Blurred Visions

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07|| compulsion

06|| π™₯π™§π™€π™¨π™˜π™§π™žπ™—π™šπ™™ π™£π™€π™©π™žπ™€π™£


❝My mind can only draw one, and that's you my love.❞


π™‰π™–π™§π™žπ™£π™š 𝙑𝙀𝙀𝙠𝙨 𝙖𝙩 π™π™šπ™§π™¨π™šπ™‘π™› π™žπ™£ 𝙛𝙧𝙀𝙣𝙩 of the mirror examining each and every ounce of her curves comparing to Claudia.

What she has that I don't have? Tears brim her eyes as she looks at herself.

The curves fit perfectly on her body making her edges look the epitome of the given structure of Aphrodite yet the competition level in her eyes makes her look inferior. She is underneath Claudia's smooth talk.

She wipes her tears and smirks "You see you made me look like a pathetic shit and in turn I will give you a bitter taste of yourself Claudia."

Revenge is too sweet isn't it?


The hall is silent and the sound of the piano echoed the hall as if moulding the silent cries of night telling them that the owner too feels the sight of solitude.

Narine closed her eyes and circles her fingers along with Phoebe to play the piano, the perfect synchronization awestruck the audiences. Both of their eyes closed and placed on different imaginations their mind can hold.

The white lights highlighted both of them yet they didn't know anything. One crawls her mind into an imagination of being with her lover and a smile which she felt whenever he looks at her while the other seeks for the freedom and grants for the slightest flapping of wings and arches back to release her ankles to taste the delightful happiness.

The music ended and the once silent hall was filled with thunderous applause for both of them. They stopped their session of thoughts and looked at the crowd smiling and looking at each other giving a nod of approval.


"You were amazing." Narine giggles hugging Lucas who was busy spinning her around the hallway. Lucas was the only one who stood beside her. Rosie stopped talking to her because of what she did, Rita didn't like her because of her thoughts of grasping someone who wasn't made for her.

People started to judge quickly before ending her story except Lucas, a friend, a guide and a true mate to her unlike someone whom she gave her heart and soul.

Her eyes still wandered around for a glimpse of him which unfortunately didn't happen and it's the first time she didn't meet him during her performance. Her heart broke at the sight of people swarming around except him.

"Hey." The dark clouds soon evaporated when she again met with the blue orbs. Her smile again surfaced carrying a beautiful portrait.

His heart flutters at the sight knowing that it was him who made her smile not Hardin.

Hardin lost every single connection with them while Narine still sobs in hope to get a glimpse of him. However Lucas was content for that idiot to walk out of his life. Call it jealousy or anything you like but to Lucas it was a clear pathway to Narine's heart.

He isn't blind like Hardin to not witness the act Narine does. The steps she took behind him to prove her worth which he quickly threw it off. First Lucas didn't give any glance to the heart blooming choreography but since the night Narine spent with him and they both lost their virginity, something ticked off. It doesn't take a genius to work out and he did the same.

It's just that he gave her enough time to accept her mistakes which she did but it was too late to accept it. However we are talking about emotions, and emotions are the cruel weapon to even slaughter an enemy or a victim of rape.

Many books, dialogues portrays these very emotion and even Lucas did. He fell too hard for someone which instead stab him repeatedly and later sob.

He knows this too but what can a guy with blind eyes can do?


"Will he come?"

"STOP." Lucas spoke loudly pausing Narine's action. She looks at him with wide eyes.

"Are you ok, Lucy?" She speaks, innocence dripping from her pretty mouth. He clutched her waist tightly pulling her body towards him. "He doesn't love you."

Narine pauses her dance moves and looks at him with wide eyes. "WHAT?"She screech.

"I controlled myself but no I can't, I can't see how the person I love-" Narine looks at him with disbelief. I can't fall for someone who isn't him.

"Yes Narine I love you and enough of waiting for the person who doesn't love you and loves someone else. I want us to try at least." He pads his thumb across her rosy cheek. She shivers unknowingly.

