Blurred Visions

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01|| reverence


"๐—ฃ๐˜€๐˜†๐—ฐ๐—ต๐—ผ by AViVA"


01|| ๐™ง๐™š๐™ซ๐™š๐™ง๐™š๐™ฃ๐™˜๐™š

โShe has those doe eyes which is hidden by the blazing storm of fury.โž


๐™Ž๐™๐™š ๐™๐™–๐™จ ๐™—๐™š๐™š๐™ฃ ๐™ฌ๐™–๐™ž๐™ฉ๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™œ ๐™›๐™ค๐™ง ๐™ฉ๐™๐™ž๐™จ ๐™™๐™–๐™ฎ. The day of her announcement of Love. Narine chuckles softly at how her best friend, Hardin soon turn out to be the one she can open up quickly and shout out to the world This is my best friend whom I fell in love with.

Her life was hard, the constant nagging of her parents and the deterioration of the attention towards their only child. They started their fight since she was five years old. The beatings done upon her mother snapped Narine into thinking that all males are same until she met Hardin.

She smiles sadly at herself blaming that she isn't strong enough to fight her battles which only leads to minor depressions and suicidal thinking. The hundreds of marks hidden under her blazer was something no one knows not even Hardin and she is afraid that after looking at those scars he will run away from her. The recent cut on her left wrist still hurts. She clearly remembers as to why a new cut imprinted on her fragile body.

"Please father don't do this. Don't do this to us, please I request you. No I beg you." She held her father's leg not intending him to take the last step out of their house. He sighed trying hard to stop those traitorous tears to fall. He glanced at her beautiful daughter unable to say anything that how her mother was the main villain since the start of their marriage.

"I am sorry daughter but I guess sometimes its necessary to let go of the person so that you know how much that person weighs in your life."

She shook her head knowing as to why her father was leaving. When she was five years old she didn't know anything what actually happened behind her parents' room but recently she does. The mother that should bind her family with love and care actually is the homewreker.

The day she found her mother naked giving blowjob to one of the male servant made Narine to vomit at the scene happening in front of her. She even confronted this matter to her father but was actually shocked when her father knew everything and then all hell broke.

That day wasn't only her heartbreak but also being shameful that she blindly trusted that witch but today was something no one wanted to be the witness. Her mother brought men home and in front of everyone had sex. She clutched her tiny fingers and screamed at her father to stop his steps which descended far away from their house and life. She turned back and looked at the witch which didn't care any less.

"I need the money papers that my father gave to you which is name under mine." Her mother was shocked as to how she got to know.

"You aren't eighteen honey."

She scoffed at the expired honey coated words escaped from her mother's foul mouth. "Listen mother or shall I say Felina. Kindly submit them to me peacefully or else your amazing worldwide porn will be watched by everyone." With that she walked towards her mother who slightly flinched at the fire blazing in her eyes "I am seventeen Felina and I have a huge power to go against someone who was my so called mother. Say something against my orders I will chop you or wait a little demo is necessary right?"

She walked towards the dinning table and pulled out the knife which was jabbed inside an apple and walked back to her earlier position. She stabbed her mother's wrist earning pitiful screams only to realise that her beast took surface. The knife fell down from her hand and she rushed to her room closing her room's door. She soon found her pleasure, her serenity, her contentment, blade.

She sliced the pointed object without any second thought earning muffling screams along with cries.

Might be they were right she is a villain.

She snaps out when someone calls her. She turns back only to lock her doe eyes with the fierce one. Her lips immediately broke into a life enduring smile. She lunges upon her best friend or so called her love as he laughs wholeheartedly.

"Do you know today I am going to do something?" She looks quizzically at him and shrugs while responding.


He acts like he is thinking and informs "Nope it's a secret." But soon her eyes laid on the velvet square box and only one thing came to her mind Is he going to propose me?

Her inner angel dances in rejoice while the devil sighs and says "Expectation from people is too bad for health."

But she didn't bother as she knew he too loves her. "Even I need to announce something."

Now he is curious as to what his little best friend has to speak in front of the mic "What?"

Now it's her turn to think and whispers "Something we both are familiar of."

Just when he was about to ask what she meant the loud ringing sound alerted students that not only their marks arrived but also the new start of their junior year and end of their sophomore life.

Also it marks the completion of nine years of friendship and four years of her hidden crush on him.

"Let's go and grab the queue." He says and both of them rushes towards their position to grab their respective marksheets.

Narine watches as how he fidgets his fingers exclaiming his posture to be stoic and his emotions nervous like hell. She chuckles shaking her head and walking towards the other queue but before that asking her aunt that she will be back.

She holds him which eventually calms him down. He never knew how his best friend could do that and he was always grateful to her for being with her. He still remembers the day they both met.

