The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Fifteen


Leilani’s POV.

Once the food is served, the twins join us properly. They sit on either side of me, and I catch the smirk Faith gives them. We stuff ourselves with the food. I might be good at prepping it, but I’ve never done a BBQ in my life, I’m so glad my twins did it.

I eat three burgers, four sausages and a ton of vegetable and halloumi skewers. I groan and hold my stomach, hating myself for my choices.

I should have stopped at the third sausage.

I rest my head on Jarren’s lap and my legs are on top of Dane’s. The sun has set, but the sky is still light enough. Timed lights have flickered on, illuminating the garden. Their friends are great, they’re funny and are welcoming of me. As the evening goes on, we drink more and more.

I manage to recover feeling in my legs and get up. I begin making up drinks for beer pong. I hate beer, so it’ll be cocktail pong.

“Uh, mouse? What you doing?” Dane calls and I blush as their friends share confused looks over my nickname.

“Setting up cocktail pong,” I reply nonchalantly.

“Cocktail pong?” Jarren asks, raising an eyebrow at me.

“Yes,” I answer. “The classier version of beer pong.”

“I’m down for that.”

Easton jumps up from the sofa and helps me position the cups. The rest of them come over whilst Dane and Jarren frown like disapproving parents.

“I don’t want you hammered, little mate,” Jarren says and comes over to me with Dane.

“I’ll be fine.” I brush him off. “I’m awesome at this.”

“Okay, what teams shall we have?” I ask and everyone looks around.

It’s eventually decided that Dane, Jarren, Taysha and Rosie will be one team, whilst Charlie, Easton, Faith, and I will in the other. The twins couldn’t decide who got to be on a team with me, so we thought it better that I not be on their team at all.

“Right, the usual rule of if someone gets a ball in your cup-” Charlie announces whilst Easton snickers. “You have to drink, but if you miss, you have to do a dare.”

Dares? What are we? Twelve?

I shrug. “Alright then.”

“I’m still not sure this is a good idea.” Jarren frowns.

Easton rolls his eyes. “You guys haven’t gotten drunk in ages, it’s just one night, relax.”

“Fine, bring it on.” Dane rolls his shoulders, warming his arms up for his shot.

First up is Faith, against her mate. Rosie makes the shot, so Faith downs the drink. I chuckle as she gags, I did make it pretty strong. Faith misses and Rosie dares her to recite the alphabet backwards in under 30 seconds or she has to drink again. I stare at Rosie in shock. It’s such a random dare, how is that even possible in under 30 seconds?

Charlie uses the stopwatch on his phone and Faith starts hurriedly reciting. She messes up and curses a couple of times but manages to complete it in almost 28 seconds.

I’m up against Jarren. I get the ball in his cup and cheer triumphantly. He glares at me and chugs the drink whilst I jeer at him.

“Put your ball in her hole!” Dane shouts loudly as Jarren lines up his shot, making us all laugh.

I curse under my breath as the ball lands perfectly in my cup.

“Drink up, little mouse,” Jarren grins at me.

I scowl and drink the liquid. Orange juice and Malibu is not too bad a combination. An hour passes, we refill the drinks and keep playing. Weird dares are suggested. Charlie ends up wearing Taysha’s crop top whilst she is practically drowning in his huge t-shirt. Easton does the worm across the grass. Jarren gives Charlie a lap dance, which has Dane and I in tears from laughing so much.

“I dare you to do a naked cannon ball in the pool,” Rosie tells Easton and he smirks.

“Hey, no! That’s our pool!” Dane protests and my eyes light up.

They have a pool?

“You have a pool?” I ask Jarren and he smiles.

“Yeah, in the basement, did we not show you it?”

In our drunken states, we decide it would hilarious if we all got in the pool. Everyone returns home (they live like a one minute walk away) to get their swim gear. The twins and I go upstairs to change.

I pick out my pastel bikini and change in the bathroom. When I come out, my twins are standing before me. Jarren is wearing a blue pair of shorts and Dane is wearing a red pair. They look edible.

