My Protector

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Chapter 5: Cold

Loren’s POV

It was the following day and I was supposed to meet Ian at the cafe again.

I didn’t get much studying done once I got home and decided to Facetime Melissa and Emma instead. I didn’t tell them about Ian yet because honestly what was I even going to say? Hey guys, this guy paid the parking meter for my at the cafe and now I’m in love with him!

I shuddered at the reality of the statement. Well maybe I wasn’t in love with him.. but the fact that I was going to meet this stranger again did say a lot.

I took a shower and sat at my vanity with my hair wrapped in a towel. I chose simple makeup; I didn’t want him to think that I was trying to impress him. Letting the final layer of my mascara dry, I let my hair down and walked into my closet. It wasn’t raining today but it was October so I opted for a pair of white leather sneakers, black jeans with frayed ankles, and a white oversized blouse. I tucked the front of the blouse into my pants and sprayed on my favorite sweet and floral perfume. I decided to go with natural hair today as I would probably put it in a low bun later on.

Grabbing my keys and bag, I walked outside and into my jeep. I should really wash this thing. I realized I forgot to grab a jacket but decided that was something I wouldn’t need anyways. It was actually a pretty nice day out and I was just going to be indoors.

Once I arrived to the cafe I parked in my usual spot and payed the meter. I found a spot on one of the velvet couches and set my stuff down. Grabbing my wallet I walked over to the counter and ordered two mochas; smiling to myself because I was finally able to repay Ian.

Once they were ready, I grabbed the two cups from the barista and walked back over to the couch. Instead of my laptop I brought my iPad and started to work through a deck of flashcards, taking an occasional sip of the delicious mocha.

I was too focussed on my work to realize that an hour had passed and I had already finished my cup of coffee, the other one left untouched.

Maybe he’s not coming I thought as I stared at the cup and frowned. I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed.

Suddenly, the scent of a familiar cologne filled my nose, breaking me from my disappointment. Registering who that scent belonged to, I looked up to see Ian walking past me and taking a seat across the table, his gaze dropping down to the extra cup of coffee.

“Am I interrupting your date with somebody else?” He questioned with one eyebrow raised.

“Oh uh no,” I blushed and looked down at the cup “That was actually for you.. I got you a mocha but its probably cold by now.. sorry. I didn’t know what time you would come, I can go order you another one if you want? Yeah actually thats a good idea, I’ll go do that. One second, I’ll be right back” I rambled again and stood up.

Ian chuckled making me pause as I stood. Was something I said funny? He didn’t look too amused a second ago?

“No, sit.” he finally spoke, gesturing his hand at the couch. Before I could protest, he picked up the cup and took a sip of the cold coffee and I swore that I could see a hint of joy spark in his eyes.

I took my seat again and just looked at him. I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I can’t exactly ask him how he’s been because I don’t even know how he was the last time I saw him. Can’t ask him about anything else because I know absolutely nothing about him.

“How did you know I like mochas?” He finally asked, again his face was emotionless.

Feeling my cheeks warm up, I responded. “I noticed you ordered it yesterday, I didn’t know what else to get you”.

“You shouldn’t have, but thank you.” He didn’t even both to apologize for being late.

“It’s okay, it’s not even like its still good anyways. Cold coffee when it’s supposed to be hot kind of sucks” I giggled.

“Any mocha is a good mocha, hot or cold.” he chuckled as he stood.

Was he leaving already? He just got here... I am not about to keep driving here just to see this man for 5 minutes at a time.

Ian looked at me as if he was reading my mind. “Lets go,” he said and held out his hand to me.

“B-but where? You just got here,” Confusion spreading across my face.

“We can’t waste such a beautiful day indoors,” his hand still held out “Lets go.” he repeated.

I placed my iPad in my bag and stood up, hesitantly grabbing his hand. Once my hand made my way in his, his gripped tightened slightly and he pulled me out of the cafe.

He was right, it was a beautiful day. The trees were starting to turn a slight yellow color, only to be enhanced by the sunshine. There was a soft breeze causing the leaves to rustle, slightly tousling Ian’s perfect hair.

“You look beautiful today,” Ian finally spoke, glancing over at me.

Struck dumb, I looked at him with my mouth slightly open. I wasn’t quite expecting that comment from him. I don’t know what I was expecting but for some reason I was shocked by him saying that.

“Cat got your tongue, doll?” He joked, his eyes traveling down to my mouth that was now closed.

