The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Sixteen


Leilani’s POV.

Sunday morning hits me like a ton of bricks. I groan and clutch my head as it throbs painfully.

Remind me to never drink that much again.

Regret floods through me as the incessant pounding in my head increases when I sit up. The bed is empty, I’m alone and in pain. I rub my eyes. My vision blurs for a moment before focussing. A glass of water and two tablets come into view, on the bedside table.

Take these for your head. We are training on the field this morning. J & D x

I grab the pills and shove them in my mouth greedily. I chug the water and swallow the tablets.

Goddess, bless my boys.

I love them so much. They always think of me. I lay in bed a while longer, killing time on my phone whilst the pills take effect. Eventually, I decide I should probably get up for the day. It is 11am, after all.

I take a shower and brush my teeth; I emerge from the bathroom as a new woman. Feeling refreshed and headache-free, I change into new underwear and a light dress.

I make myself some toasted bagels and pour out some mango juice. I balance the plate and glass in one hand and open the front door.

I’m hungry and I’m hungover and I want to perv on my men.

I march over to the training field and make myself comfortable on one of the benches. I eat my bagels whilst watching my mates, shirtless and glistening with sweat, train their warriors.

Jarren is the first to notice me watching. He gives me a small wave and then nudges Dane to alert him of my presence. I finish my bagels and juice, but that leaves my mind dangerously undistracted from their gorgeous physiques.

I know I’m not meant to watch them train, but I don’t move from my bench. Dane gives it a few minutes, but he caves and walks over to me.

“What are you doing here, mouse? You’re not meant to watch us train, it gets you all hot and bothered, remember?” He asks, his voice arrogant and teasing.

I narrow my eyes at him. “Actually, it’s helping my hangover.”

He raises an eyebrow at me and shakes his head. “Alright, stay if you want, but try not to get too aroused, okay?”

I glare at him as he winks and returns to his training mat.

That cocky little shit.

I watch them train for a while, but it doesn’t take long for me to start getting ‘hot and bothered’. I scowl in irritation when I feel myself getting wet at the sight of their flexing muscles. I force myself from the bench and stomp inside.

I look out of the window at the forest and note that I haven’t shifted in almost two weeks. I need a run. I know I should probably ask my mates first, but they’ll say no for sure. I get some paper and write a note saying that I’ve gone on a run, and I’ll be fine.

I go out, into the back garden. It leads into the trees; I find a tree with a wide trunk. I kick off my shoes and strip off my clothing. I shift quickly, before anyone can notice me. I shake out my fur and take off.

It’s been too long since I’ve last done this, I forgot how exhilarating it is. I weave through the trees, heading towards the border. It takes me a good five minutes to sprint to the edge of the border, their territory is huge.

Once I reach the border, I keep a bit of a distance from it and turn left. I run along it, being careful not to leave the territory. I only stop once, to catch my breath. The forest is beautiful, so vibrantly green. Squashy moss covers the ground and lichen-covered rocks are dotted throughout the trees.

Feeling satisfied, I return to the house. I shift behind my tree and put my clothes on. I enter the house through the back door and freeze when I spot my mates standing in the kitchen. They both have their arms crossed over their chests. Their expressions are thunderous.

“Hi...” I greet them nervously and give a small, very awkward wave.

Dane growls and I flinch. Jarren takes a step towards me, and I eye him warily.

“You went for a run, without informing us?” He asks. I swallow hard, his voice sounds calm, but I know he is anything but.

“I left a note,” I reply meekly, and he narrows his eyes at me.

“Sorry, let me rephrase that.” He takes another step towards me. “You went for a run, without clearing it with us first?”

I chew my bottom lip and try to think of the right thing to say. If I call them out on the ‘permission’ thing, I’ll make them angrier. Right now, I don’t think I will get anything through to them. I nod slowly and Dane finally moves. He clenches his fists at his sides and steps closer to me.

“I didn’t know I needed permission, I’m fine,” I tell them, wincing when they both glare at me.

“The office?” Jarren says.

My brows furrow in confusion until I realise he’s talking to Dane. Dane nods and reaches for me. I tense up as he grabs my waist and hauls me over his shoulder.

I remain silent as he carries me to their upstairs office. They told me they prefer to use the one in the pack house because they’re closer to their pack, and people don’t have to come to the house to see them.

Jarren steps ahead of Dane and opens the door. There is a large, oak desk with a few stationery items on it. Jarren removes them and my eyes widen as Dane sets me down on the desk.

I shiver as the cold wood hits my bare thighs. I don’t have much time to react because Dane grabs my waist and flips me over.

“On all fours,” he orders and sets me down on my hands and knees on the desk.
I remain frozen as Dane lifts my dress up to expose my thighs and butt.

What have they got planned?

Both of them are stood behind me, making me nervous. My cheeks warm up at the thought of them stood, staring at my thong-clad ass.

I open my mouth, about to ask what is going on, when a hard smack comes down over my butt.

“Ow!” I protest and try to move forwards, but someone grabs my ankles to keep me back.

Another three slaps rain down on my buttocks.

“What the fuck, guys?” I snap, irritated that they’re spanking me of all things.

