The Beta’s Daughter

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Chapter Ten


Bria’s POV.

Nearly a week passes. Rhett and I spend every moment we can together.

It’s different from the last month. We’re happier. We’re focussing on our happiness instead of our grief.

We still think of our friends daily and talk about them often. I make every attempt to keep Sage in my life as much as possible. I can’t bear the thought of her being forgotten.

He waits for me outside the clinic when I finish my shifts, he sits with me in the library whilst I study.

I see my parents during the week and my father reluctantly invites Rhett and I for dinner on Friday night. I appreciate him making the effort, but I know my mother put him up to it.

I speak with him beforehand, warning him not be rude to my mate.

Annie is over the moon that we’re together properly, she organises double-dates for the four us for the next month.

The stares become less. I think the pack is starting to accept the two of us now. Alpha Byron smiled and said hello when he saw us together yesterday, and he found me afterwards to congratulate me. Even the Alpha has accepted our bonding.

Rhett has planned this romantic meal on Saturday, he’s even asked Jordan if he can be out of the house in the evening. Jordan being the sweetie he is, has arranged to be at a friend’s house.

Friday night comes around and suddenly we are stood on my parent’s doorstep, holding hands and waiting nervously.

My mother opens the door, one twin propped on her hip and her hair falling out of a messy bun.

‘Hey, guys, come on in,’ she greets us and steps back.

We come inside and take off our shoes. I quickly glance at Rhett and see that he’s nervous, it’s obvious on his face. I squeeze his hand and lead him down the hallway, into the kitchen.

My father is standing by the oven, stirring something in a saucepan that smells delicious.

The other twin is in the highchair, and my brother and sister are playing with their toys on the floor.

‘I’m sorry about the mess, Rhett,’ my mother apologises. ‘This is a bit of a mad house, don’t ever have five kids.’

Rhett chuckles lightly. ‘Don’t apologise, Mrs Blossom. You have a beautiful home.’

She shakes her head and picks the other twin up with her other arm, it’s quite a skill.

‘Thank you, Rhett. And please, call me Gillian. I’m going to put these two to bed, I’ll be back in a few minutes,’ she replies and takes the twins upstairs.

My father finally turns around and acknowledges us. His scrutinising gaze slides over me and then Rhett.

He holds out his hand to Rhett and shakes it firmly.

‘Hope you’re treating my daughter well, Tiercel,’ he says gruffly.

Rhett takes a step closer to me. ‘I am, Mr Blossom. She deserves only the best.’

He nods stiffly, but seems pleased with that answer.

Fifteen minutes later, the children have been put to bed and the four of us are sat around the table.

My mum and I make most of the conversation. Dad is reluctant to contribute and Rhett is cautious of making a good impression.

Eventually, the meal ends and my father seems to have warmed up a bit. His mood certainly improves when dessert is served.

By the end of the evening, Rhett and Dad are having their own conversation about pack patrols, giving me some hope for the two of them getting on in the future.

At just after nine, Rhett and I walk back to his house. Our hands swing between us as we stroll along the pavement. He gave me his leather jacket to wear and it’s surrounding me with the smell of leather and him.

My favourite combo.

We say hi to Jordan when we come into the house and then I go straight up to Rhett’s room. I change into one of his t-shirts and take my make-up off.

When he comes up ten minutes later, I’m already tucked up in his bed.

Rhett Tiercel’s bed. A part of me still can’t believe that we’re mates, that I’m here, in his bed.

I go on my phone until Rhett joins me in the bed. He takes my phone from my hands, ignoring my protests, and puts it on the side. He rolls back towards me and pulls me in for a cuddle.

‘Attention on me now,’ he says softly and kisses my cheek.

I roll my eyes and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling our bodies flush against each other.

His perfect smell invades my nose and all of my senses feel heightened because our bare skin is touching. I’m only in my underwear and his t-shirt, as is he. Our legs entwine, the hair on his legs rubs against my smooth ones.

