The Beta’s Daughter

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Bria’s POV.

‘Where’s Daddy?’ Jessie tugs on my hand and I look down on her.

‘He’ll be here soon, baby,’ I tell my daughter.

I look around, trying to spot Daddy.

My daughter and I are at the mall, having just bought her a new pair of school shoes. She’s only been back at school a month and she’s already worked a hole into her pair.

I feel his gaze on me before I see him. I scan the crowd and smile when I see my perfect husband. Wearing a leather jacket, black t-shirt and jeans, he looks fucking hot.

He grins and Jessie lets go of my hand. She goes running over to him.

‘Daddy!’ She cries.

He bends down and scoops her up as she meets him. He spins her around until she squeals. He lowers her down and props her on his hip. He looks at me as I approach them.

‘Hey! That’s my fit wife right there!’ He shouts, making my cheeks turn red.

People turn to look at us and I try to pretend not to notice. Once I’m within reaching distance, Rhett grabs my waist and pulls me to him. He presses his lips to mine and my eyes fall closed.

‘Ew! Don’t kiss!’ Jessie yells.

We break apart and I giggle.

‘Sorry, baby. What about if we kiss you, instead?’ I suggest.

Jessie squeals with happiness as the two of us kiss her face all over. She wriggles in our grips and we let her down.

‘Come on, we need to get home and see your brother and sister,’ I tell her.

We drive home and get settled. A short while after, our other two children arrive home from school.

I shriek in horror as my teenage daughter comes in, sporting a black eye.

‘Alana, what happened to your eye?’ I ask her worriedly.

She scoffs and throws her school bag down.

‘Some bitch made a comment about my Maths score, so I hit her,’ she says with a shrug. ‘She hit back, got me right in the eye. Then, I knocked her out.’

I gape at her in shock.

’You hit someone over a comment?′ I ask incredulously.

‘She called me a fucking nerd!’ She shouts.

‘Whoa! Stop swearing, Jessie is next door,’ I hiss at her. ‘You don’t hit people for saying nasty things, Alana.’

I look to Rhett for support. Annoyingly, he looks like he’s trying not to laugh.

‘Rhett, talk to your daughter,’ I say exasperatedly.

I can’t believe it.

My fourteen year old daughter acting exactly like her father did at her age.

I find my son and ask him about his day at school, hoping it was infinitely better than Alana’s. The last thing I need is both of my older children getting into trouble.

My son was much better behaved than his sister. In fact, he’s embarrassed about her behaviour. To be honest, Alana is lucky that she didn’t get a suspension for what she did.

Their school is a shifter one and they understand that we have shorter tempers than humans. It doesn’t make her actions acceptable, though.

I wonder if I’m right for leaving Rhett to talk to her. I just feel like he’s much more equipped to give her advice on this, I’ve never been in a fight in my life.


After the children have gone to sleep, I’m reading in bed. Rhett comes into the bedroom and stretches his arms above his head.

‘I spoke to Alana. She’s calmed down, now,’ he tells me.

I put down my book as he gets into bed next to me.

‘She’s inherited my short temper, sorry,’ he says sheepishly.

‘Well, you’re the best person to talk to her about it. You can give her advice that you didn’t get when you were her age,’ I tell him and he nods.

‘I know. Hopefully, she listens to me.’

‘I just can’t believe she responded so aggressively,’ I say as we turn off the lights and get comfy.

‘She doesn’t like people insulting her, I get that, but she needs to learn a better way of dealing with it,’ Rhett agrees.

‘At least she got a good score on her Maths test,’ I reply and we both laugh.

Rhett pulls me into his arms and I snuggle against his chest. We lie like that for a while, holding onto one another.

He runs his hand up and down my back soothingly. I close my eyes and savour his touch.

His hand moves lower with each stroke, until it rests solidly on my bum. He gives me ass a squeeze and I open one eye to peek up at him.

‘There’s something digging into my hip,’ I comment and he grins.

‘I don’t know what that could be. Maybe you should check it out?’ He replies teasingly.

‘With my hands or mouth?’ I retort.

‘I’ve always found that it’s best to use both. You know, get a real good idea of what you’re dealing with.’

I roll my eyes at his flirting, but move down, under the duvet. I pull off his boxers and wrap my hand around the base of his cock.

I lick my lips and suck gently on the head of his cock. Rhett curses under his breath and his hand moves to my hair.

He grips the strands as I open my mouth and take him deeper. He hits the back of my throat and I breathe through my nose, making my throat relax so that I can take more of him.

Rhett groans as I start to move my head up and down, sliding him in and out of my mouth. I move my hand at the same time, working to stimulate his full length.

I know exactly what he likes and I know what to do to drive him wild. I caress his balls with my free hand, tickling his perineum until he’s thrusting uncontrollably into my mouth.

‘Shit, baby-’ He curses and suddenly tenses up.

I don’t stop my movements, I keep going, sucking harder and faster. Rhett’s body completely freezes and then relaxes a second later as his orgasm hits.

Hot spurts of semen fill my mouth, hitting my tongue and the back of my throat. I swallow it all, sucking gently.

Rhett curses again as I wipe my mouth and come back up to lie next to him.

‘You’re so fucking good at that,’ he mumbles, his eyes still closed.

I giggle and l curl into his side.

‘Your turn,’ he comments.

Before I can react, he’s moved down and is between my legs. He pushes my nighty up to my hips, giving him complete access to my bare pussy.

He doesn’t tease me or slowly build up to it, he dives right in, licking my pussy from top to bottom. My hands curl in the duvet as he drives me wild with his tongue.

He flicks it back and forth on my clit, rubbing and circling it with varying pressure. He pushes two fingers inside me and hooks them, rubbing me exactly where I need it.

My eyes fall closed and I throw my head back as the amazing feeling of an intense orgasm consumes me.

I cry out Rhett’s name as he carries me through it. He slows his movements as I come down, but he doesn’t stop.

He keeps going until I’ve came another three times.

Only when my juices are dripping down his wrist and I’m breathless and sticky, does Rhett finally climb back up the bed.

He enters me smoothly and my eyes fly open. He grins down at me, rolling his hips so that he fucks me in long, gliding strokes.

‘You feel so good, princess,’ he groans.

He drops to his elbows so that he can kiss me. I delve my fingers into his hair and kiss him back, pouring all my love into our kiss.

‘I love you,’ he whispers.

‘I love you, too,’ I respond.


The fog settles thick in the morning.

I park next to the cemetery and lock the door. Holding the flowers in one hand, I shove my other in my coat pocket.

I make my way along the path through the graves. The mist is penetrating the fence and surrounding some of the headstones.

Leaving the path, I trudge along the grass to the back of the plot. The frost-covered ground crunches beneath my feet.

Reaching their graves, I crouch down. I split the white calla lilies in half and lay them on the ground in front of their headstones.

As always, tears pool in my eyes.

‘The children send their love,’ I whisper. ‘I hope you can see how big they’ve gotten. They’re growing up so fast.’

‘Annie and Jordan are pregnant again, she’s so excited.’ I sniff and wipe my nose. ‘I wish we could have seen what your children would have looked like. They could have all been friends.’

‘I miss you all of the time. I hope you and Lorenzo are holding each other tight up there. Keep holding on, I’ll see you soon.’

I stand up and brush the flakes of frost from my knees. I take a deep breath and blink the tears away.

‘Until we meet again.’


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