I tense up as my thong is removed. They slide it down my legs and off my feet. The blush travels down to my neck, I can feel it heating up. My pussy is completely bare to them, right at eye level as well. This is humiliating.

I jump when one of them begins stroking along my slit, teasing me. I try not to squirm as they stroke my clit and teasingly enter just the tip of a finger inside me.

One of them slaps my ass, the noise echoes loudly around the room. At the exact moment of a second slap, the other pushes their full finger inside of me. A moan escapes my mouth, both from pleasure and pain.

They work together to tease and torture me. A never-ending stream of slaps on my butt and thighs, whilst one of them fingers me and strokes my clit.

“Fuck,” I mumble, clenching my pussy as my orgasm nears. Just as it starts to build, the fingers stop, and a harder slap comes down on my ass.

“Ouch!” I shout loudly.

My head drops forwards, but I keep myself up on all fours. My knees hurt from the wooden desk, but I know they want to punish me. This is what they consider a punishment.

They continue their little punishment three times, each time stopping when I get close to cumming. Frustration is rolling off of me. My ass stings from the slaps, and I’m getting blue walls from all this teasing.

“That’s enough, I think.” Jarren comments and I shiver as all hands leave my body.

I feel vulnerable and cold, I’m bent and swollen on their desk.

“Do you think she has learned her lesson, brother?” Dane asks and I bite down on my lip to stop myself from making a snarky comment and landing myself another punishment.

“I’m not sure, but at least she knows what to expect now,” Jarren replies. “Do you think she’s earned a reward?”

I don’t hear Dane’s answer, but their hands return to my body. This time, when my orgasm starts, they don’t stop. They take me through it until I’m screaming in pleasure on the desk. I have to admit, it was more intense from them dragging it out with the teasing.

When my breathing has returned to normal, Jarren grabs my waist and helps me down from the desk. I stumble against him as I straighten my stiff legs. He fixes my dress and Dane places my thong in my hand.

I glare at them both. I can’t quite decide if I loved or hated that. I remember what they told me in the pool last night.

“I thought you said you were both going to take me today?”

Both of their eyes darken at the thought of taking me at the same time.

“Well, I’m afraid you’re meant to be meeting Charlie in the armoury in…” Dane checks his watch. “Ten minutes.”

I scowl and push past them. I slip on my underwear and make my way over to the armoury. I need a distraction from those two idiots I call my mates.


I spend the entire afternoon with Charlie. He teaches me everything I need to know about running the armoury. He shows me how the inventory system works, where all the equipment for test fires and cleaning is, how to log weapons in and out. It’s incredible, I think I can be of use here.

I take my time returning to the house, still irritated with my mates.

My irritation goes straight out of the window when I enter the house and a delicious smell hits me.

“Garlic bread?” I ask, my voice filled with childish hope, as I enter the kitchen.

Jarren is stood chopping vegetables, whilst Dane sets the table.

“Yep, and lasagne,” Jarren replies.

My stomach rumbles in response. I grab some cutlery and help Dane.

“Dinner will be in about fifteen minutes,” Dane informs us as he checks on the food in the oven.

I go upstairs and give Damon a call, wanting a catch up with my bestie. We have a quick chat, but I ditch him as soon as dinner is called.


My mouth waters when Jarren serves up the food. The three of us sit down at the table and begin serving ourselves. I take three pieces of garlic bread. My mates obviously don’t intend on giving me any action tonight, so it won’t matter if I have dragon breath.

“We’ve got to go visit a friend tomorrow, he’s the Alpha of East Forest, would you like to come?” Dane asks and I’m happy that they offered.

“I’d love to!”

They ask me about the armoury as we eat. I tell them everything, knowing they’ll be more relaxed about it if they know more. I understand they want to keep me safe, it’s in their instincts to be protective, I’ve just got to show them when they’re being crazy.

There’s a fine line between cute and crazy.

We watch some TV after we’ve eaten. The three of us curl up on the sofa, all of our legs entwined. We might have really pissed each other off today, but we’re still a little triangle.

We don’t stay up long; my mates tell me that we’ll leave at nine tomorrow for East Forest territory. I climb into bed and nearly weep at the sight of both of my mates, in only their boxers.

Are they trying to torture me?

My suspicion is confirmed when they both take off their boxers and climb into bed on either side of me, bollock naked.

“Fuck sake,” I groan loudly and cover my eyes.

I hear them chuckle next to me and I mentally curse them.

“Someone feeling a little...frustrated?” Jarren asks teasingly.

I growl at him when he grazes his hand along my thigh, up to my stomach.

“Stop teasing me, please,” I beg. I give them both pleading looks, but they look more amused than ever.

“We couldn’t believe how reckless you were today, you can’t even begin to imagine what it would do to us if anything happened to you, little mouse.” Jarren chastises me and buries his face in my neck. He breathes in my scent to calm himself down.

“I was fine, guys. I really think you’re overreacting, I never left your territory.”

Our territory,” Dane corrects me. “You never know what might happen, you should always go with someone else.”

I realise that there’s no way I’m winning this, it’s two against one. I huff and make myself comfy.

“Fine, I’ll ask you next time, happy?” I mumble petulantly.

“Very,” Jarren replies.

They each kiss me goodnight and I fall asleep to the sound of their steady breathing.


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