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03|| hearsay

03|| ๐™๐™š๐™–๐™ง๐™จ๐™–๐™ฎ


Rumors by Jake Miller.

โSometimes rumors turn out to be true, how much we say we don't believe but deep in the pit we know it might be true.โž


๐™๐™๐™š ๐™จ๐™ช๐™ฃ ๐™›๐™ก๐™–๐™จ๐™๐™š๐™จ ๐™ค๐™ฃ ๐™๐™š๐™ง ๐™›๐™–๐™ž๐™ง ๐™™๐™ง๐™ฎ ๐™จ๐™ ๐™ž๐™ฃ. She looks around waiting for her best friend to arrive soon. The approach of the black AUDI car makes her smile which soon vanishes when her front seat was grabbed by Claudia. She fist her hand tightly trying to control the rage erupting in her fragile mind.

The car halts as Hardin waits for Narine to get inside but when she doesn't he asks "Hey doe enter. Come." He waves his hand towards her.

"What is she doing on my seat?" Claudia looks baffled at her blunt attitude yet she postures herself and smiles at her "The last time I checked the seat wasn't sealed with your name, right baby?"

She makes a poker face at how Claudia sweetly utters the name instead of her. "Yeah she is right. Come seat at the back let's go we are already late."

She thought he will fight for her but damn was she wrong? Sure she was. "Yeah right especially when you both arrived after kissing each other face like there's no tomorrow."

With that she shuts the back door making Hardin and Claudia look at each other full of embarrassment.


"Hey people." They turn back where Lucas walks down the hall like he owns it. Narine chuckles and even after everything happened at that night they promised to themselves that they were still friends, no matter what happens.

How much she wants to place Hardin on top of her but Lucas was with her when she was broken apart, when she found little to no trust within her to trust people.

Lucas was the lamp yet Hardin lit the fire. One looked with love and another with pride.

Yet pride overshadowed the love. Her so called love is now open mouthly kissing someone where she was meant to be. The place next to him, the position which is now owned by someone who is so-called Hardin's girlfriend.

"Don't be a villain to someone's love story." The voice capturing both Lucas and Narine. They turn back meeting the person Narine despises the most, Jordan.

"What do you mean by that line?" Lucas asks.

"Don't you know your posters are available online?" They both look confuse.

"What are you talking about, Jordan?" This time Narine asks.

"Aww the pretty lady is jealous of her best friend who fell in love with someone." She clutches the tip of her blouse as her anxiety soon rise to it's peak.

"What? Cat got your tongue b*tch?" She flinch back at how he uselessly put slang words in front of her. Looking at her uncomfortable position Lucas stands between them.

"Kindly put more attention on where you will study. Come Princessa let's go and grab the form of our courses." Both of them started to walk buy before that Narine turns back and looks at him smirking.

"I turned the day I met him."


The whole crowd look at her as if she was the notice board. "Why are they looking at me like that?" Some with pity while some with nasty glare and others well they smirk at her.

"Even the new students are looking at me as if I am the owner of Gossip news?" She turns back to look at Lucas who was busy scrolling down his screen.

"What a-" She stops at the mid sentence looking down at the screen, eyes wide at what she saw at the white screen where her poster along with Hardin and Claudia's photo were imprinted.

She fumes at the picture portraying her as a villain looking at the couple. "The rumours says that you have feelings for him." Lucas says praying it's a lie after all it's a rumour, right?

She opens her mouth to say yes the rumours are right but soon opts to tell a lie knowing that Lucas will get hurt especially when he will join the puzzles of that night.

She shakes her head laughing dryly "Its a rumour, Lucy. Let them do what they want to."

Lucas sighs in relief "By the way who was it? I mean who is the idiot who posted that useless post?" She asks.

"Marlene Collin." She nods her head and quietly takes a screenshot of the owner's image and looks forward, heading straight to their classes.

Someone is getting ready at the gunpoint of mine. Narine smirks.


"So now we will be having some basic descriptions about the chapter of the Advanced English, The Rule Of The Road written by AG Gardiner. So can anyone tell me what's the basic point of writing the story?"

"Liberty." Everyone turned their head towards the source of the voice. Claudia.

Narine clutches the hem of her blouse, looking at her prey with deadly eyes. "Ok so tell me what do you think about the liberty, Ms. Jenner?"

But this time the reply came from the other side, Narine. "Individual and public rights towards any goal or target."

"Individual rights? What is it?" Narine smirks internally and says "The rights that soon someone will slash against their aim to make them theirs."

"But that isn't individual liberty, Narine." Narine looks at Claudia and smiles at her statement.

"Then what it is, tell us?"

"Its about the certain limitations of the individual rights and their properties. We won't get anyone without their consent. Isn't it right, Mrs. Smith?"

As if the spot got too heated Mrs. Smith announced "Ok fine let's end this class and thanks for the debate from both of you. Thanks you."

"What was all that about?" Hardin asks Narine.

She shrugs saying "I just gave my point. Is there any problem Mr. Spaulding?"

He sighs in disbelief at her sudden reaction and says "Are you ok?"

Am I? Nope I aren't not when I get you by my side and get the same liberty like your girlfriend. She reminds herself.

