The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Seventeen


Leilani’s POV.

This has got to be a joke. Seriously, they’re trying to kill me. My mates stand before me, all six foot five of them, muscular as hell, with faces carved by Michelangelo himself. In suits.

They are walking wet dreams, Sex Gods, whatever you wanna call it. The sight of them has me instantly wet. They make me want to say, ‘fuck it’, forget my dignity and just throw my legs open for them to take me.

Jarren has brushed his hair back off of his beautiful face. He is wearing an anthracite grey suit with a white shirt. Dane has styled his silver hair and is wearing a navy blue suit with a matching shirt. They’re both wearing midnight blue ties.

“You look, holy shit, you look incredible,” I compliment them, unable to close my mouth as I leer at them.

They are highly amused by my awestruck state, they love the attention. It’s gone straight to their already-too-big egos. I scoff at their expressions and casually slide my dressing gown from my shoulders. It pools in a silky pile at my feet.

I reveal my matching lacy underwear set and garter belt to them. I smirk as I hear them both groan.

“’re killing us, please let us touch you,” Jarren whines and I chuckle.

Dane starts to approach me, and I spin around quickly, holding my hand up to stop him.

“Ah-ah Daney baby, not a step closer,” I say smugly.

After their torturing of me yesterday, I told them they’re not allowed to touch me until I ask for it, as their punishment. This morning, I admitted to them that I really should have gone with someone, but I told them that I didn’t like how they handled it. They know they need to calm down before we resolve anything in the future, they acted too impulsively.

I feel their eyes on me as I slip on my dress and straighten it in the mirror.

“But we have something for you, Lei,” Jarren pleads and retrieves something from his pocket.

He holds it out for me to take. I pick it up from his hand and inspect it closely.

What the hell am I looking at?

It’s a heavy, metal shape with a flat end. My eyes widen as realisation dawns on me.

Oh my Goddess this better not be...

“It’s goes in your ass,” Dane states bluntly and I stare at them in shock.

Jarren shrugs and takes it back from me. “We want to get you ready for us back there.”

I merely gawp at them, wondering whether excitement or terror will prevail in me.

“Please, mouse? It will hurt less if you let us put it in you first,” Jarren begs.

I sigh in acceptance and nod. “Fine.”

Dane picks me up, strides into the living and sits down on the arm of the sofa. He pulls my over his lap and hikes my dress up my legs. I hear the tell-tale squelch sound of lube being squirted.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!

Dane pulls my underwear down to my knees and I squirm on his lap. He plants his hands on my hips, holding me still. “Baby, just relax,” Jarren coaxes me.

I tense up as I feel him placing the cold, pointed end against my asshole.

Dane releases one of my hips and reaches under me, to my pussy. I shakily inhale as he begins rubbing my clit. I’m still fired up from yesterday and it only takes a few strokes for little shivers of pleasure to run through me.

Whilst Dane pleasures me, Jarren tortures me by slowly pushing the butt plug inside me. I try to focus on my breathing and make myself relax. Jarren’s other hand trails up and down my side, massaging my ass until I relax.

“Bear down, baby, you’re almost there,” Dane coos at me and I squeeze my eyes shut as the fattest part of the plug stretches me out.

Dane works his fingers faster and I moan, hating myself for letting it escape my lips. Jarren pushes the plug all the way in and the wider end rests against my hole.

“There, all done.”

Dane removes his hand from my pussy. He pulls up my thong and pulls my dress down. Jarren helps me to my feet, and I grimace at the feel of the butt plug inside me.

This is going to take some getting used to.

“Well done, mouse,” Jarren says huskily, I know that turned him on.

He kisses my forehead and then we go outside. Dane opens the passenger door for me and offers out a hand to help me in. Dressed in a tight black dress and ballet flats, I gratefully take his hand.

“You look gorgeous, mouse,” he whispers and kisses the back of my hand. I smile as he shuts my door and then climbs in shotgun.

Jarren punches in the post code on the SatNav and reverses out of the drive. It should only take an hour, so I settle back in the seat and listen to the radio that Dane has switched on.

I fall into that trance-like state you sometimes go into on car journeys. The kind where you’re looking out of the window but not really processing what you’re seeing because you’re too lost in your own, random thoughts.

We head up the mountains and I realise that this is why my mates are comfortable wearing suits, it’s cooler up here. The time passes quickly and before I know it, Jarren is helping me out of the car. The temperature is warm, but definitely not as hot as it is at home.

“His name is Alpha Jason, he’s our friend so be nice,” Jarren warns teasingly with a wink.

I hold Dane’s hand whilst Jarren rests his hand on my lower back. We approach the modern pack house, made of glass and white stone.

An attractive, muscular man emerges from the house. He must only be about eighteen and he’s almost a foot shorter than my mates.

“Well, if it isn’t the Blake brothers all loved up,” he calls out and grins.

“Hi, Jay,” Dane greets him and they all do that man-hug thing.

“This is our beautiful mate, Leilani,” Jarren tells him, and Jason offers his hand out to me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Leilani, it’s about time someone whipped these twins into shape,” he says and winks at me. Dane rolls his eyes whilst Jarren stands a little closer to me.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jason, you have a lovely territory.”

“Ooh, I like her already.” Jason chuckles and nudges Jarren. “Come inside.”

We follow Jason into his study, which is practically identical to my mates’ one. Jason shrugs his jacket off. He’s wearing a vest which shows off his arm band, unlike the ones my mates wear, his is red to signify his different pack.

I take a seat on one of the sofas, whilst my mates sit opposite Jason at the desk. They begin catching up whilst I read the titles of the many books on his shelves.

Once their conversation moves on to more serious matters, like hunters, I start to listen. I take one of the spare seats and listen to the three of them converse. Jason tells them about his experience with them, what sort of traps they’ve been setting, what weapons they’ve been using.