The laughter erupting during the sunny day like birds singing with melody turning the young and handsome Hardin to look at who is the owner of that voice who runs and collides on his body.

Her bright blue eyes collides with his teal ones, he shudders unknowingly unaware of the power radiating from the owner. Her smiles dropped and she stumbled back afraid of the stranger danger.

He laughs and bent with one knee bowing his head and placed his hand forward for her to accept it. "I am Hardin Spaulding the knight in sh-nig amor." He still had those word stumbling problems while speaking.

Her wide doe eyes shone with amusement and she giggled at his position. Lucas searched for his best friend who was giggling at someone. He smiled at her cute laugh but soon fade away when he saw who the source was. A boy.

He clutched his little fingers into fist and walked towards them throwing Hardin. He grabbed Narine and searched for any wound so that he has reason for kicking the boy but oops! He couldn't find any.

He placed Narine behind his and growled lowly "Don't come near to her or else I will hit you." Hit? Really Lucas do improve your threatening.

Hardin was now amused at the boy whose eyes blazed with fire trying to spit it out. He chuckled and again placed his hand in front of him "I am Hardin. I am new here."

Lucas fold his arms and said "So?"

Hardin loft himself and said "Lets be friends."


"Lucy?" Narine's sweet voice turned Lucas back while Hardin's heart threatens to rate the highest. He was slightly jealous at the name and also the way she said other person's name not his.

Why am I feeling like this? Hardin talked to himself.

"Yes, princess."

He giggled and looked at Hardin not knowing both of their heart strings joined but Lucas saw that. Those cute eyes holding something special that was hollow when she was with him.

"Talk properly." He rolled his eyes and looked at Hardin.

"Lucas." Hardin broke the spell and looked at him "Huh?"

"" He gritted his teeth while replying to his Huh question.

He looked at him and said "Oo."

He then turned to look at her "And yours dove?"

She blushed red and hid her face in Lucas's shirt. She slightly glanced at Hardin and whispered lowly. "Narine Baldwin."

He tested her name "Narine." And her eyes widen at the way he pronounced her name as they both are unaware of the sexual tension building between them.

Lucas coughed loudly spitting liquid on Hardin scrunching his face. "Hey-" He wanted to say something but the way Narine was holding Lucas he knew he had to talk properly and so he smiled, too sweetly for someone to lead to diabetes.

"Can we be friends?"

This time Narine placed her hand and said "Friends."

That didn't lead only to two people into a strong group but three of them. The strongest one which no one can break.

But we all know loop holes aren't by default they are made and someone will make it to break them through the biggest weapon. Emotions.


"And you got 90.89%. Congrats Narine you did well." She looks please with her marks hugging her aunt, Rosie. Rosie laughs at how Narine smiles she sighs at how this innocent soul is damaged by her own blood but she promises herself that she will protect her just like her another daughter, Rita.

Narine turns back when Hardin hugs her from behind. "Congrats dove."

She laughs at the name he imprinted forever because he was jealous at Lucas nickname so he made his own. "Thanks and you?"

Hardin huffs and says "82.1%."

She smiles and kisses his cheek "Congrats." Her kiss somehow left an imprint on his cheek and a faint pink colour surface his cheeks.

"Oh-ok." She chuckles and asks "By the way Lucas came early and walked away."

"How much did he get?"

"80%." But in reality Lucas got 89% but Narine didn't want to see his sad face and to a certain extent he calms down.

"Ok let's go."


She looks nervous when Hardin captures attention of the crowd. Her fingers straightens her dress excited and curious at the same time. He smiles at her which somehow calms her nerves and she smiles back.

"Ok so you might be thinking as to why this handsome guy wants to talk about?"

Narine rolls her eyes chuckling at how he flexes his ego. The crowd too chuckles as they anticipates as to what he is going to speak.

"Ok it's been too long since I met her and you all know who she is." Narine blushes at his statement while he goes on. "She is the epitome of happiness I ever felt inside me. The way she holds me and calms my nerves. The day I met her was the most prized possession and she is here right in front of me. And today I want to shout out loud "I LOVE YOU."

Narine's heart burst into happiness and the way he lays his eyes towards her way made her to take baby steps towards him when he points his finger allowing her to come towards the stage but she soon halts when another body crashes past her and walks towards the stage. She smiles at Hardin and he smiles back.


Narine fist her fingers controlling her fury while the crowd claps howling at Claudia to say yes.


Narine's eyes pop out as they both shares kiss in front of everyone. The rose that was hidden beneath her file was now captured by her.

She put the rose behind her back, yelps when the sting by those thorns pierce inside her skin submerging her heartbreak. She slowly walks back and runs out from the crowd with a broken heart and jealously creeping within her bare soul.

Meanwhile, Hardin searches for his best friend waiting for her announcement not knowing that he already crushed with his speech.


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