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05|| acquaintance

05|| π™–π™˜π™¦π™ͺπ™–π™žπ™£π™©π™–π™£π™˜π™š


Praise you by Selena Gomez

❝Is she a villain?❞


"π™ƒπ™šπ™‘π™‘π™€ π™‹π™π™€π™šπ™—π™š."

She smiles at Narine and asks the lady "Sait-elle qui je suis?"

(Does she know who I am ?)

The lady shakes her head "Non, elle ne le fait pas."

(No, she doesn't)

Narine looks confuse at the verbal conversation held between them. Even though she is unknown to their actual conversation but she could make out it's French after all she is a huge fan of Nicolas CazalΓ© and his works in The Great Journey, Three Dancing Slaves and The Grocer's Son. But she didn't understand as to why a person will try to speak French on Spanish land?

May be she speaks only French, ignoring that she quickly shrugs off the thought and look at both of them. As soon as their conversation ends which was quite heavy by looking at their facial expressions, Phoebe looks at Narine and smiles briefly.

"I hope you can teach me then, Ms. Baldwin."

"Oh no please don't say that, it's my pleasure too to teach you and please call me Narine." She smiles at Pheobe and she nods her head in return.

"So let's start, then."


"First get to know the keyboard with notes." With that Narine places a notebook and Phoebe opens it making her eyes bulge "Sure I will. Meet me in Afterlife then Narine." Narine laughs and then instructs the other steps.

"Then the half steps on the keyboard should be known along with the note value on the piano."

Phoebe nods her head determined to understand even if all of them looks like Trignometric problems.

"Later we should I mean you should know everything about the beat, the bars and tempo too."

Narine places Phoebe fingers on the keyboard and spreads them on different slots "We should also know about the fingering?"

"Means fucking someone?" Narine's eyes widen and she chokes her saliva coughing miserably. Phoebe laughs and shakes her head "I was joking Narine."

"Oh." She gives out a meek reply not knowing what to do.

"Are you straight?" Phoebe raises her eyebrow and says "Yes. But hey don't tell me you fell for me, I am unavailable."

Narine laughs "No it's just that..." she couldn't continue the sentence and Phoebe smiles at her.

"I know what you want to say and yes I am quite blunt even in my sentence with no filter so oops sorry."

"Oh." And then both of them got engaged in learning the beats of music.

"You should also know when to play pause and a little information about the Waltz and other types of music to broaden your mind. The correct finger position is important along with the tricks to play them." Phoebe nods playing nonchantly placing her fingers on the wrong base.

Narine shakes her head and again place them on the correct position. Phoebe smiles innocently and rolls her fingers on the sets at one go. "You are childish."

Phoebe stops her work and look at her "Maybe, atleast I am not mature before hitting puberty."

Was it an insult or something else? Narine thinks but quickly brush it off.

"So where are you from?" Narine asks casually knowing that she will get bored in the short break provided.

"From earth, I guess so." She replies back not intending to reveal more than she has.

Narine chuckles at her answer.

"Favourite colour?" Narine again asks.

"White and yours?" Narine got satisfied that atleast she asked her something.

"Teal." Which reminded her of someone and she eventually smiles sadly.

Phoebe notices and roll her eyes "Stop with that attitude?"

"Haan?" Narine looks at Pheobe.

"That that person is your whole world. I know that kind of face which is quite irritating let me remind you."

"You don't know him." Narine was offended by the stupid accusations held by an acquaintance like her. No matter how much she looks intimidating she has no right to say anything to her beloved.

She shrugs and smiles at Narine "You are the queen not he. He will use you."

"How dare you?" Narine raises her voice at her.

Phoebe laughs at her childish act "Sorry didn't know someone's ass was already stuck in love."

"You don't have-"

"Fine tell me about you. Favourite food?" How quickly can she change the direction? Narine thinks.

"Nuggets." Cause it's Hardin's favourite.

"I am asking yours, idiot." Phoebe asks.


"Fine yours." She replies back mockingly.

"And yours?"

"Mine is sucking someone's dick." Well this wasn't the answer Narine nor Phoebe herself thought. However Phoebe didn't say anything and continued playing lazily on the keyboard strings.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Pheoebe asks.

Narine looks shock at the sudden question but kept her calmness before her which didn't go unnoticed by Phoebe.


"Crush?" Yes.

"No." Phoebe nods her head but when the same questions were asked to her she laughed.

"Are you serious?" When her nod confirms Narine She gasps in shock.

"How come a beautiful woman like you didn't have any boyfriend. Freak not even a crush." To which Phoebe only shrugs.

"I don't need man to be a bystander if I ever tend to have one I will make him equal to mine not above mine."

Can Hardin ever understand her love? The number of sacrifices that she made for him, the million times he rushed to her for comfort even if she doesn't like it. Will he forget everything like there was nothing?

"And yeah Narine if you think you are right fight for the power. I lost mine because someone considered me as an inferior but you, you are different. You seem to be quite devoted to one so be it but please don't surrender before starting the war."

"H-how co-come you k-know?"

"Oh come on since the time I arrives here everyone looked at you as if you are the queen. Some with love, some with lust and some with passion and desire yet you paid no heed to them and proceeded your path." She answered casually.

She has such a good observation. Narine was pleased and at the same time afraid of what emotion will be the next she will expose of hers.

"But people thinks I am a villain to their love story." She slowly whispers remembering go what Jordan and the other commentors said.

Phoebe places her hand on her shoulder and says "Don't think what they say, think what your act say. Think how you can turn the villain into a hero. Think how you can be the main character than the others. Reading a book we know who the main characters are but if we compare them to our real life then even I don't know does my role play the hero or villain, main or supporting but I do know one thing, the act plays me. I am the hero not anyone. If people say you are a villain let them cause they don't know whose story is being portrayed. Can they?"

Narine shakes her head and slowly but carefully hugs Phoebe thinking that she might dodge the hug which she actually didn't instead hugged her back soothing her in comfort.

"Lets play. Time is up." Narine says and both of them head towards the shelf of notebook and walked back to their place.


"It was a pleasure working with you." Narine smiles and shakes her hand with Phoebe and walks ahead.

Lucas stands across his car which of course his driver drove him here. As soon as Narine looks at him she smiles brightly and rushes towards him. She jumps upon him and hugs him tightly. He laughs at her childish behaviour nevertheless hugs her back.

But alas they were unknown of someone who looked at them with jealously creeping of its skin. The box fell down opening it's lid , pouring out the ring he bought for her.

Mrs. Parker arrives from the back and placed the cup of coffee to Phoebe. "Here."

Phoebe smiles in gratitude and takes it blowing it off and sipping it carefully "How is she?"

Pheobe's eyes still strained on the figure which has more role than her in this part of the story "She is someone who will turn the tables."


"She thinks she is a villain just because she committed or will commit mistakes or shall I say sins but how could she forget it's her book and she has the full authority to write off what she owns not others. I am afraid I have to again come back to save her like today."

Mrs. Parker nods her head not knowing what to reply back but she too knows this isn't the end of Narine and Hardin story. It's the actual beginning to welcome the storm.

Her mind was still on Hardin and her heart well she lost the ownership since she sacrificed it to someone who will only do one thing....

Break her.

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