My Protector

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Chapter 7: No Deal

Killian’s POV

I was livid.

Actually, livid was an understatement. I had finished all of my work the night prior just so that I could leave the office early today. Not only did I keep Loren waiting an hour because these incompetent bastards had absolutely no idea what they were doing, but now I had to bring her back with me.

I didn’t want to expose who I was yet. She had no idea who I was and it was refreshing. She didn’t know why people stared at me and bowed their heads when I looked at them. She didn’t know why I had my own table at Marty’s. She didn’t know that everybody but her knew who I was.

Was I being selfish withholding my identity from her? Yes.

Was I scared that once I told her, she would only care about my money? Yes.

But she has shown me multiple times tonight that she wouldn’t care. She thought that she was going to buy her own dinner tonight. For fucks sake she even wanted to buy me two coffees today when I WAS LATE. I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS LATE, and she blamed herself for my cold coffee.

I tightened my grip around the brown haired angel next to me as I let out a deep sigh, unclenching my teeth.

Dinner was a delight. The girl is a true piece of work; she had goals and ambition. I couldn’t stop listening to her talk about her dreams. I would take her to every single country on earth just to see her smile. I would pay every single medical school millions of dollars just to see her attend. I knew that wouldn’t be necessary, not to mention how illegal it was but hey, I would do it for her.

The way she giggled made me want to pick her up and twirl her around. The way she bit her bottom lip and blushed when she got nervous or embarrassed made me want to smother her with kisses. She was beautiful in the most unique way. I had dated lots of attractive women in my life but none of them were like Loren. None of them made me feel the way she did.

Edward pulled up in front of the building and opened our door. I got out and pulled the sleeping beauty into my arms. I nodded my head to Edward and walked inside, pressing the button for the elevator with my elbow. As the elevator rose, so did my anger. I didn’t realize my grip was tightening on Loren’s leg and arm until I heard a small whimper.

“Sorry darling,” I whispered.

I took in a deep breath as the door opened and I brought her to my office, placing her on one of the brown leather couches. I grabbed a blanket off of the back and draped it over her, taking one last look at her peaceful face.

I didn’t mean for her to get this drunk off of half a bottle of wine. However I would be a liar if I said that I wasn’t looking for an excuse for her to stay the night with me. This just wasn’t how I imagined it.

I wrote a small note for her and left it on the coffee table in case she woke up while I was gone.

“Business came up, in a meeting. Wait for me. -Killian”

I made sure to place her purse right next to it on the table. I didn’t want her to think that her theory of me kidnapping her was true. I chuckled and shook my head at her accusation earlier. Though I couldn’t be mad at her for being cautious.

I pushed the doors in for the meeting room and saw Adam and the board members sitting at the table.

“Jesus Christ, It is 11 PM on a Friday night. What in the world would require this gathering right now”. I huffed

The others looked amongst themselves until one of them was brave enough to break the news to me.

“Mr. Smith withdrew his agreement” a board member spoke, his hands crossed on the table.

Adam looked at me and shook his head, surely the same thoughts running through his head.

“God what could that bastard want now. We spent 7 hours coming to an agreement at our last meeting. Our lawyers are putting together a contract as we speak and he is now having a, CHANGE OF MIND?!” I yelled using air quotes around the words change of mind.

“We know Mr. East, and we all agree that this is extremely rash of him but he is only giving us until 6 AM for a counter offer or else he threatened to move on to a different investor”.

“Okay so not only is he an idiot, he is also an asshole!” I slammed my fist on the table knowing exactly who that other investor was.

Trevor Daniels was in the same class as Adam and I. He was also at the top of the class but to him, there was only room for one person there. He has spent his time since graduation trying to steal our companies and copy our business. He knew that making an offer to Mr. Smith would ruin our deal with him and give him a chance to steal him.

I let out a deep breath and spoke again, “What is Mr. Smith asking for now?”


We spent hours bouncing our ideas together and writing up the new contract with our lawyers who were also called in last minute. We finally came to an agreement and finished up the contract at 4 AM and sent it over to Mr. Smiths representatives. This was not my ideal offer but it was still good. I made sure to emphasize the opportunities that only we could offer him. Mr. Smith knew that withdrawing his agreement was a huge insult to us. Little did he know, our initial offer to him was extremely high so our new offer wasn’t going to hurt us as much as he thought. We were still going to make a big deal of money off of this mans company.

