The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Eleven


Leilani’s POV.

The food is delicious. The conversation takes a dip as all three of us are too focussed on eating. I slightly regret my decision to choose soup on a first date, trying to eat without getting the liquid anywhere but my mouth is a challenge. I ask my mates to tell me more about their childhood and what it was like taking over the pack.

“We’ll arrange to go visit Dad soon, he really wants to meet you.”

I feel nervous about meeting their Dad. He’s important to them so his opinion of me matters.

“What was your Mum like?” I ask and they share one of their looks again, it is more sad than mischievous this time.

“She was one of those people who light up the room when they enter it. She was always so bubbly and positive. She died when we were twelve, defending one of the pack members from a hunter,” Jarren says, his voice is tight with emotion.

“I wish you could have met her; she would have loved you.” Dane reaches over and rubs the back of my hand.

“I wish I could have too, she sounds lovely,” I reply and sit back, having finished my meal.

I feel a food baby coming on, that pho was incredible. We talk some more and I’m relieved with how easily the conversation flows. My earlier nerves are forgotten. Despite offering to pay my share of the bill, my mates scoff at my protests and settle our balance.

Dane leads the way and Jarren follows behind me. I realise that, whenever possible, they put me between them, like a protection sandwich.

When we get outside the restaurant, the boys surprise me. Jarren throws the car keys to Dane, who catches them easily in one hand and gets into the driver’s seat. Jarren opens the back door for me to get in and then surprises me more by getting in next to me.

“Thank you for that, it was so good,” I tell them as Dane drives us home. Jarren puts his arm around my shoulders, I lean against his chest.

“Glad you enjoyed it, mouse,” Dane smirks.

We’re a few minutes from entering their territory when I feel Jarren’s hand slide up my thigh. He brings my dress up with his movements and I sneak a coy glance at him. He is watching me with heated eyes.

His hand skims up to my inner thigh. He strokes his fingers over the soft skin and squeezes. I clench everything in response. He runs his index finger up my thong, directly over my slit. I squirm under his touch, and he smirks down at me.

Smug bastard.

“I think she likes that, brother,” Dane comments from behind the wheel.

Fuck, the smell of my arousal has probably filled the damn car.

Jarren hooks his finger into my thong and pushes between my pussy lips. It feels so much more intense without the thong blocking his touch. He slides his finger up and down a few times, gently circling my clit with each stroke.

I gasp when he pushes his finger inside of me and bends it slightly. In reality, he’s barely done anything to me, but I feel as though I’m coming apart already. Dane’s knuckles turn white as he grips the wheel. He pushes his foot down on the accelerator and the car lurches forwards.

Something tells me we’ll be home in record time.

Jarren teases me with his finger, refusing to add another as I writhe against him. Feeling bold, I move my hand over to his crotch. I smile triumphantly when I feel his hard erection pressing against his trousers. I rub my palm over it before grabbing it and squeezing tightly. Jarren lets out a warning growl, quiet but firm. I ignore it and circle the tip of his cock with my finger through the fabric.

Dane pulls up in the drive and cuts the engine. Jarren removes his hand from between my legs and manhandles me out of the car. He sweeps me up in his arms and strides into the house once Dane has unlocked the front door.

The twins kick off their shoes and we go upstairs, not that I have much choice in the matter. Jarren places me in the centre of our huge bed and drops to his knees in front of me. He slips my heels off my feet and reaches underneath my dress. His hands grab my thong on either side of my hips and pull it down.

I watch him heatedly as he removes my underwear. Without breaking eye contact with me, he passes my underwear to Dane. My eyes widen as Dane lifts my thong to his nose and inhales. I feel my cheeks burn red.

Why do guys do that? I mean, it hardly smells bad, but does it smell that good?

My eyes flick back to Jarren, who grabs my ankles. He yanks me to the edge of the bed. The force makes me fall onto my back and bunches my dress up at my waist, revealing my shaved pussy.

The sight catches Jarren and Dane off guard, the thong drops from Dane’s hand to the floor. They both freeze and stare at between my legs with lust-filled eyes. If I wasn’t so turned on right now, I’d probably be laughing at their hopeless expressions.

Who knew that is all it takes to shut them up?

I bite down on my bottom lip and try not to think about how much I am on display here. My knees are bent, and my legs are wide open. I resist every instinct to close my legs, their awe-filled expressions are worth the embarrassment I’m feeling.

I squeak with surprise as Jarren snaps out of his trance and dives down between my legs. His lips latch onto my clit with startling accuracy. I lean up on my elbows, watching as he slowly circles my clit with his tongue. His yellow eyes open and lock with mine. The sight is arousing.

Jarren suddenly pulls back, and I take the opportunity to get off the bed before they can stop me. I drop to my knees in front of Dane and begin unbuckling his belt. He grabs my wrists to stop me and glances over at Jarren. Jarren nods and Dane releases my wrists, letting me continue.

