Cop Loving Me? Code 10-0 (BWWM)

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Chapter 2

It was Saturday morning and I walked into the kitchen.

"Morning sleepy head, why are up already? You've got a busy shift tonight." Aunt Diane asked.

I wasn't a morning person before I had a sip of coffee. I got a mug and poured me some brew, put in sugar, stirred it and took a sip.

I sighed, "Morning. I have to do a few things this morning. That's why I'm up." I got a cigarette and offered her one. She took it and lit it. I lit mine as well.

She took a drag, blew and spoke, "so how was work? I hear it was an interesting evening."

I shook my head, "yeah that's an understatement."

"Giselle should just get used to the fact that she and Wayne will never be a couple again. He'll probably just use her for sex that's all. With her reputation I doubt he will neither do that."

"Yeah but his not clean either maybe they're soul mates." I joked. I was joking but there was definitely some truth to that especially after last night. He plays dirty.

Aunt Diane snorted, "Please he can do better. I wonder what happened to make him come back though."

I thought about it and spoke, 'life in the city aint easy and with him being a cop and all. It's harder for a cop. He must've seen things or something happened that changed how he sees things now."

She nodded, "yes it is. He probably wants to settle now as well. He's 34 and he's not getting any younger." She sighed and looked at me. "You're not getting younger either."

I just rolled my eyes, "I'm fine just the way I am."

I got up and saw my plate was already out. I sat down again and ate. I saw her looking me.

"I was expecting you to only come in this morning. Usually you're laying out. Saturday mornings you come in here walking on a slant." She said then laughed.

Usually after a shift I drink all night and come in drunk the next morning. I wasn't really given that option. After Wayne finished finger banging me. He warned me to go straight home. Son of a bitch and his mother is one.

I still had food in my mouth. So I chewed and swallowed it to speak. "I wasn't in the mood and my car is giving me problems." She nodded in understanding. "Roy told me about a job at mine for a mechanic."

She smiled, "you should apply. I don't want you working at Jimmy's anymore. You trained for better. Billy would be so proud."

Yeah uncle billy is her late husband. He taught me all there is to know about cars, engines and machines. Uncle Billy and Aunt Diane paid for me to go learn further. I'm actually slapping them in the face by not doing anything else with my life. They did so much me after my parents died.

I sighed, "I have to go into town want anything? I'm going to walk though."

"Don't be silly, take my car and here's a list of what we need and bring some dope with you. Here's the money."

I went to shower and change. It was still early but it was hot already. I went in town and bought a few things. I texted to my dealer and waited for him. I saw him and got out. I smiled and gave him a hug. It was just a trick for us to exchange our goods. We spoke a bit and then said our byes.

I arrived home and gave Aunt Diane her stuff and went to take a nap.

"I then told her. I don't give a fuck about you or anything you do." Jiggy complained. I was listening to him complaining about a Baby momma. "My son is eighteen now. I only deal with him now. She no longer needs to involve herself in our relationship. After 18 years you would think the bitch would leave me alone."

Jiggy was only 36 but had an 18 year old son. Baby mamma still bothering him.

"She still wants you." I told him.

"I don't want her thirsty ass." He said and I laughed some would consider him thirsty.

"Well Jiggy you're preaching to the choir here." Roy said. We've all it heard before.

It was Saturday night and things were crazy tonight. Youngsters come to the bar and they get crazy. Chantel and I were both on the night shift.

Saturday nights were different. We had to dress sexy and make an effort with our hair and makeup. Chantel and I both wore our hair curly and had basic make up on. Tight flannel shirts buttoned low, denim shorts and our lingered was very sexy. Timmy really wants us to work on the sex factor. Well tonight I couldn't drink but its fine. Really had to be sober to keep these people in line tonight.

Timmy has a DJ and really wants to cater to everyone. Now hip hop was playing and Leshawn was at the bar.

I hear the front door open and see Calvena come in and the guys at the counter started laughing. She came to the counter and greeted the guys. She then smiled. I had to stop myself from cringing. Her teeth were yellow and some were black from being rotten. I subtly took a step back.

"Hey Calvena what can I get you?" I asked.

"Hey Licia. Can I have a good old jack on rocks please? Make it a double." I went to pour her drink and smiled when I gave it to her. She gave me the money and left to a seat and sat with someone she knew. I took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry but that Calvena fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down." Tommy whispered. I glared at him. Yes Calvena is not an attractive woman but that's rude.

I heard Chantel gasp, "Tommy don't say that it's rude and anyway it looks like you've been hit with the ugly stick yourself." Everyone at the counter laughed.