As with most our bedtime cuddles, things become heated pretty quickly. His lips find mine, they move firmly over my own and I can feel myself becoming more turned on.

His tongue swipes over my lips and I happily open up to him. My tongue tentatively touches his and it’s like a switch is flicked inside me. I can’t get enough of him.

I’ve had so many weeks of knowing he is my mate. We obviously haven’t gone any further than kissing, and I know the bond is pushing us both to complete the mating process.

I roll us over, so that I’m lying on top of him. I bring my knees up and rest them on the mattress, either side of his waist. Now that I’m straddling him, I can feel his erection pressing directly against my core.

Unlike before, it doesn’t make me nervous, it makes me excited. I love feeling what I can do to him, I love that he’s hard for me.

His hands caress up and down the sides of my body, driving me crazy with his soft touch.

I want more.

Without letting myself overthink it too much, I reach down between us and slide my hand into his boxers. I feel him tense up underneath me as my hand grazes over his dick.

Holy crap that’s big.

I mean, I haven’t exactly got experience in the penis size department, but it certainly doesn’t feel small.

I wrap my fingers around it and squeeze gently. Rhett moans into my mouth and I take it as encouragement. I slowly move my hand down and then up his dick, bringing his foreskin with me. He grunts and pushes his cock harder against my hand.

I repeat this action a few times, feeling his cock getting sticky with pre-cum.

‘Princess.’ Rhett breaks the kiss. ‘We don’t have to do anything.’

I shut him up with another kiss and return to stroking his dick. I grip him tighter and increase my pace, spurred on by the little grunts and moans he releases whilst kissing me.

Suddenly, he reaches down and grabs my wrist, halting my movements. I quickly let go of his cock, worrying that I’ve hurt him.

He pulls back and smiles sheepishly.

‘Sorry princess, you were about to make me come,’ he confesses, making me giggle.

‘Oops, sorry,’ I reply and he chuckles.

‘Don’t be sorry, it felt amazing! But I don’t want to come all over your hand.’

‘What about my face, then?’

The sarcastic retort is out of my mouth before I can stop it. Rhett’s face lights up in shock and then arousal.

‘I’m sorry, that was a joke!’ I say quickly and he chuckles again.

Rhett gently rolls me over and I lie back next to him. His hand strokes up my thigh, pausing at the edge of my panties.

‘Please, can I make you feel good?’ He whispers in my ear.

I shiver and nod my head, not trusting my voice at this moment.

‘Words, princess,’ Rhett coaxes me.

‘Yes,’ I mumble quietly.

That’s all the permission he needs. He slides my panties off and I clench my hands into fists, ridiculously nervous. I don’t know why. I’m in bed with my soulmate, I trust him completely, yet I’m nervous.

His fingers brush over my lower lips and part them. The second his finger touches my clit, my nerves are long forgotten.

My hips jerk upwards, eager for a firmer touch. He chuckles and grants my wish. He strokes up and down my pussy with two fingers, coating them in my juices and spreading them out.

I gasp and arch my back when he pushes one finger inside me.

I’ve touched myself before, I’ve made myself come, but it feels so different when someone else is doing it. Nothing could have prepared me for how good this feels.

He adds a second finger, attempting to stretch me out. It’s a tight fit, but I try to relax and let myself open up to him.

With his thumb, he circles my clit. Little shivers of pleasure start darting up my body, making me wetter and more aroused.

An embarrassingly loud moan escapes my lips as my orgasm hits. Rhett whispers dirty things into my ear, things that would normally make me blush, but oddly turn me on more and elevate my orgasm.

I clench down around his fingers, but he doesn’t stop his movements, riding me through the waves of pleasure.

I’m panting heavily when my orgasm finally dissipates. Rhett removes his fingers and sucks them clean. I don’t think my cheeks have ever been this red.

He chuckles and pecks my lips.

‘Come on, princess. Let’s go to sleep now, I can see that’s tired you out,’ he teases me with a wink.

I scoff and roll over, facing away from him. He wraps his arms around my middle and pulls me back against his chest.

We fall asleep, spooning.


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