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08|| offender

08|| π™€π™›π™›π™šπ™£π™™π™šπ™§




❝The look of horror was found out when she smiled.❞


"π™‰π™–π™§π™žπ™£π™š." π˜Ύπ™‘π™–π™ͺπ™™π™žπ™– π™¬π™π™žπ™¨π™₯π™šπ™§π™šπ™™. The smile escaped on her pretty face structured her into a form of any offender a person needed to describe.

When both the creatures at the night consist of the same pit of darkness it only enhances not deteriorates. Same in this situation, they both came from different holes of darkness, one with a past to avenge the future and the other with dark love with take what is rightful to her.

"My my my. You act like you didn't hear Ms. Claudia Jenner." She smirked at her which visibly tensed Claudia and she looked around twisting her strands of hair and tucking behind her back.

"What are you talking about?" She smiles nervously. Narine bent in front of her so they were at level and she spoke "Jenner. The family that was abolished from the market but my goodness what is this that I found out while surfing? That the youngest kid of the Jenner fled away for revenge and Oh my God she is right in front of me." She fake panics and later laughs at her own act.

Claudia fist her hands and looked at Narine deadly "Don't talk shit about my family, Baldwin."

Narine smirked at her "Oops my bad didn't know that the sister still miss her elder one. What was her name? Whore, slut, b-" She couldn't finish the sentence when her back hit against the wall and her neck was wrapped around by hands of Claudia.

"Bethany Jenner. The eldest daughter of Jenner Family that you people didn't think twice before slaughtering her to death. For you Bethany died." Narine smile fade away and she kicked her shin.

Claudia stumbled back and looked at her deadly "It wasn't me who did it. We all know what happened at the warehouse. She saved me and I am forever indebt to her but it doesn't mean that the person who should be mine will be with you. HARDIN IS MINE CLAUDIA." She shouted at her.

Claudia's hand shook but her glare didn't. "You took her from me, from us and don't forget I will take away what's yours. Starting from your so called love crush to your last breath will be begged for. And do you know who broke your cute little sophisticated family?" The smug smile on her innocent face didn't help to calm down the nerves of Narine.

"How do you know?"

"Aww our lil princess don't know. So sad. So listen to a story one day the princess mother went to a party, she was drugged and was manhandled. Her pictures were taken and she was threatened if not following the orders the post will be post but oops the day comes when she was doing the given job and then BOOM her family watched her and the rest is history I guess so." The slap echoed in the closet and Narine shook her hands and looked at Claudia whose lips slit and blood oozed a little.

"Same goes to you Jenner talk shit about my parents and see what this psycho can do." The information was too much to handle and damn how can she forget to record this. She somehow felt sorry for her parents but it doesn't mean that they couldn't discuss the matter and find out a solution rather than handling by themselves.

She pulled her hair to welcome her close to her "Claudia you definitely should think twice before striking. At first I was kinda shocked when your title was heard but decided against it but my my my look what did I see? You with that person. If it's me that should be ashamed I am sorry Claudia you need to look at the situation, handle it properly and then talk shit. You thought I don't know what was happening behind every innocent stunt you pulled through. Be thankful I grabbed the person red handed when you walked out giving him the instructions to manhandle the wire above the light on the stage that night or else may be my soul would still have haunted you."

"H-how come I-" Narine rolled her eyes and replied "Your eyes should be kept open whenever you commit sin but you my dear did each and every work of yours openly. Do tell me to order a set of villain stories in your wishlist to make you one."

Claudia quietly but in a clever manner texted Hardin about her location and as per she knows and believes the door opened and Hardin enters. Narine turns back and looks at him, the eyes that once hold dead and cold was replaced with admiration and adornment.

"Hardin." Narine whispers but Hardin doesn't pay attention and instead rushes towards Claudia who acts like she will faint at any moment.

"Claudia. Hey Claudia baby please stay awake, please." He panics and in a quick manner lifts her up in a bridal style and walks out not bothering the look of horror Narine has. Claudia quietly opens an eye and wink at her.

"Claudia Jenner you may be quiet smart but guess not as smart as a villain." Narine spoke.


"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" The empty hallway echoed Hardin's voice. Narine flinches back at the roar of his voice. The class has ended 10 minutes ago and she felt ecstatic when Hardin walked towards her.

10 minutes ago-

"Narine." Narine turns back only to be greeted by the woody smell which only belongs to Hardin and she gives out the full blown smile.