"Are you talking about yourself Lucas?" He furrows his brows and looks at her with confusion in his blue eyes.

She laughs nonchantly, others far away from them will be envy at how the couple looks so beautiful. The laugh escaped from her apricot lips sent a set of electricity that will fire away the bond of relationship she has with him.

The baby pink gown enchanted her like no others even Phoebe could see and smirks at the fake facade they were producing. They cast a spell of lovely-dovey couple but she isn't falling for that. She is the owner of those foreplay except she has no right to do or say so she does the only thing every audience were doing, sipping her drink.

"You think that not giving any chances will protect you?" Lucas asks.

"Me or you who is protecting his heart?"

Lucas furrows his brows and looks at her, a duplicacy of someone he used to love. The blue orbs now only shone in front of those teal ones, the apricot lips stand into a beautiful smile in front of the chapped ones, the soul is signed with someone who have his heart to someone else.

"I am not protecting my heart from myself and neither from anyone. You know my first ever se-" Narine places her forefinger stopping him to complete the outrageous statement. Her doe eyes held anger and regret filled with guilt of using her best friend and now see she has to face her own grave.

She sighs in defeat "I don't love you nor even I deserve you. Can't you see I can't give you anything to what I can or do for Hardin."

The million stab on his heart pierce his soul and body into a shallow pit of darkness. He stops his dance and smiles sadly at her. "Then I am sure that you can enjoy the scene happening in front of you. Oops I am sorry but I am no one except your personal fuck toy." Her eyes widen at how he used the two words at the end, it feels like a dagger stabbing her.

"Lucas I will never consider you as my personal enjoyment. You out of the thousands of people should know this."

"Stop giving me false hope Narine when in reality everything was a foreplay for you. And yeah do turn back your lover is behind you." With that he rushed out of the hall leaving a broken soul.

She took a deep breath and put the famous fake smile and turns back only to pause at the scene unfolding in front of her.

There they were Hardin and Claudia dancing like they were the only one in this huge hall. She curled her tiny fingers into fist and the wield of tears broke down. They look of admiration they held made Narine feel the jealousy surfacing her mind and heart.

She wants to do anything she can to make those entwined hands break. She thought of approaching towards them but paused on her track when she listened something from her guest.

"Look how cute they look. This young generation makes me feel jealous." The lady spoke unknown to the act of her fuel on the low flame.

"Yes you are right Agatha. Even I am jealous. Did you see how they match the colour combination? One with white and another with black. Feels like they are match made in Heaven."

"Yes you are right. Oh how can I forget I know them, they are Hardin and Caludia. My eyes really need a little check up. Can't catch up people from too far away." She laughs along with the other lady.

"I pray they get married soon and produce beautiful children."

Narine clutches the glass of coke too tightly and listening to their conversation she holds the glass which soon breaks into pieces. The fragile material stucks within her palm, the glass shreds pierce her skin but the pain she felt emotionally was too strong.

The music was enough loud to diffuse the sound of broken glass. Her bloodshot eyes looks around her prey.

Enough of those fragile acts. It's the start of being the one everyone aspects her to be. The villain of the story.

She watches the waiter offering the tray of juice to the respective guest giving her an opportunity to create a plan. She smirks and pulls out the broken pieces where her mind and body are numb with no inflicting pain on the wound. She walks towards the group and soon steps her leg ahead making the waiter fall the juice upon Agatha.

"Oh my God." Narine shrieks at how loud the opposite woman shouted.

The waiter stumbled on his words "I-I a-am so-sorry."

Narine smirks but quickly step in front of him. "I am sorry for the account of mistake my staff did." She turns back and with her eye movement ordered the waiter to bow down and repeat again the words. She again turns front to those women whose mouth hung open.

Such a beautiful woman she is. Martina, friend of Agatha and the spoker of the conversation thought.

Before anything waiter spoke the same thing Agatha groaned and forgave him. Her mahogany coloured dress his the stain but the cold feeling was there.

Narine saw that and smirked internally but masked a panic expression. "Ma'am please come with me and let's get you clean up."

