The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Twelve


Leilani’s POV.

I place my hands on Dane’s chest, bracing myself as I lift off of his cock and then slide back down it. We both groan at the sensation. I get my balance and once comfortable, I begin riding him. I support myself with my hands and move my hips up and down. His fingers dig into the flesh on my waist. His eyes are hooded, and his lips are parted in pleasure as I ride him.

Jarren moves from across the bed and kneels beside us. He grabs my face and turns me towards him. I continue riding Dane whilst looking into Jarren’s eyes. He leans in to kiss me and I pull back.

“I taste of your cum,” I protest, and his eyes darken.

“I don’t care.”

He crashes his lips to mine, holding my head firmly in place. I’ve never known a guy who still wants to kiss you after you’ve swallowed his cum.

Dane takes over and pushes his hips up to meet mine as Jarren kisses me. Jarren’s hands grab my breasts, squeezing and massaging them. I groan into his mouth. Our tongues touch and I silently hope he doesn’t mind the taste of himself. It doesn’t discourage him.

His fingers twist and tug at my nipples until they are hard and distended. Dane speeds up his pace and I feel another orgasm start to build. Jarren senses the sudden tension in my body and pulls away. He pushes on my back, lowering me over Dane.

Dane keeps hold of my hip with one hand and digs the other into my hair. He uses the grip to pull his lips to mine. I kiss him back but reject any attempt he makes to push his tongue into my mouth. Tasting his twin’s semen is a step too far for me.

He thrusts up into me, his cock bumping the top of my cervix with each thrust. I freeze as I feel Jarren’s finger against my asshole. He doesn’t push it in, only rubs it gently with slight pressure. The feeling is so carnal and wicked, I love it.

“I’ll be in here soon, little mouse,” Jarren warns me, and I shiver at the thought.

Knowing that I’m close, I lean down and kiss Dane’s neck. He moves his face to one side, giving me better access. I feel my teeth elongate and when I find the right spot, I bite down. I mark him as mine and the blissful feeling of our bond solidifying, fills me.

My orgasm rips through me and I clench down on Dane’s cock. Jarren continues his wonderful assault on me as wave after wave of pleasure rolls through my body. Dane carries on pounding into me as I come down from my orgasm. I retract my teeth from his neck, loving the crescent bite mark that is already healing. My bite. It won’t ever fade.

Dane’s face is contorted in concentration as he holds his orgasm back. Dane clenches his jaw and I know that can’t hold on much longer. He grabs my hip with his other hand and lifts me up and down on his dick. He moans and throws his head back. I’m surprised when he raises me up and pulls his cock out of me. His hard dick is upright, pointing at my chest as he cums hard.

“Fuck!” He shouts and empties himself on my breasts.

I find myself ridiculously turned on from the sight of him releasing himself on my body. I look down at the streams of white splattered across my chest. Dane is admiring his artwork too, his eyelids at half-mast. He looks both happy and proud at the same time.

Jarren grabs my waist before I’ve had time for my brain to catch up. His hand latches on to the back of my neck and pushes my face down against the duvet.

“Face down, ass up,” he orders.

I manage to get my jelly-like legs to comply, and I lift my ass up for him. I grimace at the sticky feeling of the duvet rubbing against my cum-covered chest. I wonder, how I am going to mark him in this position?

“Beg for this, little mouse.”

Jarren’s voice is husky with desire as he rubs the tip of his cock over my dripping slit. I chew on my bottom lip, wondering whether to or not. A loud slap resonates around the room, and I gasp. Dane chuckles from somewhere behind me and my cheeks burn with embarrassment. Both sets of cheeks are now red.

Both irritated and turned on, I decide to goad him. “Please, Daddy, fuck me,” I beg in a breathy voice that is not my own.

He freezes half-way through rubbing my pussy and a low growl rumbles from behind me. “You little tease,” he snaps and suddenly shoves himself inside of me.

I inhale sharply and my face is pushed further into the duvet with the force of his thrust. He grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls. I have to arch my back to relieve the pressure. He uses my hair to steady himself as he begins fucking me from behind. My ass and thighs ripple every time he pushes into me, loud slaps echo around the room.

“Fuck,” he grunts. “Tell me how much you love this, baby.”

I don’t have it in me to feel embarrassed this time. The pleasure is too much for me to care. All remnants of my dignity go out the window.

“I love you fucking me,” I moan, and my eyes squeezed close. “Please don’t stop.”

“I won’t. And Dane?” Jarren presses.

I open my eyes to see Dane kneeling in front of me. He looks arrogant and attractive as he smirks at me. He seems to enjoy watching me get fucked by his brother. He can no doubt see how flushed I am, how much the grip on my hair is both hurting me and turning me on.

“Go on mouse, tell me,” Dane urges.

“I love it when you fuck me, Dane,” I admit, and he grins.

A surprise orgasm suddenly hits me, and I clench down around Jarren’s cock. Dane acts fast and grabs both of my nipples, pinching them hard. I scream loudly, but it’s from pure pleasure. My vision blurs and my arms shake, struggling to keep myself upright.

“Who do you belong to, little mate?” Jarren growls as I come down from my high.

“I belong to you two,” I moan and the feminist in me, adds, “Who do you two belong to?”

“You, baby,” Dane whispers and kisses my forehead.

“You, little mouse,” Jarren groans.

