The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Fourteen


Leilani’s POV.

I go to the bathroom and wash myself when I get home, removing as much of Jarren’s cum from inside me as I can. I can’t imagine it’ll be pleasant for Dane.

When I come back downstairs, Jarren has finished unpacking the shopping. “I’m going to go run a training session, if you’re up for it, why don’t you go see Dane and we can talk to Charlie about the armoury after?” Jarren suggests.

“Okay.” I lean up and kiss his soft lips. “See you later, J.”

I waltz out of the kitchen.

“Lei?” Jarren calls after me. “I love the new nickname.”

I smile at him in return and leave the house. I find Dane exactly how we left him, completely absorbed in his work. He looks sexy as hell as he concentrates on the laptop screen whilst running his hand over a document. His eyes flick back and forth between the paper and the screen, scanning the words.

“What’s up?” Dane asks me without looking up from his work as I approach him.

“We bought loads of stuff,” I reply.

He finally stops working and looks at me. He smiles, lighting up his orange eyes. “Did you have a good time?”

I grin mischievously and lower to my knees in front of him. His eyes widen and then darken. “How about I show you what a good time we had?” I suggest and he licks his lips.

“You had sex,” he states as I undo his jeans and reach into his boxers.

I stroke his dick and it quickly hardens under my touch. “Yes, and we both missed you, I’m sorry.” Without breaking eye contact, I kiss the tip of his cock. “Will you let me make it up to you?”

His orange eyes are now a burnt amber colour from desire. “You definitely can,” he groans as my lips wrap around his cock.

The wood floor is not kind on my knees, but I accept it as punishment for my car sexcapade. Dane pushes his jeans and boxers down his thighs, giving me better access. I cup his balls with one hand and stroke his dick with the other whilst swirling my tongue over the sensitive head.

His hands grip my hair, bouncing me up and down on his cock until only my slurping noises and his grunts fill the room. His thighs tense under my touch and I know he’s close. I slow my movements.

“Fuck, stop, Lei, or I’m going to cum,” he orders, and I let him fall from my mouth with a pop.

I slide my thong off and kick it to the side, his eyes heatedly watch it fall to the floor. He glances back up at me, looking like a child that’s just been offered chocolate before dinnertime. I put my legs on either side of his, straddling him. I grasp his dick and line it up with my pussy. For the second time today, I sink onto my mates’ cock.

I throw my head back at the incredible feeling of him filling me. I flatten my feet on the floor and begin using my thigh muscles to raise and lower myself.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so good at that,” he groans, holding my hips as I ride him.

My breasts bounce in my dress, and he watches them lustfully. As if sensing my legs will tire soon, Dane grips my thighs and lifts me up. He shoves his work out of the way and sits me on his desk. He pulls me to the edge and enters me again in one swift movement.

I place my hands behind me on the desk, holding myself up as he starts pounding into me. I moan loudly as his dick bumps the top of my cervix with every thrust. His balls slap against my butt. The slapping and squelching noises fill the office.

Panic shoots through me, followed by instant relief, when I see the blinds are down. Wouldn’t be the best start to knowing the pack members.

Dane reaches up and wraps his hand around my throat. It’s not tight enough to choke me, but the pressure is enough to have me clenching around him.

Fuck, I love having my neck held.

He pounds into me harder, and I feel like my eyes are going to roll into the back of my head as pleasure floods through my pussy. Whilst the rest of his fingers grip my neck, he pushes two into my mouth and I suck on them gratefully. We maintain eye contact the whole time. If it were anyone other than my mates, I would have cringed, but there is nothing hotter than watching him fuck me.

“Fuck, Lei, you better cum soon,” he groans.

It’s as if his words are the trigger that push me over the edge. My orgasm rushes through me and dots spot my vision.

“Oh my Goddess,” I mumble, my mouth still full of Dane’s fingers. “Dane!”

Hearing his garbled name from my lips sends him over the edge. His hips thrust a few more times as he pumps himself inside of me. We both pant heavily, resting our foreheads on each other.

“You’re amazing,” he tells me.

I grab his shoulders and kiss him, pouring all my love for him into my kiss. I don’t want to tell them I love them yet; it seems way too early, even for shifters. But I can show them how much I do.


“No way in hell.” Jarren shakes his head, his arms folded stubbornly across his chest. I look to Dane for support, no chance.

“Turn around and put something else on,” Dane snaps.

I sigh and look down at my outfit. It’s only a crop top and some shorts.

Okay, the crop top is see-through, but I have a bralet underneath! And the shorts are booty shorts, but it’s not my fault I’ve got a good butt.

“Look, you gotta work with what you got, alright?” I protest and both of mates’ eyes darken. I think it’s a combo of lust and anger.