Agatha' s mind blown at how innocent she was. Her big doe eyes welcomed the calmness around her which she found oddly enough unknown to the fact that the storm is what she is slowly stepping into.

"I am sorry for the mistreatment." Narine speaks.

Martina waves her hand "Hey it's ok mistakes happen, right Agatha?"

Agatha only nods her head and then her eyes widen in recognition "You were the girl who played the piano. Isn't it?"

Seriously? She got to know that now. Narine mentally roll her eyes.

She laughs quietly "Yes that's me and the other one..." She looks around in search of Phoebe and when she finally finds her who was talking with another girl of her age, she points her finger to her and says " she."

They follows her lead and eyes Phoebe who was busy chatting with another girl.

They retrieve back and look at Narine smiling "You are so pretty."

Narine blushes "Thank you."

And during the meantime Agatha gets angry at the late action she is doing so she snaps at her "Can you please show me the restroom?"

Narine eyes widen and she nods her head "Yes sure and sorry for extending the time late."

Agatha rolls her eyes and body of them follows where Agatha walks ahead grasping the instructions provided by Narine unknown to the fallen trap around her.

As soon she walks inside the restroom. Narine quickly locks the door from inside and turns back looking at the woman who is busy opening the tap flashing water and using tissue paper to wipe the stink. The huge mirror exposes Narine's evil mind.

She smirks at her first hit, a tinge of excitement and fear overwhelming her were enough to make her feel giddy.

"Oh how can I forget?" Agatha facepalm herself and turns back with an innocent smile. "Do you know Hardin?"

Narine stumbles back but manages to give an uptight smile to the 30 year old lady. "Yes."

"Did you see how beautiful they looked?" Sure she pasted her own death within my hands. Narine assures herself.

Before she could even reply back Agatha opened her mouth as if she is pleased to pour fuel to the already burned fire.

"They look like the perfect match made from Heaven. Sometimes I become so jealous of them that I feel like me and my husband bond too become like that but I guess only few people have the fortune to be pair with the rightful ones. Isn't i-"

She turns back only to match her brown orbs with the furious blue ones. "Hey a-" she cut her off by dragging her straight to one of the door.

She opened the door and dragged her with fistful of hair. She opens the commode lid and insert her face directly in the bowl and pressed the flash as if rinsing her whole face.

Narine gritted her teeth "Didn't your husband suck your sex? Didn't he too was involved in impregnating you? Didn't he too blamed you for every bad things happened in his life? Huh!"

She pulls out Agatha's face and again dip in the bowl "Lovely couple, huh! HE SHOULD BE MINE. HE WAS MINE, HE IS MINE AND HE FOREVER WILL BE MINE. And you dumb bitch penetrate it inside your thick useless skull or else it was just your face that has been refreshed you don't want me to refresh every limbs of your do you, huh?"

Agatha violently shakes at how the girl who spoke sweet words a few minutes ago is now the epitome of the evil in disguise. She slaps her hand upon the pan signifying her to pull her out. The bubbles formed in her mouth and the damn pungent smell gets inhale by her. She is afraid of what this girl can do.

She bobs her head and it signs Narine to pull her out from the bowl. She squats downs to her eyes level and the glisten of pure demonic possession valid in her eyes makes Agatha fear of what limits and boundaries she can pass to get someone.

"Tell someone about our bittersweet conversation..." She pulls out Agatha's tongue which was busy panting for air. "...and your tongue will be the next one to go for the permanent refreshment. Ok?"

Unable to say anything she violently bobs her head while Narine smiles sweetly. She stands and looks down at her smirking when Agatha found words to speak "I thought you were a girl with beautiful soul guess I was wrong."

"I am sorry to misinterrupt you but I guess I am not a hero, I am the villain." The last four words were said in whisper that Agatha found it quite hard to listen but when she did her eyes widen and she pray to whomever this girl fell her eyes upon gets saved from God.


"So what do you think about Narine?" Violet asks Phoebe.

Phoebe shrugs sipping her drink "She is a girl who will meet her death too soon."

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