I find the strength to lift myself up. Jarren slides out of me, and he growls in displeasure. I spin around and grasp his cock. I pump it with my hand and begin kissing his neck. His hands reach out to stop me and then freeze as he realises what I’m going to do. He holds still, grunting occasionally as I toss him off.

I find the right spot and bite down. I mark him as mine. He lets out something that resembles a roar and releases himself onto my hand and chest. I pull my teeth back and lick the mark. Jarren pants heavily in front of me, he looks dazed.

I collapse backwards, my head hitting the duvet. I remain practically comatose on the bed as my mates move around me. One of them leaves the room, but I can’t bring myself to lift my head and see which one it is.

In the distance, I hear water being run in one of the other bathrooms.

Please, be a bath for me.

Ten minutes later, warm hands pick me up and I see Dane is carrying me. He walks down the corridor, into his room and then into the bathroom. A steaming bath is waiting for me. Actually, it would be more accurate to describe it as a hot tub. It’s massive.

I dip a toe into the water and once I’ve nodded, Dane lowers me into it. He’s still naked, and he slips in beside me. I lean back and rest my head on the edge. The water is almost too hot, and I feel like a lobster being slowly boiled, but I love it. Jarren enters and gets in too. Our legs are tangled in the middle as we soak.

I close my eyes and feel my energy slowly returning. The water ripples with movement and I peak out of one eye to see the boys are lathering their hands with soap. They lift me onto one of the built in lips that acts as a seat.

With my upper half out of the water, they wash their juices from my chest. Their hands, although large and calloused, are gentle against my tender skin. I close my eye again and relax into their touch.

Once I am suitably clean, they lower me back into the water. They both move to either side of me and I am oddly reassured by the feel of their skin against mine.

I don’t know how long we stay like that, but when my head lolls forwards with sleepiness, I’m scooped up again. I manage to get enough control of my body to dry myself with a towel, although my mates try to insist that they do it. I like them taking care of me, but I’m not a child.

Once dry, we go back to our bedroom. One of them has cleaned any mess from the duvet. The wet patch is on the outside so thankfully, we won’t feel it underneath.

I slip under the duvet, Jarren and Dane get in either side. I lay on my back and they both face me. I hold their hands under the covers.

“Did I live up to your expectations?” I mumble, posing the question to Dane. I can see that he is confused by question, so I elaborate. “In my parent’s library, I asked you what you wanted in a mate, do I meet the expectations?”

Dane’s face softens and he smiles at me. “You exceeded our expectations, little mouse.”

Jarren kisses my forehead and I nuzzle into his touch. One of them turns the lights off. Jarren snuggles into my back and Dane cuddles my front.

“You’re incredible, Lei,” Dane whispers.

“We are yours, forever,” Jarren promises, and I reach behind me to squeeze his hand.

“I’m a lucky girl,” I tell them and fall asleep, happy, and sated.


When I wake up the next morning, I’m alone in bed. I frown and spread my hands out on either side. The bed is cold, they’ve been up a while. I sit up and stretch my arms above my head. I slip out of bed and go over to the bedroom door. I pull it open and pop my head out. I strain my ears to hear the sound of quiet chatter and something frying downstairs.

I only take about ten minutes to get ready. Due to the warmer weather here, I choose a pair of shorts and a vest for the day. I shove on a pair of socks and head downstairs.

I find my mates in the kitchen and the sight stops me in my tracks.

They’re both shirtless, giving me a wonderful view of their huge, muscular backs. Dane has only a pair of wings tattooed on his, whilst Jarren’s skin is barely visible due to the many patterns swirling on his. They’re wearing matching black joggers and are barefoot. It’s honestly something out of my fantasies.

Thank you, Moon Goddess!

I have no idea what I did to deserve these two, but she literally made them right out of my fantasies. Jarren says something and Dane shoves him playfully. I watch, with a smile on my face, as they banter back and forth. They act like immature brothers. They nudge and tease each other, laughing loudly. They are so relaxed and happy; I find myself grinning like an idiot at the sight of them.

Their muscles flex with every movement as they work together to make pancakes.

“Whatever, bro, just make sure you don’t burn them,” Dane’s voice snaps me out of my lustful trance.

They both suddenly tense and straighten up. I clench my thighs together and realise my pheromones have probably just reached their noses. They turn around in sync and I swallow hard. Dane’s silver hair is messy and tousled. It falls over his forehead and grazes his orange eyes. Jarren’s is brushed back, as though he’s been running his hands through it. His bright yellow eyes narrow at me.

By being topless, there is nothing to hide their marks. My heart swells with pride at the side of my bites on their necks. Now, every shifter will see them and know that they are well and truly taken.

“Morning gorgeous.” Dane winks at me. “Pancakes?”

“Yes, please,” I reply and walk over to them.

Jarren grabs my waist and presses his lips to mine. It’s only a brief kiss, he pulls away and returns to the pancakes. I blink a couple of times, a little dazed by the surprise kiss.

“Where are the plates?” I manage to ask Dane and he points out the cupboard.

I set the table with Dane, who takes every chance he gets to either kiss me or slap my butt. Jarren serves up the pancakes and three of us demolish them within a few minutes. Loaded with fruit and syrup, they’re heavenly. Not only are they dominant and kinky as hell, they’re also great cooks.

Seriously, when does this bubble burst? This is too good to be true.


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