“Not gonna happen,” Jarren comments when he sees my bikini. He shakes his head and crosses his massive arms over his tattooed chest.

“Have you not got something bigger? Like a swimsuit?” Dane asks, glaring at my two-piece.

“This is what I’m wearing, get over it,” I tell them firmly and push past them. They both grab my forearms and drag me back. My back presses against the wall and I shiver at the cold feeling. I’m getting flashbacks to our earlier disagreement about my outfit.

“You’re not wearing that downstairs,” Dane states and I roll my eyes.

“And why not?”

“Because, even though they’re our friends, three of them are unmated,” Jarren replies.

“You don’t trust your own friends?”

“I wouldn’t blame them for wanting to look at you, mouse, you’re stunning,” Dane answers and my cheeks flush at the compliment.

“Guys, seriously.” I pull my arms from their grip and push my hair back to expose my neck. “Look at me, I’m wearing your marks, they’re huge, you can’t miss them. Everyone knows I belong to you two, stop stressing.”

They both go silent at my words and their coloured eyes drop to my neck. I squirm under their heated gaze.

“Fine, but one wrong look and you change,” Jarren bargains.

I roll my eyes at him. “No, one wrong look and you tell your friend off. I’m doing nothing wrong.”

I shrug and saunter past them. Thankfully, they drop the argument.

We go downstairs to the ground floor. Jarren opens a door, which leads down another set of stairs. The sounds of splashing and laughter echo up at the stairs. As we walk down them, the scent of chlorine fills my nose.

The basement is deep under the house, so the room has a tall ceiling. The walls are painted a light blue and an enormous swimming pool dominates the room. It must be about 20-25m long and a few metres wide. There are sun loungers piled with towels on the side.

Faith and Rosie are already in the water. The twins immediately jump in, whilst I decide to take the steps. Easton steps out of the changing room, holding a pair of swimming trunks over his crotch. He glares at us as he steps near the water.

“The dare was a naked cannonball, lose the shorts!” Faith calls from the deep end.

Easton clenches his jaw and then throws the shorts on a spare lounger. He cups his junk and walks to the deepest end of the pool. He scowls at us and then performs a beautiful cannonball into the water. Waves ripple out and reach me at the steps. He breaks the surface and swims to the side to grab his trunks. I step into the water, it’s nice and warm. I wade in up to my waist as Charlie emerges from the changing room.

He’s wearing orange shorts, but my eyes are drawn to the two pale scars underneath his nipples. He catches me looking and I quickly avert my gaze, giving him an apologetic smile. He sits down on the side of the pool and slides in. I move further down, until the water is at my shoulders, but my feet are still touching the floor.

Jarren and Dane are messing about with Faith and Rosie. They splash each other like children, I guess you’re never too old to play in a pool.

Charlie swims over to me and rests against the side of the pool.

“I’m transgender,” he states, and I try to keep the surprise off of my face. “I had top surgery when I transitioned,” he explains the scars. “It was only about three years ago, so hopefully they’ll fade more with time.”

I smile at him. “Yeah, they will.”

It goes silent for a moment, and I don’t want him think he has to talk about his gender, so I change the subject.

“I’d really love to help with the armoury if I could, I used to help clean and prep the weapons at my old pack, so I have experience.”

Charlie looks surprised for a moment, but then smiles.

“That sounds great actually, I’m usually holed up in there alone so it would be nice to have some company.”

We don’t get to discuss the details because my mates decide to interrupt our conversation. They surface behind me, and Charlie swims off, leaving us alone in the middle section of the pool. I turn around to face them.

Being taller than me, the water only comes up their navels. Water droplets roll down their beautiful chests, they look like something out of a photoshoot. Jarren’s black hair is slicked back, whereas Dane’s silver strands fall over his forehead.

They both reach for me at the same time, their hands wrap around my upper arms. They pull me deeper into the water, so that my feet no longer touch the ground. I tread water, but I don’t really need to, as they keep my head above the surface.

