The Beta’s Daughter

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Chapter One


Rhett’s POV.

Angela is panting underneath me as I pull out and roll off of her.

I knot the condom and throw it into the bin. I sit down on the bed and rest my elbows on my knees.

Angela pulls the duvet up and rests her hand on my shoulder. I shrug it off.

‘Hey, you okay?’ She asks softly.

I nod, my jaw clenched.

My fingers twitch. I need a fag.

(Fag is slang for cigarette in the UK. No other meanings for the word intended.)

‘I’m going for a fag,’ I tell her.

I yank my sweats on and grab my cigs.

‘Hey, you did really fucking well for a first time!’ She calls out when I head for the door. ‘You’re not a virgin anymore!’

I curse under my breath and storm outside.

Leaning against the wall, I put a fag in my mouth and light up.

I feel like shit.

I’ve just had sex for the first time. I should feel like a fucking king.

But, I don’t.

I feel like utter shit.

Sure, it felt incredible. I know I’ll be doing it again. Probably in five minutes.

But, it wasn’t with my mate.

I curse the stupid voice in my head.

I don’t have a mate, remember?

That’s what everyone says.

Why the fuck would the Moon Goddess give a screw-up like Rhett Tiercel a mate?

A tiny part of me feels guilty. I should have waited for her.

The smart part of me knows that she isn’t out there. I don’t have a mate. I’m not one of the lucky ones.

I finish my fag and go back inside.

This is what I do; fuck things up.


Bria’s POV.

Rhett actually doesn’t come back for just over two years.

Although the Alpha was happy to let him back after one, Lorenzo said that he was enjoying the West Hemlock pack.

I don’t keep tabs on him, but when we turned eighteen, Sage finds out that her mate is Lorenzo and she feeds all the Rhett-gossip back to me.

Rhett returns after I’ve finished school. I’m now eighteen and looking for my mate.

A lot changed in the time that he was away. I became Head Girl, much to my parent’s delight. I moved into the pack house. Living with my four younger siblings was getting way too much to handle.

I’m currently training to become a nurse in the pack clinic, I work there four days a week. The rest of my time is mostly spent in the library, where I help out Miss Meadows, the librarian.

I haven’t changed much from school, I’m still the golden girl that gets on with everyone. Although, I know some people resent me for being a goody-two-shoes. Despite what they may think, I don’t think that I’m any better than them. I’m just trying to be a good person.

I had a boyfriend, Benjamin, for about a year. He was my first everything, but we agreed not to go all the way, because we’re both waiting for our mates. I know he was disappointed when I turned eighteen and he was not my mate. We broke up shortly after.

This pack has always been successful, but it keeps getting better and bigger. We now have over five thousand members, meaning I don’t know everyone in it.

I still keep my circle small, only Sage and Annie. I’m always welcoming and friendly, but I’m guarded around people, I don’t know why. I guess Rhett and I are similar in one way, we’re both hesitant to let people in.

I don’t even realise that Rhett is back until Sage tells me. He works with Lorenzo, they are prison guards in the cells. No one seems to be happy that he is back. I’ve heard the mothers bitching about him together, saying they hope their children never grow up like him.

My father simply shook his head when he heard he’d returned, he told me he wishes Rhett had stayed in the Hemlock pack.

Lorenzo is Rhett’s best friend, so by hanging out with Lorenzo, Sage hangs out with Rhett. She fills me in on everything they do, and bitches about him to me.

‘He smokes, like seriously? I know we can’t get cancer and all, but it stinks, it’s so gross.’

She whines to me one time, as I’m sat practicing how to bandage wounds on a dummy.

To be honest, out of all the things she’s told me about Rhett in the last week, there was one story that was by far the worst.

Rhett, Lorenzo and Sage were hanging out at some diner, when Carol, this bitchy girl in Rhett’s year approached them. Apparently, she said she hoped he’d got himself arrested, so that he never had to come back to our pack.

She told him she felt sorry for whoever had him as a mate, and she hopes that whoever she is, she rejects him.

For some reason, his reply made me feel ill.

He responded with, ‘Not if I reject her first.’


