Blurred Visions

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10|| all about her

WARNING AHEAD: Mature content

๐—Ÿ๐—จ๐—–๐—”๐—ฆ ๐— ๐—–๐—–๐—”๐—œ๐—ก ๐—ฃ๐—ข๐—ฉ

"๐™ˆ๐™ฎ ๐™๐™š๐™–๐™ง๐™ฉ." I hate her words.

I clenched my fist into hunger and lust against someone who isn't sure what's her motive. I sighed ashamed that I couldn't stop whatever she does to me.

Hardin may have took her heart but her soul belongs to me. The way she craved my presence more than him somehow took my pride to a high rate but I also know if she somehow shows the same emotion to Hardin, he won't hesitate to take my place and I am in no honour to late him replace me.

Even if I don't have any place to her heart I will damned to take the little place she alotted to me and only me. I hugged her tightly where she relished the opportunity to flow down her streams of tears. Hardin is unknown to what happen to her and I still remember her tears and the loud scream at night whenever she tries to sleep. People thought she went for vacation like seriously?

I had the urge to laugh at their face as to how they are so dumb to the pain inflicted in hers just like someone called Hardin. He may or may not have tried to search her but he forgot that I am in between him and hers and every link that will try to join them I will try to break it apart but I can't.

I feel so guilty when Hardin did everything in his power to search Narine while I being a selfish a*shole seize his opportunity and made it mine and now I think if he saw this then maybe I would have still been at my house reviving my past and smiling in tears.

I clutched her tightly in my arms not interested to show her my own guilt is eating me alive.

The time when my father opposed me to mend my hobbies as my job, Narine was there. For her I could even die, just one word and my soul will be beneath her feet. She even stole a certain amount of money from her parents to provide me the rights to visit the authorities to talk about my new book, I failed hundreds of times but she was always there like a pillar to my hardwork.

"I c-" I said to her but my eyes widened in surprise.

She pulls off her top revealing her t-shirt black bra which beautifully expose her caramel skin. The luscious mounds hidden behind those fabric urged me to quickly unclasped the hook only to reveal the milky bust. I closed my eyes "I can't, I am sorry Narine. I just can't do this when you are vulnerable." She looks at me with a broken face a grim taking place on her heart-shaped face.

"Don't I look beautiful?" She asks me and I immediately shook my head in denial.

"No you always look beautiful." I whispered padding my thumb across her rosy cheek. She quickly slide her face away from my touch as if it burn her skin. She glared at me and then looks at the broken pieces of mirror which was beside the bed.

"Look Lucy, look at this pathetic shit that called herself a woman. Can you tell her to go and die? She doesn't have anything that can prove she is a girl. She isn't what others want her to be." She twirls herself and laughs loudly, pointing at the pieces that showcase her own face. "Look Lucy she isn't want by anyone, not even from her one sided lover nor her friend."

Just when she was about to step on them I pulled her towards me crushing her half-naked body with me "You aren't unwanted, please don't say that."

"Then why don't you want me?"

I sigh "I want you but its just that you are trying to get me to have sex with you because you are vulnerable and I don't want to take advantage of you." She sighs smiling sadly at me.

"I want to make love with you." Love? I laugh at her holding my stomach tightly pointing my finger at her.

"Love? You are trying to make love with me but do you really love me?" I ask her angrily. This time I will fight for myself and voice against the misuse of love. She looks at me with the same pain I looked at her.

"Love is a tragedy. I fell in love with Hardin-"

"Love? Are you sure its love? Cause I don't think so its love." Her blue eyes shone with tears.


"THEN GO AND F*CK HIM NOT ME." I shout back.

The pregnant pause between us was unbearable. I sigh wrapping the quilt around her upper body hiding her fragile skin and turned back to walk out from the room only to get hold by her. I turned back to ask her "Now w-" She placed her lips on mine shutting me fully.

