My Protector

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Chapter 6: Marty's

Loren’s POV

“Is that your personal driver?” I whispered, careful to make sure the man driving did not hear me.

Ignoring my question, he spoke to the driver up front. “Edward, take us to Marty’s”.

Marty’s?? That was the most expensive steakhouse in Seattle. What in the world was he doing? I can’t afford this...

“Um, Ian... I don’t really think I can um afford to go there..” I started to play with the buttons on my shirt, “- maybe you can just take me back to the cafe and I’ll just go home?”

I looked at the rearview mirror and made eye contact with Edward who didn’t speak a word.

“Ian?” I looked over to him but he was focused on something on his phone. His teeth were clenched and his shoulders tense. A few seconds of silence passed until he finally spoke.

“Loren, I told you that I would take you to dinner. That doesn’t mean that you pay for yourself.” He chuckled, looking at me as his face softened.

The rest of the car ride was quiet as we drove through the city. I didn’t mind, I was too busy looking outside the window at all of the window displays we passed. I took one last deep breath into the collar of the jacket I was still wearing as we arrived to the base of a very tall building.

Edward parked the car along the sidewalk and walked around to Ian’s side. The door opened and Ian stepped out, holding his hand out for me. I grabbed onto it and his firm grip pulled me out of the car and he smoothly wrapped his arm around my waist again. I thanked Edward as we walked into the lobby of the building.

“Where is the restaurant?” I questioned looking around. All I could see were a few elevator doors and a front desk with a woman who looked down as I looked her way, almost like she didn’t want me to catch her staring.

Ian guided me to the elevators and pressed the up button, “you’ll see”.

The elevator door opened and he started to walk towards the elevator but I stood in place and looked up at him.

“How do I know you aren’t just taking me to a secret apartment to hold me hostage in?”

Looking down at me, Ian smiled and pointed at the directory on the wall. I redirected my eyes to the directory, gazing at where his finger was aimed at.

Level 58: Marty’s Steakhouse and Lounge

“Oh,” I chuckled nervously. “Okay then lets go” I offered an apologetic smile.

We entered the elevator and I took Ian’s jacket off, handing it back to him. “Here, I figure it may look odd if I walk in there with a way too oversized jacket on”

“Are you sure you aren’t still cold?” He asked, reluctantly to take the jacket back.

“I’m sure, thank you.” I smiled.

Right as he finished buttoning his suit jacket, the elevator doors opened and we walked out into a dimly lit lounge. Red velvet chairs and booths were arranged among the space with small wooden tables between them. It was very busy tonight, well dressed men wearing suits stood at the bar while the bar tenders prepared their drinks. I could hear laughter from a group of women sitting at a rounded booth at the other end of the restaurant. Small hanging lights were dispersed through the room, with one large chandelier hanging in the main salon. The whole place was so dimly lit, tea candles were glowing in crystal holders on the tables. This was definitely a restaurant that I would have never even considered going to. It felt like they would charge me fifty dollars for going up the elevator.

“Mr. East,” the host spoke. “Would you like your usual table tonight?”

Ian hesitated for a second before responding. “No, give me a different table. I’d like a different view tonight”.

The host nodded and walked away in search of a table for us.

“You must be well known here.. everybody calls you by your last name and acts like they’re walking on eggshells. You even have your own table??”

This made Ian chuckle, “You have no idea.”

The host returned to us and guided us to our table. It was in a private corner of the restaurant, away from most of the people and noise. The table was small but was placed in the most well thought out location. We were surrounded by two floor to ceiling windows. To my left I could see buildings shorter than this one and the water behind it; lights from the port twinkling in the water. Through the window behind Ian I could see more high rise buildings and the Space Needle peeking through. It seemed like they moved all of their tables around just to place this one here.

The chairs were small yet plush. Ian pulled the chair closest to us out for me and as I sat on it, I felt like I was on cloud nine. They were also made of a soft red velvet. He sat in the chair facing the entrance of the restaurant and the host handed us our menus.

After a few minutes of browsing over the menu, I looked up to see Ian staring at me.

“What?” I asked with a blush creeping up onto my cheeks.

“Nothing, do you know what you want?”

“Um well to be honest, I don’t really know what anything on this menu is..”

“Do you mind if I order for you then?”

A wave of relief rushed over me. If he had good taste in coffee i’m sure he would pick something delicious for me. “Go ahead” I smiled.

“Do you have any food allergies? Or preferences?”

“No, the only request that I have is that it be filling. I am STARVING!” I grabbed my stomach.

“Alright, I know just the perfect dish then.” He smiled. A waitress arrived to our table and took our order. Ian ordered a bottle of expensive sounding wine, some type of steak for himself and pan seared scallops with fettuccine for me.

I let out a sigh, grateful that Ian listened to me. “I was worried you were going to order me a salad!” I giggled.

Ian scoffed at my comment. “Do you really think I am that much of an ass?” He questioned.

