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Blurred Visions

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11| pacify her

❝you don't cross my mind, you live in it.❞


π™π™π™š π™œπ™žπ™§π™‘ π™—π™šπ™π™žπ™£π™™ π™©π™π™š π™’π™žπ™§π™§π™€π™§ mockingly laughed at Narine. She hit her reflection with the metal bottle of shampoo. "I am not bad."

'You aren't bad princessa, you are worst.'

"NO. I will tell him later that our relationship won't work and we will have a decent break up but I will promise him to be friends like we were before." The shattered pieces which still reflect her own face laughed at her.

'Yeah yeah. You used him to f**k you, you even used his friendship to put your burden to him and now you're again using him to stay near to whom? That guy who doesn't looks at you, Hardin.'

"JUST SHUT UP." She slumped down on the floor, her red eyes held so much of remorse by the term of using Lucas, she didn't want to lose him, the love and care that she missed in her whole life is now given by Lucas but is she that hungry b**ch to use his heart to toy with?

"I am not bad, no I aren't." She was petrified by herself but who can stop the already drown person. Her cries soon turn out vicious laughter, she arched her back holding her injured wrist slowly. "Nope I aren't bad." She smiled sadly "I am worst." Those deadly smirk again took surface.

If she says that she suffers from bipolar disorder will anybody accept it? No. People like to listen to those who are violent, rapist and abhorer. Their stories are always portrayed as a mere victim but will her too? Can she too be like those famous characters written by those bestselling authors? Will she too be a main character?

If people noticed her now it's too late. The little steps she took and left away her precious scent may have alerted the crowd but who can think that an innocent looking girl will turn out the villain of the story?

She still remember her first step she made. The second was worst as she had to kill a living organisms which Hardin hated the most, well that story is for another day.


"Hardin what happen?" Narine rushed towards him, hugging him tightly along with Lucas.

"Principle madam tried to suspend me just because I took a mini revenge from those bullies of yours." Narine eyes shone with adoration.

"Thank you Hardin." She shyly whispered. Hardin kissed her forehead smiling at her "In friendship no thank you and no sorry." Narine giggled while Lucas sighed.

"Can I go and talk to the principle?" Hardin furrowed his brows in confusion.

"Why, doe?" She smiled at him.

"Well she is my father colleague that's why." She shrugged nonchantly.


"No buts Hardin let's give it a try, please." She widened her eyes and looked at him.

He chuckled "Ok doe but don't pressurize yourself, ok?" She nodded her head. The plan to do what she knows is whirling around her brain.

The bell rang and three of them visited their class. Narine stopped "Lucy can you go inside I need to check if I am in that month." Lucas smiled at her and node his head understanding.

Narine rushed towards the direction not before looking at the cameras. She quietly went to the window and opened it. She took one step further and then the other. The building was big but their class was on the first floor located beside the principle cabin. Narine knew what to do, before they reached their classroom, a male teacher talked with them, taking it as a distraction Narine quietly stole his phone.

She quietly started the explicit content held in front of her making her smirk in delight. Later she showed the principal who quickly complied to whatever demand she threw at him. Hardin was secured and wasn't thrown into any suspension.


The school surround with those eerie calmness, students spoke about their crushes that passed by while others make out in front of the hall but there came them, holding hands with fingers entwined. The touch repelled yet they attended like they were attracted towards each other. The giggles erupted from Narine as she shyly looked at Lucas who smirked at her.

Hardin's heart hammered thunderously when he watched what was happening. Claudia too couldn't believe that Narine left her crush to gather another piece but somehow she felt peace. The acting that she played for a few months turned out to be the reality, she started to like Hardin even now she feels the heat emitting from her boyfriend warmed her heart.

When Narine's eyes fell on them, she internally smirked proceeding her acting skills as she stood in front of them. She looked at Claudia and sighed "I am so sorry. The past actions of mine may have put I distress and I am so sorry for what happened. However, today you will received CD and then you can give your better judgements. Okay?" Her teary eyes acted as if she begged Claudia and she somehow felt into the trap.

Claudia smiled at her nodding her head as she snaked her hands around arms. "By the way, Lucas and you huh?" Narine wanted nothing more to just rip off her hands but she maintained her cool and looked at Lucas who smiled at her adoringly.

"We just clicked and yeah here we are." She smiled at them.

Hardin snapped from whatever transverse thoughts he was living in. "H-hey Narine." Narine was somehow disappointed by her name coming out from his mouth. She wanted her nickname he gave her. She awkwardly smiled at her and nodded her head.

Claudia looked at her bandaged hand and the slightly scratched on her cheek let her ask Narine "What happen to you?" She indicated through her eyes to which she looked down.

"Oh nothing while she was cutting veggis with a sharp knife and somehow the knife cut her palm. By the way shall hall we go to our class?" Lucas spoke. They all nodded her head. Narine thanked him through her eyes as he nodded her head smiling.

"Sure let me go and keep my bag in my locker." Narine said and head towards the opposite direction. Hardin walked along with them and suddenly paused.

"Shit I forgot to take the notes from Jacob. Claudia you go with Lucas, I am coming back." Claudia was confused as to when he got the sudden interest in taking notes from others but shrug it off, she has other interest in knowing what was going inside Narine's head and she has the best person to ask.

"Sure." With that Hardin walked towards Narine's direction. Lucas too wanted to follow them but Claudia paused him and started to distract him unknown that they were helping Narine's plan to succeed.


