an aneurysm.

“Alright well then let’s head over, shall we?” I asked as I gathered my laptop.

We walked over to the elevator and past Val’s desk which was now empty, she was probably already preparing refreshments in the meeting room. She was one of the best assistants I have ever had. She had never been late to work a day in her life and I could always rely on her. She always seemed to read my mind and wasn’t as annoying as all of the kiss ass’s downstairs which was the main reason why I loved having her around.

Adam and I arrived to the meeting room and settled in. This was a corner room facing the South and the West so we had perfect views of Mt. Rainier and the Olympic mountain range. Our building was one of the tallest in the city so nothing could obstruct this beautiful view. I practically owned the whole city so it would only make sense to have the best view. I sighed as we heard the door open and averted our attention to Val and Mr. Smith who were now walking into the room.

“Ah, welcome Mr. Smith.” I spoke as Adam and I stood to shake his hand. “Hopefully we can come to an agreement today.” I flashed a fake smile at him knowing that we would be sitting here until after the sun had set.

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