Over Heels

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Into the devil's life

Narrator POV: Kruce Hall
His head was a pounding mess, he couldn't concentrate. He needed a drink for his headache. Now you may think that alcohol may be what he needs, but surprisingly he entered a nearby small cafe, that sells one of the best coffee.
Everyone stared at him, eyes wide. Blue piercing eyes, tattoos that clothed his skin, and a seemingly intimidating height, he looked like a god that just entered heaven.
He went to the table, as he places his order.
"Ice caramel macchiato" he spoke, with a boring voice and look.

He was always like that, no seeming to care what people think of him, what the use of caring for those who didn't give a fuck about him?

Collecting his drink, he got a table, sitting all by himself.

As he said to the girl on Friday, "he needed no accompany"

His mind can't help but drift to her a little.

Soft blue eyes, fragile frame, and damn, her body, figures in the right places.

He didn't understand why someone like her, would want to talk to someone like him.

A devil.

He was bored, sitting there, thinking about a little girl, with coffee in his hands made him feel like he had nothing to do with his life.

He drank all his coffee, chugging it down thirsty as she stands up while shoving his hands into his pockets roughly.

He was tired but needed to go to work and handle this with his friend, David Scouts.

He drove back to his office, people greeting him as he walks by, but as he always does, he ignores them.

"What the fuck is going on here!" He said with anger. His best friend and a chick on his table making out.

"Chill bro, I was horny as fuck, watcha expect?" David says sluggishly.

"I expect you to be in your own fucking office, using your godamn gifted brain to think of a plan against the Benuos gang.

"I got nothing, so I used this chick here, as my drug ya know?" David says, chuckling slightly.

He turns to her, making her scurry away in fear. Bitch.

"Stop being useless for once and think of something, the time is approaching and before you know they are in new york," Kruce says, rubbing his elbow. He was really stressed.

"Okay, where do you think they are to attack?" David asks, going all serious all of a sudden.

"Western Road, Coast 64 street, near an alley He says, cocking his head figuring out where this is all leading to.

"Then we prepare ourselves and get ready to attack tomommorow" David finally released the new plan, showing off a cocky smirk.

"That good. Tell them to prepare our weapons, we are set off tomorrow" Kruce says, rubbing his head.

"Aight" And there goes David out.

"Fuck, I really need to get enough sleep"


Layala POV

Today was Saturday, and here i am watching Side hustle with hot cocoa in my hands. My phone chirps and I pick up to see a message from Isabella.

Isabewa: Good morning

I smile, I was still angry but I can't. She is my best friend.

Me: Good morning *insert cocoa emoji*

Isabewa: am sorry for the other day. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I knew you didn't want to talk to him yet I fucking forced you, that fucked up am sorry.

Me: It's okay, am over it now. Do you want to go to the park today?

Isabewa: Nah love, am busy but i will tomorrow. *insert winky face*

Me: That okay. Am about to go for a walk, text you later.

Isabewa: bye babe.

I put on my coat, waving to my parents. I really need fresh air. I plug in my earbud, jamming out to my morning Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2SaSyf18gIQMKrnIotZDzF?si=f9ea0ee3bae94d33

I begin to walk, shoving my hands into my pockets. It was really cold outside, so am thankful for my pink warm coat.

Not long, I reach an alley, and what I saw there was horror. Bad men. There were there, smoking cigarettes and had ink all over their arm. I really need to go.

"Where do you think you going love" I hear a raspy voice behind my ear. I gasp as I was met with a pair of grey eyes.

"Um-i- i-was just taking my leave" I whisper, looking away from his stare.

"Why, come love, let have some fun," He says grabbing my small hands into his large ones. I gasp in fear.

"Please no-i please" I beg, as tears run down my cheeks. I was scared, am I tend to cry when am scared.

"Touch her and you die" A voice cuts in. A familiar one. Kruce.


I think this was poorly written, idk. Sorry, I uploaded this chapter late, exams have been eating my time out.

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