Maybe I Like You [bxb]

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Spin-off from 'Bad Girl's Nerd'. ................... Dylan and Julian started as friends, until things got complicated and feelings deepened.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1: Yep, Still Got It

“Okay Dylan, I’ll see you in school.”

Yeah, like I’m not going to avoid you..

I nod and say, “Just be quiet. Don’t wake my dad.”

The girl gives me a thumbs up and leaves quietly. I take a little more gel to set the remaining strands back. Nothing more annoying than hair tickling your forehead. I look at the crumpled bedsheets. With a sigh I bundle them up and put it in the hamper.

I again look in the mirror staring at myself. I curl my arm to accentuate my muscles.

Yep, still got it.

I resist the urge to flash a narcissistic grin and put on my t-shirt. I put on my leather jacket and pocket my phone. I groan, as I eye my kit.

Hate these morning practices! Coach has five sticks up his ass, early mornings. Still he insisted on practicing before school. I hear gravel crunching, telling me Ian was outside with his car.

I quickly pick my stuff and rush downstairs. I grab an apple and leave my dad a quick note saying I’ll be back after 7pm. I quietly jog and enter the car only to faint.

“What the fuck man?! Why is it so hot in your car?” I shrug out my jacket.

“My mom put all my jackets in the washer” Ian flashes a guilty smile, speeding towards our school.

“Then wear a hoodie” I snap.

“And miss a chance to show off these babies?” he asks flexing his muscles.

I give him an unimpressed look. “By babies, I can only imagine you to be pregnant. You sure got the pregnancy glow going on.”

“That’s my Almond-Avocado face pack you idiot” he rolls his eyes parking his car next to Alex’s. “Max and Alex are always before time” he muses locking his car. Max and Alex are my other two best friends.

“And there is Luke” I say seeing the Lambhorgini. “Luke is stupid. If my dad had a car like that, I would have stolen it a long time ago.”

“He’s too good, to even think about it” Ian chuckles. Among the five of us, Luke is the most decent one.

“Hey man” we both chirp as Luke walks up to us. He gives us his famous nod and continues walking. It’s not rude, it’s just the way he is. We were used to his short crisp answers.

“So did you think about any plans to see Max’s sister?” Ian asks me. Max’s sister was switching schools. Her name was Lia. From what we gathered she was very hot, and Max was protective as fuck. So us being pigs, we planned to see the hot chic as soon as we can.

“I have an idea. It involves him” I say jerking my head towards Luke. Luke as always is not listening to us. He was scrolling through his phone.

“I highly doubt he’ll agree” Ian sighs, as if the person in demand was not present.

“We’ll ambush him. If we both try we can hold him back,” I shrug. “Will that be alright love?” I say to Luke.

No response.

“Great,” Ian and I look at each other grinning.

“What’s so great?” Alex asks towering in front of us.

“My dick. Courtesies to the girl I hooked up with last night,” I smirk.

“Was she blind?” Max asks standing next to Alex. Before I could retort Max turns to Luke, “Luke darling Coach wants to see you.”


“Don’t know,” Max shrugs. Luke pockets his phone and leaves wordlessly.

“I bet, he regrets saying ‘Why’” Ian snickers.

“I am horrible at Math, but I can count how many words he speaks in one day” Alex grins.

“Leave him alone, he’s been fighting with his father again,” Max rebukes.

“Again? I thought they were past it,” Alex asks concerned.

Max shrugs helplessly.

“C’mon lets play. That’ll take his mind off things” I clap my hands. Everybody agrees and disperses.


“I gave Ava, Luke’s personal number. And I saw her immediately texting him” I grin.

“Yeah, that ought to do it” Ian laughs leaning against Alex’s car. Ava was this wicked girl in our school who had an unhealthy obsession with Luke. That boy was way too unbothered to notice the tantrums Ava did.

I remember once Ava had made out with a guy right next to our lunch table, in order to make Luke jealous. While we were getting annoyed at her irritating sex noises, Luke had just plugged in his air pods. Forget jealousy, Ava failed to even get noticed.

Max was going to pick his sister after school, so we were planning on crashing along by saying we needed to go to Wist Town. Luke was needed to make our trip look genuine, cause like I said he’s the most decent one so everybody thinks, he’s speaking the truth.

“He’s here” Ian smiles wickedly as I also spot the flash of glasses.


A little boring, I know. But don’t stop, keep moving! I promise, it will get better ;)

PS: This is a spin-off, but can be read as a stand alone novel. So new readers, please do comment and tell me if I added some detail that I need to explain or if you find some places confusing. I promise I'll edit and make it better. Thank You.

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