Jarren asks me to explain the situation with the hunters at my old pack, which makes me happy. He could have explained it for me, but he purposefully included me in the conversation, and I appreciate that.

“Our own mate was injured by one of their bombs,” Dane explains angrily.

I smile at Jason when he looks worriedly at me. “I was temporarily blinded, couldn’t even see my mates when I first met them.”

He bursts out laughing. “I bet when you got your sight back you wished you hadn’t,” he says and then rolls his eyes at the twins glaring at him. “I’m joking! Like you two have anything to worry about in the looks department.”

Alpha Jason has to be the most relaxed Alpha I’ve ever met, but perhaps that is to do with his age. He seems so young and carefree, even more so than my mates.

The conversation turns again, and they start talking about other Alphas and Lunas, people I don’t know. I tune out and get distracted by the sight of my mates. They’ve both removed their blazers and now have their shirt sleeves rolled up, showing off their tanned forearms. They look so attractive, it’s killing me.

I shift on my seat, trying to get comfortable, but it’s difficult with this damn plug in me. I’m still turned on from yesterday. Naughty scenes fill my head of them taking me at the same time, just like they promised. The plug in my butt is a constant reminder of what they’re going to do later, and a part of me can’t wait.

Both of them suddenly tense up and I curse under my breath. Their eyes land on me and they both have darkened with lust. I forgot that they can smell when I’m thinking about sex. Let’s be honest, when I’m around them, I’m always thinking about sex. I’m like some randy, teenage boy when they’re near me.

Jason seems to sense the tension and looks quickly between the three of us. He breaks out into a grin and chuckles.

“The room next door is empty and has a lock, I think we’ve pretty much covered everything, would you like to finish the meeting now?” Jason asks and as embarrassed as I am, I am so grateful he’s cottoned on to my problem.

Jarren looks over at Dane and nods. “I’m sorry for cutting this short, Jay.” He turns to us. “Why don’t you and Dane go next door?”

Dane stands up and grabs my hand, practically yanking me out of the chair. We step into the next room, and I look around the empty office. There’s only a sofa, desk, and some chairs.

“On the sofa, lay over the arm, baby,” Dane orders me and I quickly do as he says.

He kneels on the sofa behind me and lifts up my dress, resting it on my back. I shiver and goosebumps break out on my skin when he lowers my thong. With no warning or build up, he pushes two fingers inside of me. I moan and press myself against the arm of the sofa.

“Are you my horny, little mate?” Dane asks and my eyes widen in surprise. “You couldn’t resist my brother and I, could you? You were having very inappropriate thoughts during our meeting, and naughty girls get punished.”

I groan in frustration. “I got punished enough yesterday, don’t you think?” I whine and Dane chuckles. “This is all your fault! You left me all turned on, plus I’ve had this stupid plug in my ass all morning.”

Dane laughs again and pushes his fingers inside me, so that they brush against my g-spot. “What, this plug?” He asks innocently and I cry out in surprise as he grips the end of it and twists it inside me.

Fuck, that feels good.

“You are ours, mouse.” He leans forward and whispers in my ear. “And we adore you. I think you’re right, maybe you need to be treated.”

The door opens and the scent of Jarren hits me. I hear the rasp of his zipper, but I don’t turn around.

“Jason finds it hilarious that we’re completely whipped by our mate,” Jarren announces, and he appears in my field of vision.

He stands in front of me, so that my face is eye level with his crotch. He lowers his trousers and then his boxers, letting his hard cock swing free. It bobs and then reaches up towards his stomach. I grab it eagerly.

“What our mate wants, our mate gets,” Jarren says and taps his cock against my lips for me to open up. “Let’s fuck her until she’s satisfied,” he grunts as I take his cock into my mouth.

Thank Goddess!

I moan around Jarren’s cock when I feel Dane’s cock enter my pussy. With his cock and the plug, I feel so full and content. Dane holds my hips and begins pumping in and out of me. The momentum pushes me back and forth, bobbing my mouth around Jarren’s cock.

I reach for his cock to rub the base, but Jarren tuts and pushes my hand away. “Mouth only, mouse,” he chastises me and then groans when I suck harder. “Just like that.”

Dane pounds into me, pushing me deeper on Jarren’s cock. I relax my throat to let more of him in. Being spit-roasted by them is fulfilling my naughty fantasies. I know I’m going to orgasm soon; this is too much stimulation for me to cope with.

Dane speeds up his pace and Jarren digs his fingers into my hair, fucking my mouth at his pace now. “Fuck, I’m close,” Dane grunts.

My orgasm suddenly hits as he twists that damn plug in my butt. I clench down around him, and he curses loudly. He shouts my name and empties himself inside of me. I moan around Jarren’s cock and he cums too, shooting his load in my mouth. I swallow it all to the sound of his sexy groans.

The three of us pull apart. I move closer to Dane to let Jarren sink onto the sofa.

“You couldn’t have waited until we got home.” Dane shakes his head. “Jason probably heard everything.”

“The room is soundproof, I asked him,” Jarren tells us. “No way I was going to let his pack listen to our mate orgasm.”

“You’re very sure of yourself,” I comment. “How did you know you were going to make me cum?”

Jarren chuckles and kisses my lips. “We’re your mates, baby, we know what you like and where you like it.”

My cheeks flame red, and I stand up to fix my dress. Jarren produces some tissues from his pockets and hands them to me to clean myself. I wipe Dane’s cum from my thighs and pull my thong on.

The three of us emerge from the office and pop back into Jason’s office to say goodbye. He looks at me with a smug smirk.

“I hope you enjoyed your trip here.” Jason teases us. “You know you guys are welcome here, anytime.”

We say bye and I leave with what little dignity I have left.


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