I undo his belt and grab his zip. I feel Jarren unzipping the back of my dress, I have to pull my hands away from Dane to let Jarren slide my arms out of the dress. Once freed, I pull down Dane’s trousers. I smile happily when they drop to his ankles, revealing his tattoo-covered, muscular thighs. The tent in his boxers is impressive, it points outwards, towards my face. It’s as if it knows I’m there and is trying to reach me.

Jarren reaches under my arms and lifts me to my feet so that the dress drops to my ankles. I kick it away and grab Jarren’s belt. I unbuckle it whilst Dane unbuttons his shirt. We’re like a frenzied threesome as we undress.

I pull down Jarren’s trousers, revealing an equally large tent in his boxers, but his tattoos are only on one thigh. Jarren undoes the buttons on his shirt and throws it on top of Dane’s discarded shirt on the floor. They both stand before me, semi-naked Gods.

In unison, they grip the elastic of their boxers and slide them off. Heat rises to my cheeks and to be honest, everywhere else in my body. I feel like I’m burning up as I take them in in their full glory.

Holy fucking shit, is it my birthday?

It comes to my attention that I’m staring, dumbstruck, much like they were to me earlier. It’s good to know that I affect them as much as they affect me.

My boob prison is still on. I unhook my bra, slide it off my arms and throw it to the floor. I wonder briefly what I should do next, but my mates make the decision for me.

They must have some sort of unspoken agreement on what to do, because Jarren strides towards me and scoops me into his arms, whilst Dane goes over to the bed and lays down across it.

I breathe in Jarren’s heady smell, loving the feeling of his bare skin on mine. He shifts me in his arms so that he is holding me by my waist. He acts like I’m as light as a feather. He walks over to the bed and my eyes widen as he lowers me onto Dane’s waiting face.

My thighs are positioned on either side of Dane’s face, and he grips them with his large hands. His starts kissing my inner thighs, working his way to the junction between my legs. I look down at him through the valley between my breasts. They heave up and down with each laboured breath.

Jarren kneels onto the bed in front of me, his cock grasped in one hand. I reach for it, just as Dane reaches my pussy. A broken gasp escapes my lips when Dane’s tongue pushes its way inside me. I wrap my hand around Jarren’s cock and lower myself down onto my other hand, so that my mouth can reach him.

As Dane begins eating my pussy, I take Jarren into my mouth. I groan quietly at the delicious taste of him; tangy and yummy. I open my mouth and take him deeper. Jarren’s hands tangle into my hair and he pushes his hips forward until his cock hits the back of my throat. I relax my throat and take him down further. He curses under his breath, hearing his composure break is the biggest turn on.

Dane’s tongue has my thighs trembling. He rubs my clit with his thumb whilst repeatedly pushing his tongue in and out of me. The first shivers of an orgasm start to build, and I tighten my grip on Jarren’s cock. I twirl my tongue around his tip, trying to remember to concentrate on him. I don’t want to get lost in my own pleasure and neglect him.

Dane speeds up his fingers and I cum hard. I clench around his tongue and moan loudly. Jarren seems to appreciate the vibrations my moans cause because he begins thrusting his hips. I take each movement of his cock, being careful not to let it catch my teeth. My orgasm finally dissipates, and I relax my tense muscles.

Once I’ve regained my strength, I lift my hand off the bed and gently caress Jarren’s balls. I stroke them with my fingers whilst bobbing my head up and down his length. The combination has the desired effect.

Fuck,” he hisses between clenched teeth, and I sneak a glance up at him. He looks down at me with hooded eyes and I attempt to smile around his cock.

He grips my hair tighter and takes over control. He holds me in place as he fucks my mouth. My eyes water as his cock repeatedly hits the back of my throat.

“Shit, Lei,” he moans my name loudly and then stills.

Hot spurts of cum fill my mouth as an escapee tear rolls down my cheek. I wait until he has finished to swallow the warm liquid. I slide his cock from my mouth and lick my lips.

I look down at Dane, feeling guilty that he has done a lot of work, yet has been neglected. His orange eyes appear to be glowing as he looks up at me from his position on the bed. He grabs my waist and I’m shocked when he lifts me up and moves me further down his body.

I am now straddling him, whilst Jarren lies back against the pillows and recovers from his orgasm. The tip of his cock nudges against my entrance I look over at Jarren.

Did they agree on who got to go first?

“Don’t worry baby, he’s next,” Dane reassures me and lifts his hips up.

“Fuck,” I whisper as his cock starts to enter me.

I’m tight from my orgasm, my walls are clenched as he pushes his way inside. He has to push, and I squeeze my eyes closed at the stinging sensation. It feels incredible, but it’s uncomfortable when I’m this tight.

I take a deep breath and help him out. I push down until he sinks fully into me. I take him to the hilt and my clit bumps against his pelvis.

Holy hell.


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