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Cop Loving Me? Code 10-0 (BWWM)

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Alicia Miller is as bad as you can get them. Having develop an aversion to cops. in the past Alicia has always been a thorn in the side for the cops. How Will Alicia react when she realizes, that she's always had the attention of certain cop. Wayne Anderson This story is set in the south in a fictional town called Rochdale. This story is about a woman who is a total bad ass but still has her own vulnerabilities.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Taking a deep breath. I pushed the door open. I'm greeted with the smell of stale beer, smoke and greasy food. I hear the bad country music playing in the background. The people were laughing and talking. I hear someone shooting pool. People greet me and I greet back. I go to my locker and get to my post.

I turn to look at the woman next to me and find her smirking.

"What's got you so happy?" I ask Chantel. A beautiful brunette with green eyes and a body that just hits at my self-esteem.

"Got a hot date tonight." Chantel said.

"With who?" I asked.

"You'll see tonight." She said. I wonder who it is. She's not the type to kiss and tell about her relationships.

I was busy wiping the counter clean and heard the front door open. It was then I noticed people had stopped talking. I looked and saw why. Wayne Anderson had entered into the diner. He looked delicious. He just had that about him. People would stop what they're doing just to look at him.

I looked him up and down. He looked good. He was tall, muscled and tanned. His short blonde hair and blue eyes made him delicious. He also had a roughness to him. Well for a cop what else would you expect? Female offenders would have a hard time concentrating if he was to question them. I should know he arrested me once. People started greeting him and he smiled. He was just breath-taking. Well I'm not his type. Oh well no one said it was wrong to look. I sighed and went back to my work.

"Wayne Anderson. What finds you here today? Don't you work Friday nights." One of the customers Lewis asked him.

"I'm off for the weekend." He replied. His voice was deep and rough. I wonder if he gives it to his women like that. Deep and rough.

I was wiping a glass when I heard someone clear their voice. I looked up and saw it Wayne.

I nodded, "evening. So what can I get you?"

He smiled, "just a beer for me please, thanks." I nodded and poured his drink and gave it him. I looked at him and was about to say something when I noticed his frown. He then looked around and found a free table and went to sit there.

"Still rude as ever but he's hot sex on a stick." I looked next to me and saw my best friend Leshawn. My brother from another mother. Leshawn is your strong black brother. He was tall, muscled and took care of his appearances. He is very good looking but unfortunately for the sisters in town he is gay.

"He's been through a lot. I don't blame him for being a bit off Standish." Chantel defended.

"Please people like Wayne..."

"Stop with the chit chat and get to work. Chantel you were supposed to have been gone by now. I don't pay overtime. Leshawn get to the kitchen." The owner Timmy yelled. We sighed and I said bye to Chantel and Leshawn went into the kitchen.

We all lived in the same town of Rochdale. We worked for Timmy at Timmy's diner and pub. Chantel and I were bartenders and Leshawn was a cook. I was on the night shift and wasn't looking forward to it. It was Friday night and the craziest night as well. I sighed and greeted a patron that came to take a seat at the counter.

I got an order and made the drinks. I was standing and looking at the time. This shift is taking forever. The front door opened and I smiled at who came in. my best friend Roy came in. he was tall, lean and muscled. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He was my best friend for life. He worked on the coal mines like many other guys did in town.

He greeted a few people. When he reached the counter he smiled.

"So how's the shift going?"

I sighed, "It's taking forever and the night hasn't even started. Where's Elise?" Elise was Roy's girlfriend. They've been together for five years and I have a feeling he was going to propose to her soon.

He rolled his eyes, "her family has a get together tonight. Family only apparently. Whatever, pour a man a shot and afterwards a beer. You're taking that shot with Me." I poured the shots and the beer. I gave him his shot glass and we made a toast and drank.

"What you two wet your whistles without me?" Leshawn was next to me and he poured himself a drink and drank.

"You should be at the back, in the kitchen." I said and he smiled.

At that moment we heard the door open and Giselle entered. She had on a tight pink t-shirt that clung on her big bust. She also had on short shorts. As a reflex I poured myself a drink. I was always in need of a drink or a cigarette when I saw her.

She looked around and faked surprise when she saw Wayne. I was cleaning the counter and saw her approaching us. She had a smirk on her face. As she walked to us she flipped her blonde hair. She greeted us and ordered a drink. I gave it to her and she walked to Wayne's table.

I took my drink and looked at her. She was walking like a bride walking down the aisle on her wedding day. I took a sip of the whiskey in my hand.

"That barfly never learns does she?" Roy said.

"They've got history. Probably hoping that they get back together. Does she have to be so obvious? Everyone is looking." Another patron tommy said.