“And now we play the waiting game! My favorite!” Adam yelled out sarcastically

I rolled my eyes at him and stood from my seat, leaving the meeting room as everybody else packed up their items.

Adam followed after me, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t you just want to send Mr. Smith a nice basket full of big, juicy fruits right now?” He joked

“More like rotten ones” I grumbled “God I need a drink right now”

I followed Adam up to his office and we sat at his desk, pulling out a crystal decanter of whiskey and a pair of matching glasses.

“Cheers” he spoke as we clanked our glasses together.

“So, how was the date? Sorry it had to get interrupted..”

“It was perfect, she’s actually sleeping in my office right now. Had too much to drink at dinner and I wasn’t exactly expecting to have to come back here tonight” I spoke, remembering that Loren was still sleeping in my office.

“You better go check on her, what if she’s not there anymore? You might’ve scared her away with your anger issues” He raised his eyebrow at me and smiled

“Impossible, she was out cold when we got here. The girl is the worst lightweight i’ve ever met. She only had half a bottle of cab tonight and she was already stumbling to the bathroom.” I chuckled. I had told only mentioned Loren to Adam but he knew that I felt differently about her.

“Reminds me of us back in the day” Adam laughed

“Oh god don’t remind me”

We sat for a few more minutes enjoying our whiskey in silence.

I set my empty glass down and stood from my seat, “I guess I better go check on sleeping beauty now”

Adam nodded and waved goodbye as he gathered his stuff. “I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow when we hear back from Smith”. We were giving him until 10 AM to give us an answer. He gave us 6 hours to come with a new contract and deal so we were going to give him 4 to accept.

Entering my office, I noticed that Loren was still sleeping peacefully on the couch. I looked at the table and noticed that my note I had left for her was now on the floor. A feeling of peace waved over me knowing that she trusted me enough to stay. Either that or she was still too drunk to register what was going on.

“Loren,” I whispered while shaking her shoulder gently. I tried to wake her up multiple times and she eventually opened her eyes.

“W-where am I?” she asked looking around, rubbing her eyes.

“We’re in my office right now, you had a little too much to drink at dinner and business called so I had to come back here. I brought you with me and you just slept on the couch while I was in the meeting”.

She looked out the window, clearly confused by how dark it was. “b-but... what time is it? Its still dark out.. you had a meeting in the middle of the night?”

“Yes darling, how are you feeling?”

Her nose scrunched at the smell of whiskey on my breath. Closing her eyes, she thought for a minute. “Not good-” she finally whispered.

“Do you want to go home with me?” I asked

“What? N-no. I can drive myself home.”

“No, Loren. You are not going to drive home right now. You can barely even keep your eyes open.”

“Then take me home, i’m not allowed to spend the night on the first date-” she whispered, pausing longer in between each additional word.

I sighed realizing that she had just fallen back asleep. Gathering my stuff and hers, I picked her up and brought her down to the parking garage. We walked over to my BMW and I placed her in the passenger seat, careful not to wake her. I buckled her seatbelt and walked over to the drivers side. Starting the car, we drove to my apartment that was on the other side of the city.

We arrived at my building a few minutes later and again, I gathered our stuff and carried her up to my apartment. My apartment was on the top floor of the building and actually consisted of 2 floors. The kitchen and living spaces made up the first floor while the bedrooms and my office were on the second.

I brought Loren up to the guest room and sat her on the bed. I removed her shoes and tucked her in under the covers, placing a bottle of Advil with some water on the nightstand.

“Goodnight love” I whispered and kissed her forehead. She moaned softly and tried to reach out to me. Kissing her hand, I placed it back on the bed and shutting the bedroom door.

After a quick shower, I prepared myself for bed and I enjoyed the final moments of the night. I left my door open slightly so that it would be easy for Loren to find me if she woke up before myself. Climbing into bed, I drifted off to sleeping thinking about the only thing that really mattered to me from now on; Loren.


Okay friends, Loren and Killian’s relationship is FINALLY building. Im trying to take it slow because idk, something about making it all rushed and quick kind of makes me cringe hahaha. Anyways, what are your thoughts on the characters so far? I’m trying to make their thoughts and feelings/personalities obvious. IDK. Leave me feedback!

All my love xx

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