Tyson came to the counter and winked at me. I smiled at him and asked him what he wanted. I went closer and he whispered in my ear. I poured his drink and saw I got an order. I prepared the drinks.

I hear a song start to play and all my black brothers and sisters get loud. They start with the slow dance and they start gathering in a circle. Leshawn and I get together and stand by Jiggy. We start dancing.

"Jiggy here's your song." The beat changes.

"I don't fuck with you." they all start cheering. "You little stupid ass bitch. I aint fuckin with you. You look dumbass bitch. I aint fuckin with you."

I look at Jiggy and he's enjoying himself. We keep dancing and the white folk just look at us. Timmy looks at me and points to the counter. I sigh okay time to get naughty.

I get on the counter and Chantel passes me the shot glass and bottle whiskey. I pour the shot and put it in my cleavage. I wiggle it slowly and a guy comes up and hands me a bill and drinks from it. A little bit spills and I wipe with my finger and let him lick it from my finger. Now the craziness begins.

I've got my hands on this guy's shoulder and he comes closer to whisper in my ear. He whispers and I smile. He then drinks the shot in my cleavage. I wiggle in his face and the people cheer. I take the glass out and give him a hug.

It's now Chantel's turn. She's on the counter letting guys do body shots on her. It's getting naughty now with some girl on girl action between her and some chick. She gets off the counter and people boo.

I'm just standing in my bra and shorts that are unbuttoned. I busy with making drinks but I dance at the same time.

I see Timmy talking to some random woman asking her something. I see her nodding and smile. She comes to the counter and starts dancing. I then see a guy joins her and they dance together. People are going crazy. They then both start stripping. Leshawn comes stands next to me and whistles.

These two were getting a rock off. This aint legal. These people are crazy.

It's really noisy now. Probably the loudest this place has been ever. I'm just happy I don't have to do anything anymore except pour drinks.

The music then stops. I looked up and saw people weren't happy. They were arguing. "Fuckin cops. We can't have fun in this damn town." one guy heckled.

I then saw it was the cops coming in. All in their uniform. I then saw Wayne come in. wasn't he supposed to be off. The sheriff came in last and had a speaker in his hand.

"Everyone stay right where you are and stop what all y'all doing. Anybody seen Jimmy? I want to have a word with Jimmy." Chantel, Leshawn and I just stood there looking at them. "It's a good thing we got a call. Look at what's going on here. All y'all need Jesus. You two put on some clothes and go with Officer Michaels. Alicia and Chantel put on your shirts and button up your shorts." We did.

"Timmy aint happy. Ooh he looks fit to be tied." Leshawn said. I looked him and saw his hands were in fists. Yip he's angry.

"I wonder with who? Himself or the cops." I said.

"It don't matter it's too late now." Chantel said.

We waited and a few officers came to the counter and started looking around. Wayne was with them and I looked away. They finished looking and walked away. We then heard the speaker go off.

"All y'all might as well finish your drinks and leave. I'm shutting this place for tonight." Sheriff said. I glared at him this was our best night for tips and now we must close up. Police like pissing me off. I aint got time for them. Everyone was yelling and shouting. This is not fair. Once everyone left we started cleaning up. We were all just quiet and pissed off.

Seeing that I wasn't laying out last night. I'll do it tonight. I paid Jimmy for a few beers and a bottle whiskey.

It was me, Chantel, Leshawn, Roy and Elise drinking and partying ourselves drunk. I tried looking up into the sky and didn't know what I was looking at.

I was walking down the street when I heard arguing. I stopped to listen. I couldn't hear but tried listening.

"Son, keep it up and I'll cancel your birth certificate." I heard glass break and people shouting. They're fighting.

I was near my house (I hope it's my house) when I heard someone call my name. I think so. I looked around but my vision wasn't good. I rubbed my hand over eyes and narrowed my eyes. I saw people. It was Beth and friends and they were smiling. I took out a cigarette, I lit it and took a puff and blew the smoke.

They all laughed, "Look at her she's so drunk. Bless her heart." Beth said. I glared at her.

"What y'all skinny bitches want?" I asked.

She glared at me, "I wanted to ask you about last week. Were you at a party with Johnny? If you were what were you doing there?" Fuck this. I turned to walk away. "Hey bitch I'm talking to you." I zapped my middle finger at her. "Get her." I heard then coming so I stop. As drunk as I am. I can still pack some heat. You'd think they'd know that by now.

I then heard a siren and saw a police cruiser approaching. Beth and her friends stopped and then ran the other way. I saw I was in front of my house. The cruiser was near and I jumped over the fence and ran to door and banged on it.

"Aunt Diane open up."