“No, we work with what you’ve got, you cover what you’ve got,” Dane argues and I scowl.

“You two are impossible,” I mutter and stomp back upstairs.

I’m in the wardrobe, trying to choose something else to wear in this heat, when I’m suddenly pressed against the wall. Both of my mates are pressed against me. I look back and forth between their eyes, I have to lean my head back to maintain eye contact.

“We can show you just how impossible we are,” Jarren says and Dane smirks.

I open my mouth to reply, but they both lean in and simultaneously kiss their marks. Pleasure rockets through me and my eyes close of their own accord. My head leans back against the wall and my toes curl in my sandals.

The two of them nip, suck, and kiss their marks until I’m shaking beneath them. In unison, they each grab my nipples through my top and pinch them. I try to fight it, I really do, but an orgasm powers through me.

“Oh, fuck!” I shout and pant as euphoria flows through me. My hips thrust back and forth of their own volition, making me look like a humping dog.

When I finally come down from my high, they both pull away with shit-eating grins on their gorgeous faces. “I hate you both,” I mutter, and they chuckle.

“We love you too,” Dane comments and my heart flutters at his words. They act like he hasn’t just said that.

“Here, why don’t you wear this?” Jarren suggests, holding up a cute crop top that is not see-through.

“We’ll compromise, you can keep the shorts,” Dane offers and I decide to take what I can get.

“Fine,” I agree and take the top off Jarren.

I pull the mesh top off my head and then the bralet. Both mates stare at my bare breasts as I pick up my bra that I had discarded earlier. I clip it on and glance over my shoulder to see them both sporting erections. I pull the new top on and turn to face them.

“There, happy?” I ask, my hands on my hips.

“More than you could ever know,” Jarren replies, and I get the feeling they’re not talking about the outfit.

“Come on, mouse, let’s start prepping,” Dane suggests and offers his hand to me.

We prep all of the food in the kitchen an hour before their friends will arrive. We chop and prep the meat and make skewers to go on the BBQ. We empty the crisps and snacks into bowls and light the coals outside.

They have a gorgeous patio at the back of the house. It’s equipped with a fire pit, parasol, and outdoor sofas. The sun is low in the sky, but still high enough to provide a lot of light and warmth. I set the patio table with the snacks and bring out all the alcohol.

“Jarren, why the hell did you let her buy this much?” Dane asks when he spots all the bottles.

“Don’t blame him, it was a hard decision,” I insinuate and Dane bursts out laughing. Jarren glares at me and stokes the coals.

“What the hell happened in that supermarket?” Dane asks as he laughs. I go over to him and put my arm around his waist, he instantly puts his around my shoulders.

“It would have been better if you’d been there,” I tell him and kiss his chest, a pointless gesture really, seeing as he’s wearing a t-shirt.

They’re both wearing t-shirts. Dane’s is blue, whilst Jarren is wearing a black one. They’re both in black shorts and as per, they both look insanely attractive.

“I’m coming next time, baby, don’t worry,” Dane replies and kisses my forehead.

“Damn right, you are cumming.” I wink and lewdly grab his dick through his shorts.

His mouth drops open in shock and Jarren drops the poker into the fire.

“Shit,” he curses and picks it up. “Did you not fuck her hard enough earlier?”

“Fuck you.” Dane glares at his twin. “Did you not either?”

I laugh at them both, but the doorbell distracts us.

“Come on.” Dane leads me through the house to the front door, his arm still around my shoulders.

He opens it and I feel a bit intimidated by the five people standing around the doorstep. “Guys, come on in,” Dane greets and we step out of the way to let them past. They fill the foyer, and I’m relieved the boys have a big house so they all fit.

“You met our mate, Lei, at the ceremony,” he reminds them, not that he has to really, but they might have forgotten my name.

I recognise their faces from that evening, but I talked to so many people that I’ve forgotten their names.

“This is Faith and her mate, Rosie.” Dane points at the Asian Gamma and her red-haired mate. “That’s Easton and Charlie.” Easton is another Gamma and Charlie is the one that runs the armoury. We didn’t end up visiting him earlier, so I’ll talk to him about helping tonight.

“And this is Taysha.” Taysha has blue braids down to her waist, they contrast beautifully with her black skin.

“Oh my Goddess, I love your braids!” I gush and she grins at me.

“Thanks hun.”

We head out back and I start mixing drinks. I’ll admit I make them quite strong. I partied with Akamai a lot when we were younger, but after I turned eighteen, our parents made us be more sensible and take responsibility.

Fuck that.

My mates focus mainly on the BBQ. They talk to their friends here and there, but mostly they allow me to chat to them and get to know them. I feel so grateful that they’re helping me fit in here.


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