The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Ten


Leilani’s POV.

I spend the day shadowing my Alphas, getting to know what their normal routine is and what their role actually entails. Sure, I’ve seen my parents and my brother interact with their pack, but like I said before, every pack is different.

Jarren and Dane take it in turns to lead training sessions. I watch them spar with their partners, demonstrate the correct moves, and correct any mistakes.

I don’t get to watch for long though, as apparently watching my mates tussle can be added to my ‘list of things that turn me on’. The scent of my arousal reaches Jarren in the middle of the spar, costing him a roundhouse kick to the face.

I ran across to see if he was okay, but it turns out he had barely even felt the assault because he was now focussed on mating me in the middle of the gymnasium. I had to run out of it whilst the entire group of warriors held my mates back from following me.

New rule: do not watch mates when they are training.

I feel bad for distracting Jarren, but I’m so bloody grateful that my mates are the only ones who can smell my pheromones. Nothing would make getting to know your Luna more awkward than catching a whiff of her arousal.

I keep my distance for a while after that, giving them time to calm down.

One of their Gammas shows me around. My mouth drops open when he shows me the armoury. It is a huge basement under the pack house that is completely filled with weapons.

I’ve never been involved in combat or much warrior training in my old pack, but I always helped clean the weapons. I don’t know what it is about them, but I’ve always been interested in them.

“You know, Charlie runs this alone, he could probably use some help if you’re interested,” the Gamma suggests.

I decide to ask my mates about it later. I want to be useful around here. Traditionally, the Lunas’ role is described as creating harmony in the pack, resolving conflicts, and acting as a counsellor to anyone who needs emotional help. They stop the Alphas from making rash decisions and usually volunteer with child-orientated roles. As much as I’m happy to provide support and guidance, I’m not a massive fan of children.

*cue the gasps of horrified, maternal women*

A Luna that doesn’t like kids, imagine that.

To be fair, it’s not that I don’t like them, I’d just rather clean and test-fire a Glock 17 than listen to them cry and scream all day...

They’re usually whiny and snotty and they cry a lot. I want children and of course I’ll love my own, but I don’t want them in the near future, I’m only nineteen!


I return to the house at almost five pm, wanting a long time to get ready for my date. I’ve never been a proper date before. I don’t think going to the cinema when you were twelve counts, right?

I take a shower to shave my pussy, but I make sure my hair doesn’t get wet. I stand in front of the wardrobe, wondering what to wear. The boys admitted earlier that we are going to a restaurant, so that helps narrow the outfit choices down.

I eventually choose a dress similar to the one I wore for the ceremony last night. It flares out like a skater dress and reaches just above my knees. I put a pair of chunky, platform heels to the side for later.

I’m adding the finishing touches to my make-up when I hear the guys enter the house.

“Lei?” Jarren’s voice calls out.

“Up here, I’m getting ready! What time are we leaving?” I shout back.

“Seven!” He answers and I quickly check my phone.


My mates enter the bedroom and head straight for the walk-in wardrobe to change. I spritz some setting spray on my make-up and then spray some perfume. I slide on my jewellery and check my hair. All I’ve done is brush it, I wanted to leave my natural waves tonight. I click on my heels and grab my clutch.

I decide to wait for them downstairs. It took me nearly two hours to get ready, but they waltz in with seventeen minutes to spare. I’m even more shocked when they come down ten minutes later, they’re early.

“Holy fucking shit,” I curse as they step down from the final step.

The two of them are like carbon copies, except for the hair and eyes, of course. Jarren is wearing a maroon coloured shirt and black trousers, it works well with his yellow eyes. Dane is wearing a navy coloured shirt and black trousers that compliment his silver hair. They both have the first two buttons undone, teasing a glimpse of their tattoos on their chests.

They look insanely attractive, and there’s two of them. And they’re both mine. I do a mental happy dance and wonder for the millionth time what I did to have the Moon Goddess bless me twice over.

“A pretty mouth like yours shouldn’t swear so much,” Dane scolds and I narrow my eyes at him.

“Fuck off,” I reply, and he glares at me.

Jarren’s lips twitch with amusement and I know he’s fighting a smile.

“You look fucking gorgeous,” I tell him, keeping my eyes only on him.

I walk over to him, hook my fingers around his belt and pull him against me. I lean up on my tiptoes, it is annoying I still have to do that even though I’m in heels and press my lips to his soft ones.

I pull back and smile at him. He looks down at me with warmth and desire in his yellow eyes. Dane clears his throat and I turn my head to give him a pointed look.

“Yes?” I prompt and he pouts at me.

“What about me?” He says quietly and I frown.

I’m irritated about his comment, but he looks so damn delicious, too.

“Fine,” I roll my eyes and step forwards to kiss him.

I give him a quick peck and pull back. “You look gorgeous, too,” I laugh, and he grins at me.

“Baby, you look unbelievable,” he compliments me and Jarren nods in agreement.

“As much as I love that dress, I can’t wait to take it off you later,” Jarren comments and this time Dane nods in approval. “Come on, let’s go.”