I could feel a blush creeping up on my cheeks again, “Um no sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you to say that,” I truthfully said. “Thank you, you look nice today too.. I don’t know if this is how you dress every day... but the uh... suits suit you”. I giggled at my choice of words.

When a few seconds passed without a reaction, I worriedly looked up but saw a small smile on his face confirming that my pun was in fact, punny. I smiled to myself, pleased with my statement.

We continued to walk in silence until we got to a stop walk. Waiting for it to let us walk, I got tired of the silence and decided to try and get to know him some more.

“So uh, why do you always wears suits? Are you a model or something?”

This made Ian let out a deep roar of laughter, stopping him in his tracks. A noise I didn’t think his stone cold face had the ability of making. I instantly regretted my words.

Once he was done laughing, he looked at me and started walking. “Are you actually serious right now?” His eyes glossy from his episode. I smiled and started to laugh a little myself. His laugh was infectious.

“Oh god no, I can barely even handle female models” He chuckled again while shaking his head. “I work here in the city. That cafe has my favorite mocha which is why I try to go when I can.”

“Oh I see, do you like your job?”

He took a few seconds to answer. “Most of the time, yes. But it can get tiring as any other job can. I do work with my best friend, Adam which is a blessing. However the guy sure does know how to get on my last nerve,” He spoke again.

He seemed hesitant to say more so I didn’t push. Maybe he wasn’t comfortable sharing where he works with a stranger. That must be the same Adam who he had yelled at over the phone yesterday.

We continued to walk for a few minutes in silence until Ian stopped at a bench with two maple trees to either side of it. We were now at a park that overlooked the water, showcasing the ferries in the distance. There was a playground near by where I saw a group of moms sitting on the benches talking amongst themselves, watching their children run around. Their laughter could be heard in the distance.

“I didn’t know this was here, this view is breathtaking”. I spoke, taking in a deep breath of the salty fall air. The view was just unreal.

“Its a true gem, not a lot of people know it’s here. I like to come here to escape the reality of work without traveling so far that Adam will kill me”. He chuckled, sitting down on the bench.

Once I was done taking in the view, I sat next to him. He proceeded to ask me about myself, my goals, and achievements. I told him about my new job and how I wanted to become a doctor which only seemed to interest him more.

The sun started to set in the distance casting shadows along his masculine face. The sun shined into his eyes, emphasizing the golden warmth in them. I continued to tell him about my dream of traveling and all of the places that I have been to already.

I learned that he was also well travelled due to work which he said “didn’t count”.

I sighed and looked at my phone, realizing that it was now 6:30. The sun had finished setting behind the mountains and the moon was starting to rise. We could no longer hear the children playing in the background. As I looked back I saw one last family leaving, walking back to their warm homes. My stomach let out a deep growl which reminded me that I had barely eaten today.

Ian must have heard as he was now standing and holding out his hand for me again. “Let me take you to dinner,” he said as more of a statement than question.

“No it’s okay, I should get going.”

“Why, is somebody expecting your company?” He raised an eyebrow.

Not only did this man seem powerful, he was also possessive.

“No but i’m not even dressed to go out to a restaurant.. besides you don’t have to, i’m not that hungry..” My body seemed to reject the blatant lie I just told because my stomach growled again, this time ten times louder than before.

“Your stomach seems to disagree,” He spoke catching me in my lie, a small smile on his lips. “I called a car for us, they should be here now.”

I sighed and stood up, “Fine. But only because my stomach just sold me out and I actually am really hungry” I spoke as I walked over to the ledge again, taking in the view one last time before we left.

A gust of cold wind blew on my back causing me to shiver from within. Crossing my arms I hoped that I would warm up a little and let out a deep sigh. I really regret not going back into my house to grab a jacket.

As I was scolding myself in my head, I felt a warm coat being draped over my shoulders and a strong arm wrapped around my waist, pulling forward. I looked up at Ian and realized that he had taken off his suit jacket and placed it on me. His defined and well built muscles straining against the fabric of his shirt as we walked. Wow.

Realizing that I was staring at him for one second too long, I jerked my head back over to the road. A small black car with a man standing at the back passenger door was waiting ahead.

“Mr. East,” the man spoke as he bowed his head and opened the door when we approached.

Ian nodded his head at the man and I felt his hand on the small of my back, gently guiding me into the car. A second later he was next to me and the door shut.



I’m still trying to figure out where I want this book to go. Leave comments with your thoughts or suggestions!!! Im excited to see where this story goes. I’m so thankful for those of you who are reading this.

All my love xx

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