"Let's give our relation a try then." To say that I was beyond happy could be an understatement but was it a way to get back to Hardin? I should have known but as we say love can turn a person to blind?

โš ๏ธSteamy content ahead โš ๏ธ

"Lucy." I hummed stroking his her hair .

"Now can you f*ck me?" I halted my movements.

"No I am not in any grief and I want to do this because I want to feel you. Last time I was persistent in only having sex but now I want to feel you, touch you and make you mine. Her hands roam around my skin causing me to shiver in delight.

I pulled back to look at her to see if she had any intention behind bit damn those blue eyes creepily hid the dark thoughts which even this old Lucas couldn't find in the new version of Narine.

I smiled at her nodding my head at her toxic yet sweet words. She traced her fingers on my black shirt and in a quick move she ripped them apart planting soft kisses across my chest, trailing them to my brown buds. She swirled her tongue around the erect tips and kissed its edges. She eyed at me smirking at the effect she knew it was done by her.

She put her attention to other one and pulled back admiring her hard work looking at those stiff buds. Her bandaged hands roamed around my tan skin, she halt her movements as soon as she reached to my navel. She bent down and placed a small kiss on it, making me moan at those delicious sensation.

In hurry I only wore boxer and came here to which she is now pulling it off admiring my V line. She looked up, her blue eyes mixed with deep lust and admiration and some other emotion which I couldn't pin pint it out.

She slammed her lips on mine wrapping her hands around my neck and tucking those loose strands of hair at the end making me groan in pleasure. I snaked my hands around her slimy waist and kissed her hungrily reciprocating the same feelings I have for her. The dam of lust overflowed breaking the huge walls of restrictions.

"I love you." She nod her head tucking back those fringes in front smiling dearly at me. I know we can't change her thoughts but surely can change her heart which I will make sure only beats for me.

I kissed her jaws and trailed down to the crook of her neck biting and sucking as though marking my territory. She moaned in appreciation of the pain I am causing her. Her bare mounds closed the gap we had between us, the clash of her heavy globes sent shivers down my body. My right hand touched her beautiful mound, kneading it while the other one held her buttcheeks.

"Today it's only gonna be yours." I furrowed my brows into confusion but then understood what she meant and before I could say anything she bent down on her knees and held the thick giant within her palm.

She looked so innocent as if examining the muscular gland as an alien. The curiosity sparked in her eyes. "Please don't do this princessa. I know you are uncomfortable, don't do this."

"I want to so that you know from now onwards it's my priority to take care of you. I want to. Can I?" She palmed the rod making me groan. I nodded my head in pain, afraid I will be going to visit my home with blue balls.

She smirked seeing me in pain. "Please don't m- Oh f*ck princessa." I moaned out loud arching my back as she put my manhood in her mouth. She massaged the end parts of it and then held my torso. She rolled her tongue making my head wet allowing me to moan out again.

Unknowingly I held her head as she started to bob her head as she followed a slow rhythm and started from slow pace to a fast pace. I could only moan her name during the time she gave me pleasure. "Oh Narine." I pulled her head making her moan and then gag as I deep throat her.

The sudden rush of the bulk of liquid made me gushed out in her mouth. The cream poured like a river being stopped by a f*cking dam. "F*ck I love you." I whispered to her still relishing the mind blowing orgasm. I rest by back on the mattress smiling at myself, closing my eyes.

โš ๏ธSteamy content endsโš ๏ธ

She giggled at me. I tiredly opened my eyes smiling at her. She got up with her hands and legs resting on my either side. She fold her arms and rest them on my naked chest.

"How was it?" She whispered nervously afraid that I will be mad at her. I stroked her hair tucking he loose strands behind her back while the other hand is behind my head.

"I am so proud of you mon bรฉbรฉ." I said chucking when she scrunch her nose up in confusion of my words.

"Did I do well?"

"Well? Nope it's so f*cking awesome." She yawned smiling at me. She pecked my lips.

"Good night Lucy."

"Good night mon amour."


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