The Beta’s Daughter

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Chapter Eleven


Bria’s POV.

I have a shift at the clinic on Saturday. I take a long shower when I get back to my room, wanting to look perfect for our date tonight.

I want to complete our mating tonight.

Rhett knows this, we talked about it this morning whilst cuddling in bed. He wanted to make sure I was certain and told me to take the day to think about it.

He’s so determined not to put any pressure on me, but he doesn’t understand that my choice has nothing to do with that.

I want to be with him, fully. I want everyone to know that we’re official.

There are rumours going around that we’re together. People have seen us out together. I want to wear his mark and I’ll wear it proudly. It’s about time that people know.

Two months is too long to go without completing the process and he knows it. I really want to complete the mating process and not that this should be a reason, but if we don’t, we’ll both start to feel the painful effects of neglecting our mating.

I know he’s going to make tonight as special as possible. He feels guilty for not waiting for me, so he wants to ensure my first time is perfect.

I choose a dress that I wore earlier in the week, Rhett complimented me on it at the time.

Annie comes to my room. She helps me curl my hair and carefully apply my make-up. I tear up a little as I’m getting ready.

Sage would have loved to have been here, helping me get ready. She would be telling me all about her sexual experiences, probably making me bright red in the process.

Annie tells me about her limited experience, trying to prepare me.

I’m ready just on time and Annie practically shoves me down the corridor with excitement. I rush over to Rhett’s house and knock on the door.

I feel nervous again as I wait for him to answer it. I smooth down my dress and twist the handle of my bag in my hands.

Rhett opens the door and immediately his eyes light up at the sight of me on his doorstep. He looks insanely attractive in just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. His muscular, inked arms are on show. They might just be my favourite part of his body.

‘Hey, Princess,’ he says, ‘come on in.’

He takes my bag from my hands and sets it down at the bottom of the stairs. I take my shoes off and breathe in the delicious smell of roasted chicken coming from the kitchen.

‘You look beautiful,’ he compliments me.

I don’t have a chance to reply, he grabs the back of my head and pulls me in for a kiss.

I place my hands on his chest to steady myself and I kiss him back. Our lips move in sync and desire spikes in my belly.

Before things can become too heated, Rhett pulls away. His eyes are dark and he shakes his head, as if trying to dispel his thoughts.

‘Dinner will be ready in five minutes,’ he says, his voice more gruff than it was before.

I follow him through to the kitchen, where several pans are steaming on the hob.

‘I’m afraid I’m not the most skilled chef, so I’ve had to make something pretty basic. Chicken and veg is my go-to, I hope it’s okay,’ he says apologetically.

‘Don’t apologise, I’m sure I’ll love it.’

True to my word, I do love it. He’s seasoned the chicken and cooked it perfectly. We both clear our plates easily.

Rhett serves us some ice cream for dessert and we eat it whilst watching TV. Jordan kept his promise and is out at a friend’s, leaving us alone in the house.

My nerves start to come back when the evening moves into night. We clean up the kitchen and Rhett suggests that we go upstairs.

I take my time getting ready for bed in the bathroom, conscious that my gorgeous mate is waiting for me in his bed.

I give myself a mental pep talk and force myself to leave the safety of the bathroom. I tiptoe into his room, wearing nothing but one of his shirts.

Rhett is already lying in bed on his back, his arm folded under his head whilst he scrolls through his phone.

Upon seeing me, he puts his phone down and smiles. He lifts up the corner of the duvet for me to climb in next to him.

I slide under the covers and latch onto his warm body. He shivers at my cold hands, but wraps his arms around me.

‘You know we don’t have to do this tonight, right?’ He whispers and I nod in response.

I can tell he’s going to try and reassure me some more, and I don’t need him to, so I kiss him. I tangle my fingers in his hair and silence him with my lips.

It’s the perfect way to shut him up and get him in the right frame of mind.

It takes a second, but he responds to me. His lips move confidently over mine. His hands run up and down my body, until they stop on my breasts.

He pinches my nipples and I gasp into his mouth. He uses the opportunity to push his tongue into my mouth, rubbing it against mine. I grind my body against his, eager for more.

We kiss until I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m going insane with need, this is not enough. Rhett seems to sense my desperation, because he grasps my hips and lifts me on top of him.

Straddling him, I lean down so that we can continue kissing. He grips the bottom of the t-shirt and we break away only to take it off. My breasts are now exposed to him and he makes full use of the access.

His erection rubs against my bare pussy as he teases my nipples with his fingers. The sensations are overwhelming.

Rhett breaks the kiss and flips me onto my back. He leans over me and begins kissing down my body. I’m helpless beneath him, only able to squirm in pleasure.

He reaches my pussy and begins licking me with frightening accuracy. His tongue swirls around my clit until I cry out. My orgasm is almost instantaneous. I’m embarrassed by how little it takes for me to come undone.

Rhett rides me through it, repeatedly swirling his tongue around my clit until my body stops shaking. Then he moves lower, pushing his tongue inside of me to catch my juices.

Although I’m not exactly pleased he didn’t wait for me, I’ll admit I’m grateful for his skills in the oral department. I can barely form a single thought when he finishes coaxing another two orgasms from me.

When I’m finally recovering from his magic tongue, Rhett positions himself above me. I open my legs for him, a silent invitation for him to enter me. He looks into my eyes and nod, giving him another confirmation.

Rhett takes his dick in his hand and lines it up with my pussy. I hold my breath and watch as he gradually sinks into me. It’s uncomfortable and stings a bit, but I force my body to relax. Rhett whispers words of encouragement in my ear as I breathe through it.

Once he’s fully inside of me, I wrap my arms around his neck, holding him close.

‘You feel so good, princess,’ he mutters huskily.

I clench around him in response and he groans.

With a nod from me, he begins to move. Slowly at first, but then his pace increases.

Soon, he’s pounding into me, shaking the entire bed. The headboard bangs against the wall with each thrust, punctuating our sex.

Annie warned me that I might not orgasm during sex, but suddenly pleasure overwhelms me. I cry out Rhett’s name and come apart underneath him. My orgasm sets his off and he moans my name.

It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.

In the throes of our pleasure, we both latch our mouths onto each other’s necks. We simultaneously mark each other, completing our mating.

When we’ve recovered, Rhett carries me to his bathroom and we clean ourselves up. My legs feel like jelly when I stumble back to his bed.

We cuddle under the duvet, our mutual happiness filtering through our bond to each other.

‘I love you, Bria,’ he says softly.

My eyes fill with tears at his confession. I’ve never felt this happy before. I didn’t think I could ever feel happy again, after losing Lorenzo and Sage.

‘I love you too, Rhett Tiercel,’ I reply.

We officially belong to each other now, and I know we’re going to prove the whole pack wrong.

We’re perfect for each other.


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