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Savannah Hamilton aka Savvy was a struggling medical student by day and a stripper at night. Her job is not something she is proud of, however it pays the bills and keeps her grandma in the home she currently lives in. Her circle has always been small, and that's how she likes it. When she is offered the deal of a lifetime, her dreams of financial stability don't seem so far into the future anymore. If she can survive being around her pretend pain in the ass better half, everything would be just fine. Tyron Turley is a rising executive, and even though he's rising, his company is losing more money than they are making. He has a brand that sells and his charisma that can charm any client. However, his company is hemorrhaging money. With loans piling up, his staff walking out every day, he needs a miracle to survive. So when his obnoxiously rich friends bets him two million dollars he couldn't turn a stripper into a homemaker, he sees his troubles ending. This would be the most money either of them has ever made. There was no downside, besides having to put up with one another. Yeah, they bumped heads a time or two, but there was more than enough space to separate. Except soon the ebony beauty intrigues Tyron. They will marry soon and Savvy is finding it harder to sleep alone. At all costs they have a goal they are determined to reach, but does that mean this can never be more?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

“You need a man,” Maria informed her friend for the umpteen time that year, they were about halfway through. Yet, she had said it at least 100 times. Unless her friend got that stick out of her ass this year, it would probably never happen. All she wanted to do was study.

“No Maria, I need to study,” Savannah told her bestie, the same reply she always gave her when she mentioned something about her relationship status. At twenty-six, she was barely over the hill. Her life was busy, and she didn’t have any time to experiment with men. Her relationship status suited her just fine. She was the type of person to forget to call and check-in. Men hated that. She was also always in her mind. They hated that, too. Nope, no time for a boy toy or boyfriend. She had too much on her plate.

Between work and school, not to mention taking care of her granny. It wasn’t a priority. She was visiting her grandma less and less, but she made sure the Senior Center had their money monthly. Plus, when guys found out how she made a living, they usually expected sex and at the moment, she wasn’t putting out. She didn’t have time for that either.

She hadn’t put out in quite a while; she was probably the only lady left in town who, at twenty-six, was not getting laid. The male to female ratio was five to one. Five women per man, that is. She didn’t care as soon as she finished school and got her career on the road. She would start her search for Mr. Right. Settling down would become a priority by thirty, and she didn’t feel like that was a bad thing. Her friend disagreed.

“But honey, as pretty as you are, you could have a man-eating out of your hands. You could let them worry about your bills.” Maria looked at her friend’s face. She still had the babyface that women of their age didn’t have. With her chocolate brown complexion and deep brown eyes, men fell for her on a regular at the club. However, Savvy gave them no play at all. Whenever she wasn’t working, she had her nose in a book.

Finally, she put down the one she had “come on girl, stop it,” Savvy replied, “We got to get to work.”

“Yeah, they said T-Pain going to be there tonight,” Maria announced, getting excited. Maria was a different type of woman. She loved the power she had over men. She enjoyed stripping because it was a power trip. With all the rich sugar daddies she had, she didn’t have to work there. She chose to.

“Fuck a T-Pain, I just need to pay my tuition, senior center, and the bills up in here. He just looking for groupies.” Savvy said as she put away her study supplies. Most guys that came to the club were dogs chasing tails.


Tyron and Tremeil sat at a VIP booth in the Open Tease strip club. Tremeil was tuned in to the stripper currently entertaining him, but it did not excite Tyron in the least. He had bigger things on his mind, like how he was going to pay his employees while his income dwindled. He had laid off two more people today, and he still wasn’t sure if he would have enough money to go around. The mortgage company had called again. He was now two months behind.

A strip club was the last place he wanted to be. Yet he had let his best friend drag him here. He had planned to get wasted, but since he had been here for an hour and was still on the same drink he started with, that plan was a bust. Any other time, he would have accepted a dance from the few women who had approached him, but he wasn’t feeling it today. With everything wrong in his life, he couldn’t help but feel disgusted when he looked at these women. As far as he was concerned, they were all hoes, the women who want that nothing but cash. Like his ex.

That bitch had done a number on him. She had become his everything and his downfall. Because of her, he had bought a home way too big for just one person. He had hoped they would fill it with children one day. When the money dwindled, mostly because of her expensive taste, she had become distant. Eventually, she had left him.

“Here you go, ma,” Tremeil said, handing the girl a C-Note. She smiled and walked away. He knew she would carry the word to her friends that a big spender was sitting in VIP. He loved women, especially the ones that ran on money. They never asked questions, as long as you kept it coming.

“Man, you need to loosen up,” Tremeil said, leaning back.

“I’m good, my dude. This is your thing,” Tyron said, doing the same.

“Too bad these chicks aren’t Wifey material, they all fine as hell. I mean, I wonder if they have a scout that finds fine as women with thigh muscles that can work a pole,” Tremeil said, eyeing a big booty chick to his left. “I need someone I can take home.”

“Well, you ain’t going to find her here,” Tyron said.

“How you know man, with the right guidance any woman will reform, I have seen it happen to enough brothers to know,” Tremeil said while openly eye fucking the woman across the room.