Well, considering how every single person bows their head to you as if you would rip them to shreds if they look at you wrong... yes.

“No?” I responded, holding back a smile.

Our waitress returned with the bottle of wine. She was tall and slim, her blonde hair tied back in a low pony tail and a strand of loose hair tucked behind her right ear. Her makeup was perfect, making it seem like she had just arrived to work. As she finished pouring the wine in my glass, I thanked her and smiled. She moved over to Ian’s glass, smiling and batting her long eyelashes as she poured his wine. However his face was emotionless as he didn’t even acknowledge her. I tried not to giggle as I watched their interactions. She thanked us and left back to the main restaurant, almost running.

“Is something funny?” He questioned after the waitress left. My eyes looked up to see his looking straight at mine, his head cocked slightly.

“I just think that it’s funny how you look at all of these people. I haven’t heard you say thank you and you look at them like you couldn’t care less about them!” I whispered, trying to contain the giggle trying to escape.

“It’s just easier that way”. He mumbled, not amused by my observation.

“Who are you?” I asked, “Why does everybody seem so scared of you?”

He looked up at me and took a sip of his wine, seeming to avoid my question. Before he could respond, that same waitress returned to our table with our food. It was almost as if he was wishing for this to happen. I didn’t care though, my focus was now on the plate of fettuccine in front of me, golden scallops arranged alone the side of the plate. My stomach growled again and my mouth started to water as I looked down at the food, the delicious smells drifting into my nose.

“Is there anything else I can grab for you Mr. East? Ma’am?

“No, thank you” Ian spoke to the waitress, making eye contact with me and a small smirk formed on his lips.

“I’m okay, thank you so much” I smiled at her.

She walked away and I started to giggle, “well that was a first” I exclaimed.

Ian smiled at me and looked down at my food, “Eat up, I can hear your stomach grumbling again” He chuckled as he cut into his steak.


The dinner was delicious and before I knew it, my plate along with the bottle of wine were both empty. I had to use the restroom but as I stood, the world felt like it was spinning around me. Ian quickly stood from his spot but I steadied myself on the chair. “Woah,” I whispered,
“I think I had too much to drink.. where is the bathroom?” I giggled.

“Straight back and to the left, do you want me to walk you there?”

“No its okay, Im fine”. I turned around and walked back following Ian’s directions. I am sooo glad I am not wearing heels right now.

I finished washing my hands and started to walk back to the table. Ian was now on the phone and did not look too pleased. His lips were pressed in a firm line as he stared at me the whole time I walked back from the restroom. He is damn sexy when he is mad! I started to giggle and sat down again.

“Are you sure this cannot wait for tomorrow? Now is not a very desirable time to come back in.” He looked outside at the view as he listened to the person on the other end. “Fine dammit, i’ll be there in 10.” he snapped and hung up on the other person.

He looked up at me and I had to hold back a laugh. It looked like he was swaying to the music in his seat but I knew that was only the alcohol playing tricks on my mind.

“We have to go to my office. Apparently theres something going on that needs my attention right fucking now.” He let out a deep sigh and ran a hand through his hair.

“I don’t have to go with you, I can just dri-”

“You are not fucking driving around after drinking a whole fucking bottle of wine” He snapped again. “I shouldn’t have let you drink that whole damn bottle” He mumbled so I couldn’t hear, letting out a deep breath.

I didn’t want to argue with him anymore so I just agreed, sinking back into my seat.

After paying the bill, the waitress handed him a small to go box and he stood up. He came over to my side and pulled me up to stand with him. The world still spinning around me.

Putting an arm around my waist, he walked me out of the restaurant and into the elevator. We walked past the bar which was now empty and the bartenders were cleaning up their space. Expensive looking people were still sitting in the lounge, staring at us as we walked by. I couldn’t tell if they were staring at my drunken self or Ian. Maybe they were wondering a man like him was doing with a mess like me.

As the elevator started to travel down, I felt like I was being launched into space. I slightly jumped and grabbed onto Ian, shutting my eyes. I felt two strong arms wrap around my shoulder holding me in place. He whispered something into my ear but I was too drunk to listen. When I didn’t respond I heard him chuckle under his breath.

His grip around my shoulders didn’t loosen until the elevator doors opened and it dinged at us, indicating that it was time to get out.

“Come on darling, it’s time to go” he whispered. I Opened my eyes and saw Edward standing outside next to the black car.

Okay Loren, just a few steps and then you can lay down in the car.

With one arm still around me, he practically held me up as we started to walk into the lobby. Ian offered me his jacket again but I just shook my head. I knew that the cold air would sober me up and that is just what I needed.

Edward opened the door for us and Ian practically picked me up and placed me in the car. As soon as he was next to me and the door shut, I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulder.

He whispered something into my ear again but I didn’t pay attention. He put his arm around me and I took in one last deep breath of his cologne before the world went black and I drifted off into a drunken slumber.

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