Over Heels

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A bad day

Isabella has already dropped me home, and here I am currently sitting on my bed, snuggling Mr. Snuggles.

My parents were currently asleep, and now you may be wondering why I haven't slept?!
Well, my mind was on the new boy, Kruce Hall.
I can't just keep my mind off him, especially the way we shared eye contact, like that kinda of electrical feeling.
I sigh, I was really tired yet I don't know why I keep thinking about him, when am supposed to even distance myself from people like him.
Layla, something is really wrong with you today, and with that thought I slept off.

"Girl, today's is the best day ever, free classes, no boring ass teachers" Isabella screamed, hugging me like am a toy.
Guess, I woke up early for absolutely nothing!
"Then, we can go home and watch TV" I whined, collecting my bag from my chair.
"Orrr" she dragged.
Uh oh, whenever she says that, things always turn up bad.
"We stay here, chill with some friends and maybe get to know that god for today" she announced.
When she says 'god' she means, Kruce.
I get nervous whenever am around him.
"Isabella, you know what you are saying, can't come true. Plus I didn't get enough sleep last night, I don't think I can 'play' around with you right now" I say, tucking my hair beside my ear.

"You are talking rubbish, enough sleep isn't an excuse. This will be the last time we may have fun, so why turn it boring" she huffed, looking down at me annoyed.
See! She is very stubborn!
"Okay okay, I will come with you!" I say huffing, hating that I agreed to her even though I don't want to.
"Yay, come let going" she says, dragging my hands, making me squeak on how fast she was walking.

"Yo, you ass is growing big!"commented Jace, who was looking at Isabella butt.

That disgusting!

"You sick perverted jerk, get away from me!" She shouted, slapping him in the face, with an angry look.

Don't blame me, she insisted on us coming here.

The lunch door open, and there stood Kruce. His hands were shoved into his pockets, and his hood covering his face. Even though, he still looked handsome than ever, making my heart beat faster.

He walked to the corner of the room, taking a seat while bowing his head down on the table.

He looked sad.

"Ooh, I see someone has a crush there" cooed Jake, while staring at me with a smirk.

I turned red, like how?

"No I don't, l-like everyone is staring at him, and he is the one who barged in and-" I say, trying to explain myself.

"Ssh..it okay, by the way I didn't ask for an explanation" he says, eating his fries.
I huff in defeat, as I turn around to look back at Kruce.

I wonder why he doesn't have any friends, like new guys like him would have so many guys and girls hovering over him, but he just sits alone.

I feel so bad for him, like imagining having no friends, at your first week in school.

"Hey, if you keep staring at him, why not try to make a conversation with him" Isabella suggested, giving me a sly smile.

"N-no I don't want to talk to him, i-it just that I feel bad for him, cuz he has no friends" I rush out, playing with my thumbs.

"Then, why not start by being his friend then" she says, with an assured look.

"But-" but I was sadly interrupted.

"Just go talk to him, there is no harm in doing that" Jace cuts in.

There goes my luck for trying to stay away from him.

I take a deep breath,as I stand on my feet. My palms started to become sweaty, as I approached where he sat.

My hands were shaky. And I think my cheeks were hot.

I tapped him.
"um...h-hi" I stuttered, looking down in embarrassment.

He removes his head from his table, turning to look at me. His piercing blue eyes, staring at my green ones, making me shiver on the spot.

"What the fuck, do you want?" He growled, making me flinch on the spot.

He looked angry. His jaw was clenched very hard, and he didn't look happy.

"I-i thought you would want some accompany" I say, looking away from his stare.

"I didn't ask for your accompany, so fuck off!" He shouted harshly, towering over my small height.

I squirmed intimadately.
So much for talking to him. I wanted to cry, but tears wouldn't come out.

The look on Isabella and jace screamed, pity.

This was my fault, I shouldn't have made an attempt to talk to him.

I collected myself together, walking towards exist, I felt betrayed.

"Layla, wait!" I hear Jace, shouting my name from behind me, but I didn't stop.
I guess that why, I never socialize well, people takes me as a nerd.

"Just leave me alone, I will take the bus today" I say.

I don't know why I felt heartbroken, when he was shouting at me today.
All I wanted was just be his friend, since he seems lost and lonely. But what I didn't know is that, he doesn't want to have friends with anyone at all.

And there was I, thinking he needed one.

I don't like him, do I?

I sigh, today is really a bad, it had to be.

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