“Not me. I don’t believe you can turn a whore into a housewife. Maybe your average chick from the projects. But these chicks already turned out. Pussy ain’t no good. Not to mention most guys who tried, have failed these chicks, always stray. On to the next checking account.” Tyron said.

Tremeil looked at his boy and thought he just ain’t lived life to the fullest yet. He was too young to be all work and no play. He had a lot of shit going on, yeah, but there would be brighter days. The boy needed to be turned out and suddenly an idea struck him,” You could do it, man.”

“Do what?” Tyron asked with the same bored expression he had worn since they arrived.

“Turn a hoe into a housewife,” Tremeil answered, as an idea formed in his head. He could kill two birds with one bullet with this one. “I put two mills on it. I could pick any chick in this club and in less than three months you could have her being a good little wife.” He thought for a minute. “Yeah, my dude, I’ll give you two million dollars if you can reform a chick of my choosing in three to six months. Cash, my dude, but you got to get the chick to marry you. Shit, your collar so tight you might do it in one.”

“Are u serious?” Tremeil now had his full attention. Two million was just what he needed.

Tremeil was very serious. He had money to blow. He was a trust fund baby and his parents had made some nice investments when they were younger. They never touched a penny, leaving it all to him. Tyron was always trying to get him to invest in something, and while he dabbled here and there, he had never paid too much attention to investing in anything. He seriously had a short attention span.

But not too short to know that his homie needed help... and not just financial help. He needed to loosen up and live a little, and Tremeil knew he would have a lot less to think about if he had money in the bank. He had tried to just give it to him before and call it a loan, but Tyron, not one to accept charity, had always declined. Maybe if he felt he won it.... he would accept. There would be no strings.

“Don’t I look serious, let’s see,” he said, looking around. “How about her.”

Tyron looked at the girl whose breasts were big and plastic. She had a tiny waist and flared hips showing that they were more than likely plastic, too. Fake. He needed money, and he knew his friend was loaded. The guy didn’t have a care in the world. He had people to wipe his ass. Tyron knew what he was trying to do, though. His friend knew his company was slowly falling apart, and he was selling shares left and right to keep it afloat. Money like that could put him back at least a majority and help him stay there. He could save the home he loved and finish the development project that he had started months ago. It would bring in enough revenue to get him back on track.

Decision made, Tyron said. “I’ll take your money, but that chick right there is straight ratchet. Pick someone else and I’m down.”

Just then the announcer came across the speakers, “Come on, big spenders, coming to the stage right now is a girl so fine she makes you want to smack your wife. Skin like butter and queen hips. The one and only, Savvy, show my girl some love.”

The curtains parted, and she came out in a puff of smoke and purple lights; she was short for a stripper, maybe five two with chocolate brown skin, thick in the hips, the curves men drooled over. Long brown hair framed her small oval face, and she had the largest brown eyes he had ever seen. Tyron was momentarily speechless, and he stared as she circled the pole. She jumped on and bent backward. He gulped as his pants tightened; she was fine and not fake.

“Her,” Tremeil exclaimed, “that’s our girl.”

The beat dropped as she continued to dance in slow, sensual movements. I’m in love with a stripper by T-Pain blasted through the speakers of the club as she showed off her body without getting fully nude. Tyron wasn’t sure he wasn’t falling in love like the man who sang he listened to. “Damn she fire.” That was the only thing that came to mind. Her movements were hypnotic.

“Yep,” Tremeil agreed. “I choose her. After her dance, you should go talk to her.”

“Where the hell have, they been hiding her? I aint seen her all night.” Tyron said, still watching her dance. It was exquisite. She didn’t twerk, she danced with the pole. He could already picture her giving him a private show, at his home, where he could do anything, he wanted.

“Yeah, buddy,” Tremeil said, laughing, as she bowed and exited the stage. “That’s wife right there, now go change her life.”


Savannah ducked back behind the curtain and ran straight to her dressing room. One thing she liked about Open Tease was the private dressing room. It was good because nobody could steal her stuff. Once she got to her dressing table, she counted up her money from her dance, Five hundred and twenty dollars. Tonight, she had been shooting for a rack, so that meant she would have to go do a couple of lap dances. She hated those; the men didn’t always enjoy following the no-touching rule. However, the bills would not pay themselves, so she changed outfits and went walking on the floor. She saw Maria tossing back some shots at the bar and approached her.

“I still need like five hundred dollars,” she told her friend.

“Two dudes in VIP, the short one was decent, and he gave me a buck for a dance, the other one seemed like he had something on his mind,” Maria said, pointing to the VIP section.

Savvy nodded her head, “I thought T-Pain was coming.”

“Oh, he came, and they were on him. He is a private room right now with like five chickens.” Maria said, rolling her eyes towards the private rooms.

Savvy scrunched up her nose up and shook her head. She had mad respect for any women who could do what they did. But she constantly tried to stress to people that stripping and prostitution were not the same things. However, she knew what went down in the private rooms, and it was just gross.

“That’s nasty,” she said, disgusted.

“Yep, that’s why I’m down here,” Maria said, taking another shot.

Savvy shook her head, took a shot as well, and went to find her benefactor for the night.

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