"How long has it been since he's back? Six months? Shouldn't that explain everything? He aint going back." Roy said.

I looked around the diner and saw everyone was looking. I looked at the couple in question and noticed Wayne wasn't feeling it. Jimmy then called me over and told me to pack the beers in the fridge. I did as he said.

I was leaning over the box picking out beers when I heard a whistle. "Girl you better not bend like that diapers are expensive." I recognised the voice and rolled my eyes.

I turned around and glared at him. "Whatever. Like you could handle this." I said to flirt Jiggy. Jiggy wasn't attractive but a guy could try. He's allowed that. I'll give him that.

He shook his head and took a sip of his beer, "I wasn't talking about me." he pointed with his head and I looked. I was a bit shocked to see Wayne glaring at me. I didn't realise he was sitting here. I felt uncomfortable and looked away.

I saw Giselle sit alone at the table where Wayne was previously and she was pissed off. What you think things were going to be that easy? Well he must be prepared she doesn't give up easy. I saw a few people laughing at her.

Leshawn was back at the bar and I glared at him. We took a sip of our drinks and saw Leshawn looked in Wayne's direction and greeted him.

I looked as well and noticed Wayne was looking at us. He looked a bit upset. Probably my drinking. He locked me up for drunk and disorderly behaviour. I'm still pissed off about that I wasn't even far from my gate but him and his partner pushed me down and arrested me. They did drop the charges but he gave me a warning about my drinking.

Leshawn then spoke, "hello Wayne. So how's things been since you have returned?"

"Things have been good. It's peaceful." He said. His voice so deep and rough. "So Timmy allows you drink on the job?"

"Yeah as long as we pay for it he's got no problem. We're good workers so he doesn't mind." I said.

He frowned, 'well lucky you then. But be careful. I don't wanna see you in the cells again for drunkenness." I glared at him but nodded my head. He asked for another beer and I gave it to him.

I saw Giselle get up and make her way to the bar. She was glaring at me. "Would you mind giving Wayne and I a bit space? I'd like to talk to him." she asked rudely. I left but not before giving her a look that said fuck you. I went to a patron and asked if he was okay.

"Do you have a cigarette for me?" I asked Jiggy and he handed me one and lit it for me.

"Alicia a pretty girl like you shouldn't be smoking." Roy said. I rolled my eyes, took a drag and blew the smoke. I've heard that a lot and I also wouldn't call myself pretty. I'm just an average brown skinned, brown eyes and hair girl. There's nothing attractive or pretty about me.

I'm single and lived with Aunt Diana a white lady my momma use to work for. She took me in when I was younger. Both my parents died years ago and the only family I have is Leshawn. I'm just a sad lonely girl stuck in this small town. A town full of hillbillies. Alicia Miller is my name. A 26 year old bartender with no boyfriend or husband or any kids. The men who I had relationships with in the past were all jerks. I'll rather be single than deal with that shit again.

"So Alicia you still working part time at car shop? I need to fix my truck and I don't trust those assholes." Tommy asked.

"Yeah I'm working Monday. You can bring your truck." I told him. I worked as a mechanic at the car shop. People felt I did a good job and that didn't sit well with the guys who worked there.

Roy then spoke, "you should apply at the mines. They're looking for someone to fix the machinery. You've got the skills and training." I frowned I don't know about that. "Alicia apply for the work you're a woman. They're in a bit of trouble for not having enough woman on their employment quota. Don't take this the wrong way but you're black. It'll count in your favour as well."

"Apply Alicia you can't work here forever. You're too good for this place." Tommy said.

I smiled a small smile and sighed, "I'll apply I've got nothing to lose."

"That's my girl." Roy said.

We then heard raised voices and saw Giselle and Wayne were arguing. Everyone in the bar noticed as well and were looking at them.

Wayne laughed at her. "I don't know where you got that idea. If you think I came back to town for you. You are sadly mistaken. The world doesn't revolve around you. What gave you the idea I would want to get back with you?" he took a sip of his beer and shook his head. "I know better now. You can use powers on other men. It doesn't work on me anymore."

He took a last sip of his beer and got up and left. Everyone looked in shock. I saw a few people smile and others laughing. Giselle then shrieked. 'he's got another thing coming if he thinks he can brush me off like that." She got up and stood on the counter.

"Laugh all you want now. I'll have the last laugh. It won't be long and you'll see me and him kissing passionately in this bar. I'm going to rub it in all your faces." Wow. She turned to look at me and then back at the crowd. "And if any woman starts messing with him. You'll have to deal with me. So do yourselves a favour and stay away from him. He's mine." she warned.

Someone then spoke, "sit your ass down you dumb bitch. He don't want your ass. Stop acting like a mad bitch." People laughed.

