Blurred Visions

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"Who told you to fall in love with someone who isn't made for you?" "My heart."

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00| prologue

She needs him like a drug. She did everything in her power to make him hers and she will do anything for him. No boundaries will be there for the amount of things she can do or will do.

She is adamant for the ripe fruit to only be hers. He could have been hers but as we say Villains never fall in love.

Her love is poisoned, like an overdose of drug. The society will not give her the chance or might be never.

And then she committed sin to gain him.

Do you know what's her biggest mistake?

She fell in love with the forbidden apple.


πŸ”žThe Prologue is kinda steamy. Hehe

Read it at your own risk.πŸ”ž

Her kisses were like heaven, a perfect combination of kiju in alcohol to produce the strongest wine.

He bites her lips which tastes like those heavenly grapes, squishing against the softest thing he ever had. He clutches her hair roughly pulling her impossibly close while his other hand roams around her bare thigh creating goosebumps all through the way towards her sex.

She moans out loud adding the rosΓ© pleasure to it twitching his manhood. He never thought she tastes so good. She tucks his hair earning husky growl from her amorΓ©, her other hand visits his northern region tracing it lightly shuddering him in the process which makes her smirk.

He was having blurred visions but he couldn't do anything. He needed to release the heat deep inside his pit not bothering who his prey was.

He somehow knew she was his best friend but his words released daggers slicing her heart again and again.

"I love you so much, Claudia."

As if it was mantra for him and acid for her.

With that she stops her workdoings and looks at him with tears brimming her eye. She won't back down after all she is the villain but she has a heart that beats with little humanity.

"Just for once make love to me pretending to be my lover, please...please." His cries made her feel pity. She inhales closing her eyes and opens them with a fake smile she practiced her lifetime.

She again broke her heart by whispering "Yes I am your lover." Silently ending with the name "Narine, Hardin."

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