I pull the trolley, laden with books, along the aisle. Stopping at the right bookshelf, I place the book back in its correct position.

‘Bri!’ I jump at the sound of Sage’s loud voice, echoing around the silent hall of the library.

‘Sage, sh!’ I hiss as she runs over to me. ‘We’re in a library!’

‘I know that, silly,’ she replies quietly, ‘but I wanted to tell you there’ s a party in the woods tonight, a bonfire.′

‘Um, sure, I’ll come,’ I reply hesitantly.

I don’t really like alcohol and I certainly don’t take drugs, but parties bring lots of people in the pack together, there’s a chance I’ll meet my mate.

‘Amazing, I’ll go pick us out some outfits!’

She sprints out of the room with a flurry of auburn curls.

My best friend, everyone.


I arrive late to the party. Sage got impatient and went ahead with Annie. I told the girls I’d meet them there. I check over my outfit; heeled boots, jeans and a sparkly top.

This will have to do.

My honey-blonde hair falls in soft waves to my waist, I run my fingers through it, to comb out any knots. I’ve only put on some light make-up, I’ve never really been fond of the stuff. No amount of foundation can hide the freckles on my nose, so I don’t bother with it.

My cerulean blue eyes are filled with hope and I mutter a curse under my breath. I can’t look so damn hopeful, I’m setting myself up for disappointment when I don’t find my mate tonight.

I’ve been eighteen for three months, I’m so eager to meet him already.

I grab my phone and walk across the green to the trees. I can hear the music as soon as I step foot into the trees. I follow the sound, further into the forest. The trees become thicker and then clear again, revealing a large bonfire.

There are hundreds of people surrounding it, dancing and laughing with their friends. A couple of people say hi to me as I try to find Sage and Annie.

I try calling them, but neither of them answer their phones. Instead, I go over to the drinks table and pour myself a lemonade.

I find a quiet spot by the edge of the trees and decide to people watch for a bit. The music isn’t as loud here and I can actually hear myself think.

Three guys stumble into the clearing, quite obviously inebriated already. I recognise Lorenzo immediately. I don’t know the other guy, but the middle one, I realise, is Rhett.

He’s only become more handsome over the last two years. He still looks much the same, brown eyes, black hair. However, he looks less like a teenager and more like a man. He must be nineteen, now.

Wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket, he’s really playing into his bad-boy stereotype. I notice a couple of new tattoos peeking above his shirt collar.

When he turns his head, I gasp. Some are on the back of his neck and even go into his hair.

Isn’t that painful? Getting your scalp tattooed? Ouch.

His ears are littered with piercings, they glint in the firelight. There’s one in his nose and eyebrow, too. He lifts a cup to his lips, revealing his knuckles are covered in ink as well.

Is there any part of him that is untouched, other than his beautiful face?

A strong breeze blows and I wrap my arms around myself. I tense up as a delicious scent is carried on it, it wraps around me and fills my body with a warm feeling.

Oh, Goddess, no.

Please, no.

Rhett Tiercel is my soulmate?

I remain frozen in shock, watching him laugh and joke with his friends. He’s oblivious that I’m standing ten metres away, hidden in the shadows.

My mind races with possibilities, trying to find any other explanation than he’s my mate. He can’t be.

A girl comes over to them, I don’t recognise her. She has turquoise, shoulder-length hair and a few tattoos visible on her bare arms.

She says hi to the guys. Rhett grabs her hand and pulls her against him. Their lips meet and my stomach turns nauseatingly. I can’t tear my eyes away, I watch them make out. Rhett’s hand slides down her back and squeezes her ass.

I feel like I’m going to be sick.

I manage to lurch to my feet and numbly walk into the trees. I can only hear the sound of my heart, frantically beating.

I fumble my way back to the pack house and let myself into my room.

I fall onto my bed and put my head in my hands.

How can this be happening?

Every time I close my eyes, I picture Rhett and that girl kissing. It makes me feel sick with jealousy.

My phone starts vibrating. I can see that Sage is calling me, but I ignore it.

My heart clenches painfully as I think back to what Rhett said about his mate.

Not if I reject her first.


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