Narine hummed her favourite song while pulling out her psychology textbook for the upcoming class. She closed the door of her locker and turned back to head towards her class only to get stumbled upon Hardin. She rubbed her nose pouting.

Hardin looked down at her and smiled internally amused at her cuteness but sighed. "Hey."He was kind of upset by her droning voice. He missed her so much, those times when they both hid from their parents just to talk to each other over phone, sometimes skipping classes to have ice-cream and so on but now without her something remained void in his life. Something only she can do. The utmost thunder of his heartbeats were quite hard to get notice to her but he can hear it clearly.

"Hello." A minute passed by but when Narine didn't get anything to hear from him she sighed colliding her shoulder with his forearm as she started to pass by him.

"So you and Lucas, huh?" This made her stop on her tracks, her back faced him making her evil smile hid from his naive teal orbs.

"Yes we thought to give a chance to each other, why?" She spoke softly but didn't turn back making Hardin walked faster as he made her turn back to face him. The once smile was replaced by a solemn look.

He laughed dryly "You once told me who love me and now what happen? Forgot as soon as you got a d*ck from someone?" Words cut deeper than actions and yes, they stabbed and carved Narine as impure, devil, nasty, wicked, vile and what not. What do you expect from someone when you give your heart? Words that make you feel like you are the queen but in Narine's case they were the repeated daggers jabbing her heart and blowing off the little goodness she may have.

She plastered those million-dollar fake smile "At least I know I won't stab them instead I will get all the pain only to make that person smile." The grip Hardin had on her wrist loosen and walked away wiping her non-existent tears.


"Psychopaths don't appear out of thin air. You just need to take a look at their early years, at what was happening to these children when they were just born. For example, if they cried for the first 6 months, and nobody cared for them, nobody fed them when they were hungry, nobody helped them, their brain memorized that and realized that feelings don't matter. Other brain structures start forming based on this concept."Heather Irvin, psychologist.

"On top of that, there is a curious fact: if a child grew up in a good environment, but after the age of 5 there was some violence in their lives, the chances that they will become psychopaths are much lower since their consciousness had enough time to form."

"This means that parents have an immense responsibility not just for the child's health, but also for the way the child sees the world. And if this child has any deviations, it's always better to consult a specialist then try to solve the problem without the help of professionals."

Today's lesson was about the child being a psychopathic, who knows better than Narine herself as she already succumb herself devoting her soul to the devil. the lack of attention by her parents, the love and care she didn't receive from her grandparents as she was the result of a mistake they committed and last but not the least the kick of her heart she gave to her lover.

Chances are given to those who knows they can still free themselves from the clutches of evil but what about her? Is she still held loosely by her captive. A damn huge NO. She twirled her pen yawning watching several slideshows and websites.

"Fine we will discuss the topics later however do write the homework." The psychology teacher spoke making everyone groan. Narine watched flock of birds flying over the sky giving some warmth she needed. She sighed thinking, at least others are there treating their child well.

The moment she lost her parents no one dared to contact her, no one even pressured her to come. If that's what parents are they are better off to be dead. Narine clutched the pen tightly roughly scribbling on the neat page reminiscing those bland moments. Her world was never made of Disney princesses instead they were painted with screams, howls of sadness and fake smiles. Her world is black too obscene to let others know about her mindset.

She took her books and head towards the next class leaving the crushed piece of paper where she jotted down her anger.


"Hey boyfriend." Claudia whispered to Hardin as he glanced down at her smiling affectionately. Why he feels everything he does only one person fits perfectly in his vision.

"What are you thinking about, Hardin?" Claudia asked him to which he shrugged as he watched the newest couple heading towards the canteen. Many came and wished them while others just smiled at them.

They didn't sit with them which pang his heart. He sorrowfully watched him approaching towards the corner. He sighed pulling out his phone and typing those useless comments to his other friends who didn't come today.

Yes, he made friends lots of it. More people and less worth but he did need those environment surrounded by classmates. He may have won that stage but not the heart of them. Xavier one of his many jocks arrived from his basketball practice.

"Hey man, hey Claudia." He acknowledged both of them as they did back to him.

"So how was the basketball practice?" Hardin asked him.

He shrugged "Same and this time Lucas too is there."

Hardin's eyes again landed on them as he watched Lucas laughing tucking back a few strands of Narine. He clutched his fingers wanting to be the one not him. "How is he?" This time Claudia asked him. When she got the chance to retrieve any information from him, like a trusted employee Lucas zipped his lips not uttering any words to her.

"He is amazing. I am kind of jealous of his looks and the girl he got. Damn he never stops talking about his girl." His girl? Hardin wanted nothing more than to smash those crooked smiles he passed to Narine.

"Good." His voice was taut with a tight smile he drank the coke.

"Oh by the way you both are welcomed to the party tomorrow."

"Why?" Claudia asked.

"Tomorrow is my birthday and oh let me go and ask the newly mated couple." He winked and hop on towards their direction.

"Can't wait to go." Claudia whispered having all those giddy vibes as it's her first time to go with her boyfriend. He really did swoon her heart and she is happy to get him in her life.


Hello peeps! And I am so sorry for the late updates. Suddenly I don't feel any interest in writing this but then I thought about you all and finally took some encouragements to write the chapters. Hope you like reading it.

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