I saw it was Wayne and Charles that climbed out. The same fuckers from last time. Charles spoke, "Ma'am I'm going to ask you nicely to please get back here. If you don't we'll come fetch you. Don't be go bothering other people." doesn't this tool know I live here.

"I live here you dumbass." I yelled. "Aunt Diane open up please. The cops are in front."

"Ma'am I'm going to ask you one last time to get down here now." Charles shout.

"Didn't you just hear what I said? I live here. Now go on and do some real work." I yelled. "Aunt Diane."

I then heard the door open and she had a night gown on, her hair was a mess and she had glow. Oh have we been naughty tonight.

"Lewd, have mercy. Child why are yelling?" she asked and I pointed to the Charles. She understood. "She lives here. now go on. I don't want my tax money being wasted." they glared at us and walked to the cruiser.

"Yeah go on now. Charles next time you fall off that ugly tree. Cover your face with your hands so that those braches don't hit you. You dumbass cop." I shouted and laughed. I entered and closed the door. I went to bed and felt asleep.

It was Sunday and I was sitting by the lake and shook my head. I then groaned my head was paining. I put my hands on my head and waited. I then looked and felt a bit better. I looked back at the lake and sighed. It was the only place left beautiful in this town. This mining was ruining our town and environment. I thought about the job I needed to do something else with my life but I wasn't happy with this mine. I sighed and shook my head slowly.

I opened a beer and lift a cigarette and I was in my own world when I heard something behind me and turned to see what it was.

I frowned what the hell is he doing here? I ignored him and looked back to the scenery.

"Good morning Licia." What you doing here?" Wayne asked.

"Morning, I could ask you the same thing. Anyway it's Alicia and what I am doing is quite obvious." I answered.

"Yeah it is. I should arrest you for public drinking." He stated.

"Well arrest me. I don't care." I told him. I got up and put my hands for him to cuff.

He looked at me, "Charles is going to love this. After what you told him yesterday. He gets his payback."

I rolled my eyes "he can get his payback. It still doesn't change the fact that he's still ugly as hell."

He glared at me, "that's my colleague you're talking about there."


He narrowed his eye and then shook his head. I saw he was thinking about something.

He sighed, "So about Friday..." okay here we go. Don't tell anyone. It was a mistake. It's a once off blah, blah, blah. "I didn't go further with you because I didn't have any condoms on me. I'm in the same dilemma now. Are you on birth control and when was the last time you got tested?"

Wait what? I looked at him in shock. "Licia I asked you something."

"Did I just hear you properly? You asked me if I'm birth control and when last I was tested. You talking for HIV I guess."

He smirked, "Darn tooting. (Correct) So answer my questions."

"I don't have to answer that." I said.

He walked closer and the look in his eyes was dangerous, "actually you do cos I want to take you here and fuck you hard." I looked at him in shock. He laughed, 'what no smart ass comments now." I took a step back but he grabbed me by the waist. He put his face next to mine and started kissing my neck. His hand went down to my ass and he slapped it.

I jumped in surprise, "I can report you for this."

I felt him grin, "No you won't. So are you birth control?"

I shook my head, "no I'm not on birth control and I don't have HIV but I do have gonorrhoea." I lied about the latter cos I want him gone. I'd rather have him lock me up. I felt his hands let go of ass but then felt it on my face.

He looked angry, "don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining." He then let go and took a step back. "Go to clinic this week and go get yourself on some form of birth control. I will fuck you. Even if it's the last thing I do."

"Excuse me what makes you think I'll let you. Finger banging is one thing but fucking that's a whole different thing. Anyway I don't cops." I said.

He came closer and got in my face, "you will do this cop and don't go thinking this is a once off cos it's not."

I don't believe what I'm hearing. I'm dreaming. I pinch my arm and nothing happened. It's the hangover playing with me. "I'm not your type."

He folded his arms, "says who? People in this town think they know me but they don't. I'm going to let you in on something. You've always been my type. Just needed you to do a little growing up that's all." He looked me up and down. "And grown have you. I like what I see."

"You should see a doctor. Cos you're crazy."

He grabbed me and pulled me to him. He looked me dead in the eye. "Yes I am and you should be careful as to what you say to me. You also tell Jimmy you're not going to do that shit you did last night again." He was about to kiss me when the dispatch on his radio called him. He glared at me and answered.

I waited, I didn't understand the codes he was using but saw he looked annoyed. He let go of me and spoke more. I was going to walk away but felt him pulling me back.

He stood behind me, "I have to go but remember what I said. You hear me?" I nodded.

He then got into his cruiser and drove off.

I need to get the fuck out of this town.

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