My Protector

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Chapter 8: Tease

Loren’s POV

My eyes slowly cracked open to an unfamiliar room as the sound of rain drops hitting the window woke me. I slowly turned my head to the other side of the bed, halfway expecting another body to be in it. I sighed with relief realizing that I was alone and was still fully clothed.

The room was large and had a floor to ceiling window to one side. A white accent chair sat next to the window with a wooden side table next to it. In front of the bed were built in cabinets and a flat screen TV. To the left of the cabinets was a doorway leading to the bathroom. The floors were hardwood and the walls were a bright white. The bed I was in was large and plush, a fluffy down comforter draped over me.

Was I in a hotel? I don’t remember much of last night..

Sitting up I felt the blood rush out of my head. Ugh I was hungover.

The last thing I remember from last night is waking up on a leather couch after reading a note from Killian saying that he was in a meeting.


Maybe I was in his house? I glanced over to the side table and saw my purse and phone on it. Grabbing my phone I saw that it was 10 AM and I had about fifty text messages from the group chat. I didn’t have the energy to look at the messages so I just placed the phone back down with a sigh. With another look I noticed a bottle of ibuprofen and a bottle of water. Thankful for this, I took a few pills and drank some of the water.

I groaned as I got up out of the bed, my head pounding even more. Slowly walking to the door, I was scared that it would be locked. I reached for the handle and surprisingly it opened. So I wasn’t kidnapped.

I stepped out of the room and walked into a dimly lit hallway. To the left was a staircase and to the right were more doors. One of the doors was cracked open, calling out to me. I walked over to the door and slowly pushing it open.

This room was about five times the size of the one I was just in. The ceilings were tall and windows made up one of the walls. A fire place was placed in the wall to the right and a black leather couch sat in front of it. Several pieces of artwork filled the naked spaces of the walls. As I stepped farther into the room, I saw a bed to the left, perfectly placed against the wall; facing the enormous window ahead of it. The bed was neatly made with nobody in it. The room almost seemed untouched, as if nobody lived here.

I walked out of the room and heard voices which seemed to be coming from downstairs. Being drawn to them, I traveled towards the stairs and allowed them to lead me down to a large, open living room. Similar to the bedroom I was just in, a black leather sofa faced the window except this one was much larger. In front of the sofa was a glass coffee table with a neat stack of books on it. A beautiful crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling.

Gripping the side rail as I walked down the last stairs, my eyes travelled to where the voices were coming from. There was another couch in front of a fire place on the other side of the room which wasn’t visible from the top of the stairs. On the couch sat Ian and another handsome man, both of them wearing suits. They seemed to be deep in conversation when suddenly Ian stood up, his jaw clenched, and threw a phone across the room.

“Killian-” The other man spoke.

A gasp escaped my mouth as I realized that I shouldn’t have walked downstairs. I covered my mouth but they had already turned their attention towards me.

“Loren,” Ian growled and started to walk my way, his face still filled with anger. The other man just sat there, unsure of what would happen next.

As he walked closer to me, I took a step backwards almost tripping on the stairs behind me. He grabbed my elbow in the process, providing me support.

“Go back to your room, theres stuff in the bathroom for you to freshen up” He spoke softly and kissed me on the cheek.

Looking up at him, his face was now soft but emotionless. His eyes golden but dark. He was really trying to hide what was angering him right now.

“A-are you okay?” I whispered

Amused by my question Killian let out a chuckle and turned me to face the stairs. “Don’t worry about me love, now go back upstairs. I’ll be up there after I’m done speaking with Adam”.

As I got to the top of the stairs, Ian returned back to the sofa and the conversation restarted between the two.

“I can not believe he turned us down again. That’s it. I do not want business with him anymore.”

“Losing this deal will cost the company a large amount of money Killian...”

“I don’t give a shit. Making a cheap deal with him will embarrass the company even more. Then everybody will think that they can get us for cheap rates”

Closing the door to the room I walked into the bathroom. A brand new toothbrush and toothpaste as well as other toiletries sat next to the sink. Kérastase shampoo and conditioner and Jo Malone body wash were in the shower. A shopping bag sat on the small white bench next to the shower. Looking into the bag I found some white lace panties, jeans, and a light blue blouse; all my size. Feeling slightly uncomfortably and not wanting to accept the clothes, I put them back into the bag.

When did he have time to go shopping? Did he just have these things laying around?

I looked at the mirror and realized that I was an absolute mess. My hair was no longer in a bun but was now loose and tangled. My makeup was old and smeared from the day prior. My shirt was wrinkled and smelt.. undesirable.

With a sigh I undressed and got into the shower, filling the bathroom with the floral scents from the soaps. I tried my best to work out the tangles in my hair with a handful of conditioner and finally washed my face of yesterdays impurities.

Recalling what had happened the day prior, a wave of warmth washed over my body. The only thing I wanted to do when I saw Killian was kiss him. The way he smiled at me made me feel understood. The way his eyes travelled over my body, undressing me with every glance made me feel desirable. The way he got hangry made me want to comfort him. The way his arms felt around my body made me feel protected.

Turning off the shower, I wrapped myself in the plush towel and wrapped my hair with another. I brushed my teeth and looked over at the shopping bag, reluctant to put the clothes on. I decided to just walk out and sit on the bed and check my phone instead.