Instead of crying she smiles and kisses his cheek "I am fine it's just that I am quite overwhelm that's all. After all a new character in our group, isn't it?" She laughs dryly.

"Are you upset?"

"No, why would I?"

"Cause I didn't find you after my announcement also you were going to say something."

Yeah that I love you. But she didn't say anything.

"I had a call from my parents and hooray they are soon going to divorce."


"Yeah t-" Her statement was cut off by Claudia's chaste kiss on Hardin's lips.

"Hey Narine, I am Claudia. Nice to meet you." Narine looks down at the hand proceeded by Claudia but acts like she dodge the invitation.

"Pleasure is all mine. Well it's a pl-" She stops as she looks at someone she meant to meet. She smirks and continues her line "easure to meet you both. Also Claudia I hope the individual liberty issues don't continue between us." Even though there lies the double meaning Claudia didn't notice it instead she laughs and Narine took the opportunity to hug Hardin and rushes towards her prey's destination.

Here I come Marlene.


"Hello anyone here?" Marlene got confused as to who called her in the janitor's closet. A slight hint of fear evident in the dark room. Her eyes covered as much as distance she could.

Who gave me the sheet and wrote to meet me here? She thinks.

A few moments earlier:

Narine looked at her prey who kissed her boyfriend and wow it's none other than Jordan. She wasn't surprised but she couldn't do anything instead she just followed them for quite a few minutes only to stop when they got separated and Marlene walked towards the cafeteria.

Narine soon grabbed a napkin and wrote.

Meet me in the janitor's closet now.

A secret about your sweet boyfriend, Jordan needs to get exposed.



And that how she entered in the closed cage or shall I say trap.


The light that illuminated from her phone welcomed the villain, Narine. She walks towards her and smirks.

"Hello Marlene." The name escaped from her mouth which sent evil sparks down her soul. She shivered involuntarily and looks at the other side.

"Why did you- No this is literature block and how much I know you loved to read about space for which science includes how come a science student is here?" Narine yet didn't let down her smirk.

"Good observation Marlene but always thinking about others is not good for health yet I will say you why am I here." She walks around Marlene throwing glares at her yet the smirk was still at place.

She then slowly whispers "For Hardin." She claps her hand and smiles adoringly as if imagining Hardin's face.

"He said he would like to take in literature course and as far I know that you know so much about me for which you know now sum up the decision."

Marlene paused for a while and says "So to stay near Hardin you took another course that you never thought you will like."

She clicks her fingers "Correct. Bonus points for you."

"Why are you doing this?" Narine stops smiling and looks at her deadly.

"CAUSE I LOVE HARDIN. HARDIN. IS. MINE. THE MOMENT I LAID MY EYES ON HIM, HE BECAME MINE." Marlene jumps at the voice of her thundering an echo in the dark room.

"But he loves Claudia and yours is obsession." Marlene literally is placing her own grave but a pinch of curiosity arises in her soul to know about this dark witch.

"Yes yes yes yes yes but it's an infatuation, as soon as he wakes up he will run towards me and hold me not anyone and as per what you said call it obsession but he is mine."

"Will you kill Claudia?" A sudden fear crept within her soul but she hid it from Narine.

Narine pauses at the way the demons took place. She isn't like this, she needs to know what she is doing. She closed her eyes and opens them "No. I won't. Hardin likes her so I won't, I am not a villain who will kill others for themselves." Yet she forgot she already took the slot of being the villain.

Marlene was confused beyond. How come she cool down so easily? She thinks.

Soon Narine looks at Marlene and smirks "I am quite impress that you distracted me but now let's talk about the ideal things, shall we? So why did you post the poster?"

"I don't know wh-" she soon stopped when her head was banged against the hard wall.

Narine bends down and crouches at her level and smirks "You don't know, aww really? I said I won't kill anyone but I didn't say I won't stop to harm them." Marlene's eyes filled in fear and she crawls to flee her away from the monster behind her.

Narine grabs her ankle and pulls her towards her. "Where are you going?"

"I-I did-n't do an-anything. I swear." Her laugh didn't lessen the heart rate of hers.

"Why. Did. You. Post. This?" She again asks her but when only silence gave the answer, she slaps her spitting out the blood that oozed out from the cut that penetrated from Narine's silver pointed ring.

"I-I did."

"See was it that necessary to spit out the words after pulling out blood?"

"And who told you to do?" Marlene's eyes wide out that the question.

"H-how come you know t-this?" Narine smirks.

"Tell me first."





"Ah." She screams when her palm was underneath the pointed heel of Narine.

"Who told you?"

"I wo-wo- Ah."

The digging of her skin can be heard in the dark room. "Who?"


The scraping sound stopped and she smiles "Good girl. Seriously what a stupid boyfriend of yours."

Marlene looks down being ashamed of herself "Delete it."

She looks up with tears blurring her vision "Pardon?"

"Delete the post."


Narine walks towards the end of the door saying "Don't tell anyone that I did. If you say, the tongue will be the next one to be cut out from you." And with that she exits the door leaving Marlene all alone.

She cries and looks up "Its not Jordan, it was ..."

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