Jarren leans back against the pool side, Dane pushes me back so that my back is against Jarren’s chest. Then Dane comes forward and presses his chest to mine, effectively sandwiching me between them.

I look up into Dane’s orange eyes. His lashes are heavy with water droplets, making them look thicker and longer. He’s beautiful.

Jarren brushes my hair away from my neck, he kisses along up to my jaw and back down. Dane leans down and softly presses his lips to mine. With Jarren’s arms wrapped around my waist, I wrap my arms around Dane. We kiss slowly, almost lazily, taking our time.

I love that I don’t have to hide our relationship or be embarrassed in front of their friends. In the human world, we would be judged for being a three. But here, in our shifter world, anything goes. Jarren and Dane have claimed me, and no one fights that. No one comes between shifters and their mates.

“Tomorrow, little mouse, we will both take you,” Jarren whispers huskily into my ear. “Together.”

His words make me tense up.

Is he saying what I think he’s saying?

Dane stops kissing me and pulls back. He smirks at the alarmed look on my face. “Don’t worry mouse, you’re gonna love it.”

He grins at me, and I narrow my eyes at him. The fear of having both holes taken at once puts a dampener on my horniness.

The boys let me out of their grip, and I swim over to Charlie and Easton. We get out an inflatable ball and play some impromptu water polo.

The teams are the same as they were for the cocktail pong, and it gets pretty savage. There’s lots of splashing, shoving, and swearing. The competitiveness is exacerbated by the alcohol.

I have my hands stretched above my head, waiting to catch the ball that Faith is throwing to me. Dane comes up behind me and shoves me under the water. I kick back up the surface, spluttering in shock. He chuckles and catches the ball. I reach for him as he throws the ball to Jarren, who then scores.

“That doesn’t count, asshole!” I yell and launch myself at him.

My arms wrap around his neck as my body collides with his in the water. I pull on his hair as he yelps and tries to prise me off of him. He attempts to unlock my arms from around his neck, but I am latched on.

I tense up as the asshole plays dirty. His hands move to my bikini bottoms and push them aside under the water. I gasp as he pushes one of his fingers inside me.

“That’s not playing fair,” I mutter petulantly and loosen my arms. I slide down his body so that we’re face to face.

He smirks at me. “Never said I was going to play fair, Lei,” he replies. I bite my lip so that a moan won’t escape as he pumps his finger in and out twice. “Besides, I think you like it when I play dirty.”

I swallow hard as he winks at me. It’s a dickhead, cringey-as-fuck move, but somehow, he looks sexy when he winks.

Suddenly, I’m hoisted out of Dane’s arms and into Jarren’s. I know it’s him from the warm, comforting feeling that fills me when his skin touches mine. He pulls me back against his chest, one hand on my stomach and the other on my hip.

“He wasn’t teasing you, was he, baby?” Jarren asks. Dane rolls his eyes and re-joins the game.

“Yeah, J, he was,” I reply and pout at him.

He turns me around and presses his lips to mine in a loving kiss. I softly kiss him back but make no move to deepen it because we are in the middle of a competitive game of water polo. I pull back and frown as I hear my mate’s team chanting that they won.

“Hey, no fair, I was distracted!” I whine and they laugh at me.

“Come on, guys, let’s call it a night. We can leave the lovebirds alone,” Taysha announces, and everyone nods.

My cheeks burn red at the comment. I know they all knew what Dane was doing to me, but they’re nice enough not to say anything about it. We all get out of the pool and dry ourselves off with the stacks of towels on the lounger. Our friends get dressed and we hug goodbye. I thank them for such a good evening, it was lovely spending time with them. It’s almost midnight when my mates and I finally head upstairs, having cleared up a little bit outside.

“Come on, mouse, bedtime,” Jarren orders and sets me down on the bathroom counter.

He hands me my toothbrush, which already has toothpaste on it. We clean our teeth and take off our swimwear. I fall asleep in my favourite place, between my mates.


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