Finally reading the text messages, I saw some from Emma talking about work problems and then some from Melissa about boy problems. Towards the end of the chat I saw some from them asking where I was and if I was ok. To be honest I didn’t even know the answer to either of those questions but I replied.

“Hey guys, sorry. Long day yesterday.” and made sure to give my input to both of their problems.

Instantly my phone vibrated as they responded

“Phew, I was about to send out a search party for you!!!!” Melissa said

“Bitch next time you go AWOL let us know at least” Emma sent with an eye roll emoji.

Remembering that I now had a job, I looked at my work schedule. My next shift wasn’t for another week. Phew.

I scrolled through social media for another thirty minutes until I heard the door behind me open. Turning around I saw Killian walking in. Shoot, I was still in my towel.

His eyes looked at my face and made their way down my body to my exposed thighs. He let out a deep breath and finally spoke, “Why aren’t you wearing the clothes I got for you?”

“I uh, I don’t know..” I trailed off not having a good explanation

A small grin formed on his lips as he stood in front of me and leaned forward. Placing both fists on either side of me of the bed, he looked up and locked eyes with mine.

“Are you trying to tempt me, love?” he whispered

“N-no, im sorry. I just.. I cant accept them”

“And why is that?” the grin disappeared from his mouth

“I feel too bad, and I can’t repay you for them so-”

Cut off by him leaning in closer, he now leaned to my side and growled in my ear. “So you think that its a better idea for you to just walk around my house, naked, and tempt me even more with your beautiful body?”

“Well I wasn’t going to walk around your house like this...” My voice was high pitched now

Standing back up he raised an eyebrow. “So you would rather put your dirty clothes back on instead of accept the clothes?”

“No...” I spoke realizing that I had absolutely no logical argument. “Ill go get dressed” and stood up with my head down as I walked to the bathroom.

Putting the clothes on I realized that they fit perfectly. The jeans hugged me in all of the right places. I wasn’t wearing a bra yesterday and unfortunately there was no bra in this bag. The blouse was slightly tighter than my shirt yesterday and showed off the curves of my perky breasts. I decided to leave one too many buttons undone. Might as well give him a reason behind his accusations now.

Walking out of the bathroom, Killian was now sitting in the chair by the window, his eyes focused on his phone. He didn’t seem to hear me walk out of the bathroom so I sat on the side of the bed closest to him.

“How did you know my size?” I finally spoke

“What?” he responded with his eye still on his phone

“The clothes, how did you know what size I am?”

Finally looking up at me he replied “I gave Val some photos of you and had her go shopping for me this morning.” his eyes travelled down my body, appreciating her purchases.

“How did you get pictures of me?”

“Your instagram is public, and I have my ways” He smirked again.

Squinting my eyes at him, “Well you need to tell Val that she remembered everything except for one thing” I huffed

“I can see that” He smirked, looking down at my chest.

“Who is Val anyways?”

“My assistant” he responded, returning his attention to his phone.

“Oh... ok”

Not sure what to say now, I sat on the bed and looked out the window. The rain had stopped and the sky was clearing.

“Where did you sleep last night?” I finally spoke again

“Darling, you ask far too many questions” Killian responded. “And I slept in my bedroom, why?”

“Well there are a lot of questions to ask when I wake up in a mans house who I barely even known after a night that I barely remember”. I stated getting mildly defensive. Why was he in such a bad mood right now?

“What do you remember last?” He put his phone down again

“Well I remember dinner.. I remember going to the bathroom.. and I remember us leaving the restaurant in a hurry.. and then I remember waking up on a leather couch in some sort of office and reading a note from you and thats it” I recalled. “And then this morning I woke up in a strangers room. I could be kidnapped for all I know!”

“I don’t think a kidnapper would leave your phone on your side table or let you roam around the house as you please” he squinted his eyes “Besides, you can leave whenever you want.”

His last words stung slightly but he continued on to fill me in on the missing details of the prior night. I sighed in relief realizing that I had done nothing stupid or embarrassing.

“It would’ve been nice to know that half a bottle would get you blackout drunk. I would’ve just let you have one glass” He chuckled

“Im sorry”

“No need to apologize darling”. He stood up and held his hand out to me.

“Where are we going?”

“I have to go to the office and I imagine that you have to get home.” He smiled

As much as I wanted to spend the rest of the day with him, I did have a lot of work to do around the house. Besides, I was sure that whatever angered him earlier required his attention. I decided not to ask about it. Grabbing his hand I followed him downstairs with my stuff in my other hand.

“How am I going to get to my car?” I asked after remembering that we had left my jeep at the cafe overnight.

“I had Edward go get it last night, I hope you don’t mind” he responded as we got in the elevator.

“Oh, no I don’t mind.. thank you,”

The elevator ride down was quiet. I could tell something was still bugging him. Was there another reason he was like this? Did I do something last night that he didn’t tell me about? I decided not to take it personally, it was probably because of what happened earlier.

I saw my Jeep sitting next to various black and white luxury cars. Killian walked me to mine and opened the door for me, handing me the keys. I got in and put my stuff on the passenger side. Looking at him once I was done, I thanked him for the clothes.

He nodded and smiled in response, “I’ll call you, be careful love” and kissed me on the forehead before shutting the door and walking over to his BMW. His engine roared to life as I put my address into the navigation. Following him out of the garage, he turned left and sped away while I turned right, already missing him.

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