She shrieked again, "I always get what I want." Some people made oohs.


Timmy then yelled, "Get off my counter. People eat and drink on that counter I don't need your dirty ass on there. No get off, before I, push you off."

She got off, took a seat and glared at him. He spoke again, "you know you say you always get what you want. With this you won't. He was in the city and met classier women than you. He's gotten a taste of champagne you think he's going to go back to 'two buck chuck'." He laughed. Others did as well.

"Hey I like two buck chuck." I joked. Others agreed.

"I do too. I'm just saying one is expensive, the other is cheap." Timmy said and walked away.

Giselle looked at everyone and gave us the middle finger and made a dramatic exit. I rolled my eyes and got back to work.

It was the end of my shift and I started my car to get home. I wasn't far before the car gave me problems. Fuckin lemon. I stopped and got out. It was full moon so there was some extra light for me. I opened the bonnet and my torchlight in my hands. I saw what was wrong and decided to wait for the engine to cool down a bit.

I decided to light me a joint while I'm waiting. I took a drag and blew out the smoke slowly.

After ten minutes, from the corner of my eyes I see light. I turn to see a truck approaching. I'm almost done. I see the truck slowing down and stop. The driver came out and kept the truck's lights on.

I groaned it was Wayne. I put out the joint and flicked it into the bush.

He didn't look too happy. I guess it's because I'm smoking weed and him being a cop. He can arrest me it won't be his first time.

"Is your car broken or is it an act so that you can smoke?" he asked.

I rolled my eyes and sniffed. "Nah, my car is broken I'm just waiting for the engine to cool down. So that I can fix the loose wire."

He nodded but took the torchlight on the ground and looked at my engine.

"Yeah, I can see." He took something out of pocket. It was gum and handed me one. Wow! What a way to tell someone their breath stinks. I put it my mouth and chewed. He did as well but he made chewing gum so sexy. His muscular jawbone flexing. Damn I'm lucky I'm not his type or else. I won't even think it.

I decided to start working on my engine and he stood next to me.

"You use a different technique. That looks easier. So you work at the car shop part time?"


"Why not permanently. You've always been good with fixing machines." He asked.

"It's a lot of stress." I answered.

"Working at Timmy's isn't? You deal with drunk people every day. How's that not stressful?"

"At least I can smoke and drink on the job." I reasoned.

"Yeah, I saw. You're also using stronger substances as well. Why are you such a bad girl these days? You weren't like this before."

I rolled my eyes. How would he know what I was like before? "I don't think I'm bad. I'm just young, wild and free."

He sighed, "I have to disagree. I saw you smoking weed. I can still arrest you."

"Then arrest me. You've arrested me before. I'm aint scared of sleeping in a cell."

He frowned, "didn't I tell you I didn't want to see you arrested again. Last time you were arrested I spoke to you. You were really wasted."

I glared at him, "I'm not drunk now."

"But you're under the influence of drugs. I don't think you should be driving either."

"You're not going to stop me. I'm fine and anyway. You're annoying me I feel the effects withdrawing now." I said angrily. He didn't say anything.

I checked my oil and water and decided to pour a little bit of both. I closed the bonnet and went to put the oil and water away.

I got in the car and started it. It ran. I sighed in relief and got out to thank Wayne. He was glaring at me.

He spoke, "I'm breaking many rules letting you drive home. I should arrest you. But I'll let it go. Just this once."

"Thanks I'll take heed of your warning." I said. I was going to my car door when he pulled me back.

He then smirked, "Not so fast. Just because I'm not going to arrest you doesn't mean I'm letting you go off scott-free."

I frowned what the hell was he taking about? He was looking at me intensely. I felt uncomfortable and looked away. I felt his hand on my face and made me look at him. He was glaring at me again and I felt uneasy looking at his blue eyes. I saw him move his face closer.

"I'm going to have to search you." search me for what? He smiled and winked. He turned me around and he started frisking me. His hands were moving too slowly, he was taking his time. He made me face him again and searched me in front.

He smiled and I felt a bit weird, He then kissed me. It was rough and intense. I felt his hands all over me. I thought I felt something until I felt his hand in my pants.

"I need to be very thorough." He then started finger banging me. I gasped in surprise and pleasure. He pushed my back down against the bonnet and leaned over me.

He was kissing me on my neck and had his hand on my ass. He started squeezing it. I moaned.

A lot of thoughts went into my head. What's going on? He shouldn't be touching me like this. I never thought he had any interest in me. He never showed me any.

I looked up and looked at the moon. I knew from then on. When he looked at me. I would always have memories of us kissing and finger banging in the moonlight.


Let me know of your thoughts. I'm still deciding on a title. But this was something bothering me so I had to write this story.
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