Dane rides shotgun and I get into the back passenger seat. Jarren locks up and slides into the driver’s seat. I watch them with interest. They’re so identical in many ways, especially when it comes to me. They want the same things, agree on the same things. Jarren is the slightly more dominant twin, maybe because he thinks he should be as he was born six minutes before Dane? (A fact I learned yesterday).

Jarren does the driving and Dane seems more than happy to ride shotgun, but I believe that Jarren is the only person in the world that Dane will relinquish control to. We leave the pack territory and ride into a town. It only takes about five minutes.

Jarren pulls up in front of a modern restaurant with a neon sign that says ‘Xu’ above the glass doors. I open the car door and Dane is instantly at my side, offering his hand to help me out of the car. I slide my hand into his and step down onto the tarmac. I’m grateful for his assistance as I’m in heels.

Jarren locks the car and comes around to flank my other side. We enter the restaurant and twinkling Thai music fills the room. It is obviously a popular choice in town as it is very busy, almost every table is full.

Dane tells the front of house our reservation name. The waitress grabs three menus and leads us through the bustling restaurant to a more secluded area at the back. There are only three tables back here, each separated by a carved screen.

Jarren gestures for me to sit in the middle at the back, he and Dane take the two seats next to me. I order a glass of wine, my mates get beers. I start reading through the menu and instantly my mouth is watering as I read the dish descriptions.

“I hope you like Vietnamese food,” Dane smiles and begins perusing his own menu.

“I do! I’m thinking I’m going to get pho,” I muse.

I love soup and I love noodles. We all order pho, although I get vegetable and my mates get chicken and seafood.

The waitress takes our order and leaves us. I twist my fingers nervously under the table, it’s my first date and there’s three of us.

“I’ve never been on a proper date before,” I blurt out suddenly and both of them look at me in surprise. Their expressions turn into amusement, and they share a glance at each other. It annoys me when they do this, I want to know what they’re thinking.

“This is your first date?” Jarren confirms.

I narrow my eyes at his smug look. “Yes, I didn’t date much in my old pack, and we never went on actual dates,” I answer. “I think most guys were intimidated by my parents being Alphas.”

“I’m glad this is your first,” Dane states. He leans forward and rests his chin on his hand. “Tell us about your childhood, what were you like as a kid?”

I grimace at the thought of my brace-wearing, spot-prone, twelve year old self.

“Um, I was a normal kid I guess, although with my parents being the Alphas I thought I could get away with anything, Akamai and I were always getting into trouble,” I explain with a laugh, remembering all of the times our parents would scold us for using their title to get us out of trouble with pack members. “I was a bit of an ugly duckling.”

My cheeks tinge pink as I describe my teenage years. “I was a late bloomer and Akamai had girls falling at his feet from age eleven, I was the ugly sister that tagged along to parties with him. Until three years ago, when I turned sixteen, my skin cleared up and I started eating healthier and taken care of myself more. I’ll have to show you some photos one day, you won’t even believe I’m the same person.”

I shudder at the memories.

“I’d love to see them,” Jarren says excitedly and Dane nods.

“What were you two like? Have you always been this close?” I question them and they share another look, smiling secretively at one another.

“Not always,” Dane comments and Jarren smirks.

“When we were teenagers, we were your typical Alpha jerks, I’m afraid. We used our heritage to get what we wanted and I’m sorry to admit we loved the attention,” Jarren admits sheepishly.

“It is hard not to let it go to your head, though. When both guys and girls are pining over you at sixteen, it’s a heady experience,” Dane adds and I nod reluctantly.

I can understand it, people always say they’d stay humble if they became famous, but it must be difficult to not let it go to your head at all.

“But, when we turned eighteen and started learning how to lead the pack, we learned responsibility and started to grow up,” Dane explains.

Jarren nods, his facial expression is oddly serious when he continues, “We realised how immature we’d been and we changed, we stopped partying so much, we didn’t use our status to get what we wanted, and we started looking for our mate.”

“We knew that we would share a mate.” Dane smiles at me. “We both tried dating separately and it didn’t work, we always liked the same girls, to decide who got them caused arguments, so we joint-dated a few girls, but realised that we wanted to be single and ready for our mate.”

I simply nod, unsure what to say to that. I want to know about their past and what has made them who they are, but I don’t really want to hear about their dating life to be honest. It’s better for my emotional health that I not know.

Simultaneously, they both reach over and take one of my hands each. They hold them on the table, rubbing soothing circles of my skin.

“I wish you could have seen our expressions when we first saw you in your hallway, when that idiot friend of yours tried to pretend you hadn’t just run from us.”

Dane rolls his eyes and I chuckle, remembering Damon’s horrible acting.

“We’d caught your scent and then seen a glimpse of you before you disappeared into your room, we knew then that you were ours.” Jarren squeezes my hand.

“And then you kept bumping into me whilst I couldn’t even see you.” I sigh and then confess, “I really wanted to know what you looked like, I made Damon describe you two to me.”

Both of them grin at my admission. “It was torturous seeing you in that position and not being able to tell you about us or touch you,” Jarren says with a shake of his head.

Dane smirks and says, “But it was all worth it for that day you got your sight back and we could finally tell you who you belonged to.”

I don’t have a chance to reply to his possessive comment because our food arrives.


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