"Hey Hardin."

"Can you umm... come with me?" Narine giggles at his stuttering and pauses to act like thinking and beams nodding her head. Even if Hardin says her to die for him she will do that within a blink of an eye.

And both of them walks out to the canteen to eat silently. Hardin looks at his watch and then quickly grabs Narine along with him as a tag along with it.

The hallway now lessen the crowd and it's the best place to rush out the anger he has upon her.



Narine's eyes widen at his outburst. "What do you mean by doing that? What did I do?"

Hardin clutches his hair tightly and punched the wall. "Hey don't do that, Hardin."


Tears brim her eyes and trails down the salty water of ocean. "Claudia was right it's best we stay away from each other. I didn't know you love me and I am sorry but I don't love you back mind that. I have Claudia and she is everything I need."

Narine scoffs and speaks "Really? You don't love me fine you don't but it's not like Claudia is dipped in holy water. She did the worst things in my life and if you know what she did you too will look at her with those disgust in your eyes Hardin and seriously a girl you met 4 months ago became more important to you rather than the friendship we secured for 12 years?"

"Don't use those useless tactics against me Narine and what did she do, huh? Tell me."

Narine sighs and looks down "I can't." No she isn't ashamed of the story to tell by ashamed of the look of pity Hardin will have after listening to her story.

Hardin mockingly laughs "Just because you don't have a proper person in your life doesn't mean that you need to poke your nose in every people's life." Narine squints her eyes at the unbelievable situation it's more bitter than the others she thought.

"What?" She whispers.

"You are right. For you Bethany died." That created a nausea within her and a low blow by Hardin.

"How do you know?" She whispers.

"So it's true. Claudia told me that you are to be blamed for Bethany's death and now looking at your facial feature it's believes to have known that whatever she said was true. First I didn't believe her but now I do after all you yourself told me right Narine, you are a villain of this story." With that he walks out scrambling down the trust and love she has to offer to him.

She falls down on the rough carpet and breaks down into sobs "He is right I am the villain of this story."


That night she yelled in cry of agony when the blade surfaced her pale skin slicing it across her tissue ripping them off to let blood oozed out. The silver object shone in blood of hers but she is numb, after all the pain she wanted to feel was given by none other than her lover. The sound she made was only a way to make her feel alive yet nothing she felt.

"Wha- Oh my God Narine." Rita rushes towards her and throw the blade across the room.

"Why did you do it?"

Tears fell from her eyes like those precious pearls on seashore "I want to stop living." And then she burst out crying slapping her face and hitting her against the tile floor where a blood smeared around it.

"Hey hey stop it. Wait let me bring the first aid." Rita rushes inside the bathroom to fetch the kit box and appears again.

"Why are you here?" Narine whispers "You hate me, remember?"

Rita chuckles but didn't say anything concentrating on the wound Narine newly created. She pour the antiseptic in the yellow mug where water was present and dipped the cotton inside it and placed it on her wound making Narine flinch back.

"Why did you do it?"

Narine shrugs and then tells her the story.

"How do you know?"

"Aww our lil princess don't know. So sad. So listen to a story one day the princess mother went to a party, she was drugged and was manhandled. Her pictures were taken and she was threatened if not following the orders the post will be post but oops the day comes when she was doing the given job and then BOOM her family watched her and the rest is history I guess so."

"Oh my God. Is that the Jenner?"

She weakly nods her head but didn't say anything.

"And later Hardin accuses me of Bethany' s death. We all know Rita we all do what happen to that warehouse. It was done by him. I didn't do anything. I was a sweet little girl but covered in marks only by him. I didn't do anything. I didn't do. I am obeying the rules. Rita I didn't do please stop those words. Make it stop. MAKE IT STOP. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. I CAN'T NO HE WILL KILL ME. Look there he is, please save me from the monster please." Her pleads makes Rita for the first time in her life about the responsibility she neglected and stomp everything as a blame to Narine not knowing any actual reason.

She was quick to judge like everyone.

"How can I make it stop?" Rita pleads even now Rosie stands behind them watching the scene getting unfold. She put her hand on her face not wanting to treat her presence.

"How come I can do that? I just became like everyone told me, a useless hen with no paws." Only Rosie knows who can stop the panic attack and she whispers the name "Lucas."

Even after everything the person felt through we all know how a person can be blinded by love and in these cases everyone are blinded by love.

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