The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Eighteen


Leilani’s POV.

I glance nervously at the door and then back at my reflection in the mirror.

They won’t know if I take it out...

I could always put it back in before bed tonight, yeah, I’ll do that.

All the way in the car, through lunch and half the afternoon, this plug has been bothering me. I feel full, but not in a good way like earlier, it’s starting to ache. Now, I need a wee and this is the final straw.

I reach behind and grasp the end of the plug. I give it a gentle tug and gasp.

Goddess, save me.

I grip the edge of the counter and grit my teeth. I take a deep breath, relax all of my internal muscles, and pull the plug out. I curse under my breath, hating the feeling of it coming out.

It’s clean, but I wash it under the tap for good measure. I leave the bathroom feeling much better, albeit slightly sore. I spend the rest of the afternoon helping Charlie. We decide to test fire some hand guns. We gear up with goggles and ear protection and fire off some rounds. It’s a lot of fun.

My mates come over as we’re finishing up. I remove the ammunition from my gun and flick the safety back on.

“Hey Alphas,” Charlie greets them. They say hi and I lean up to kiss both of them.

“A few of us were thinking of going out tonight, do you want to join us?” Charlie offers and my eyes light up with excitement.

“Out-out?” I ask and he laughs.

“Yes, out-out, that new club is meant to be really good.”

I look hopefully at my mates, and they share a disapproving look.

“Aw, please!” I whine, feeling like a kid begging her parents for a party. “Let’s go out!”

Their eyes soften as they see me pulling my best Puss in boots face.

“Fine, but only because we can protect you from horny drunks,” Dane concedes and I do a victory fist pump in the air.

“Yes! Yes!” I high five Charlie and grab the equipment. “Come on, I’ve got to get this stuff back so I can start getting ready.”

Charlie laughs at me. “It’s only five, how much time do you need?”

“A lot! I haven’t even chosen my outfit yet!”


I pick out an outfit and have a shower. After having dinner with my mates, I get ready whilst they watch TV. They get ready when I’m straightening my hair, and still finish before me.

I come down the stairs and clip my heels on at the bottom, no way I was teetering down that massive stairway in these stilettos. I like my ankles unbroken. My heels click on the floorboards when I walk to the kitchen. I step through the archway and my eyes land on my boys.

They’re both wearing jeans, Jarren is wearing a white t-shirt and Dane is wearing a black one. They look incredible. Their tight t-shirts leave nothing to the imagination. I just want to rip their clothes off of them.

They turn around and look at me, taking in my outfit.

“No way,” they both say at the same time.

I roll my eyes and cross my arms over my chest. “No way are you wearing that either, you both look too sexy.” They frown and then laugh at me. “What, so it’s okay for people to stare at you but not at me?” I ask.

They share a look and then nod. “Exactly,” Jarren teases and I glare at him.

I look down at my black dress. Sure, it’s a bit short and has some mesh panels in it, but I think I look good. “I don’t see what’s wrong with it,” I tell them.

Dane approaches me and runs his finger down my side. “It’s too short, it’s too tight and it’s too revealing,” he comments.

Jarren comes over to me too and places his finger over my lips before I can argue.

“You look amazing,” he says. “Don’t get us wrong, Lei, you look so fucking hot.” He takes my hand and places it over his erection that is straining against his jeans.

“We just don’t want anyone else getting this hard over you,” Dane adds and I roll my eyes.

“Not possible, guys, you’re biased. I’ll barely be noticed, now chill.”

I put my hands on both of their faces and kiss their cheeks. I don’t let my mates make me change, I’m keeping this outfit because I like it.

I think that I’ve gotten away with it, until Dane grabs my wrist as we head to the door. I turn to face him, and he steps towards me. He slides his hand up my thigh and under my dress. I hold my breath when he runs his finger between my cheeks and over my thong. His finger runs over my asshole, which is pointedly butt plug-less.

His eyes harden and I bite my lip nervously. I yelp in shock when he grabs me and throws me over his shoulder. He takes me through to the living room, sits down and throws me over his lap, face first. I reach down to the floor to balance myself.

“What is going on?” Jarren asks as he steps into the lounge.

Dane pulls my dress up and my thong down, exposing my butt.

“You took the plug out,” Jarren notes sternly.

“”I’m sorry! It was uncomfortable and it was starting to hurt!” I apologise and it’s silent for a moment.

“You should have told us it was hurting you; we would have let you take it out,” Dane chastises me.

I remain silent as he caresses my ass cheeks. He slaps one out of nowhere, making me jump.

“The taxi is here,” Jarren tells him.

My mouth drops open as he begins raining down light smacks all over my butt, changing the place each time. As if the taxi is waiting outside, while I get spanked inside. It doesn’t hurt, but I feel embarrassed.

“Tell us next time, mouse, your comfort is our priority,” Dane scolds me.

He fixes my clothing and sets me down on my feet. I don’t look at him as I grab my clutch and storm outside. Jarren is leaning against the taxi, waiting for us. He opens the door for me and kisses my forehead before I get inside. Dane slides in next to me, but I face away from him, looking out of the window.

Taysha and Charlie get into the cab too, it’s one of those mini-bus ones. I try to ignore Dane, still irritated with him for spanking me, but he grabs my hand and rubs soothing circles over the back of it. Warm and comforting feelings radiate through me in response to his touch, it’s frustrating.

We pull up in front of a bar. Dane helps me out of the cab, these heels are lethal. My mates flank either side of me as we enter the bar. Taysha gets some looks straight away. Wearing a hot pink dress, with her blue braids down her back, she’s definitely eye-catching.

Charlie and Jarren get the first round of drinks, whilst Dane, Taysha and I sit at a booth. We’re chatting about some new movie when the guys bring the drinks over. Jarren sets a pornstar martini down on the table and sits next to me.

“Thank you, J,” I tell him and reach for the drink.

Compared to the BBQ fiasco, we are relatively tame. I’ve got a good buzz going on, but I’m not drunk.

We move onto a busier bar, where there’s no seats available. The five us stand to one side so that we can hear each other talk. I can feel a man’s eyes on me. I glance around and make eye contact with him. He’s a human, a couple of feet away. He smiles at me, and I give a small, polite smile back.

A few seconds later, I spot him walking over in my peripherals.

Oh fuck, this cannot end well.

“Hey,” he says, his eyes solely on me.

The others keep talking, but Jarren and Dane tense up on either side of me.

“I was wondering if I could buy you a drink, you’re gorgeous,” the human says, and I silently wish I hadn’t smiled back. It wasn’t an encouraging smile, it was an awkward, polite one.

Why has he come over?

Jarren steps forward, getting in the face of the human. “I suggest you go back to your friends,” he says calmly. “Our girlfriend is not accepting any drinks from you.”

The man’s eyes widen and then narrow in confusion. “Our?” He splutters and glances between Jarren and Dane.

I keep my face impassive as Dane puts his arm around my shoulders.

The human looks at the three of us in shock, and then disgust.

“Fucking whore,” he mumbles under his breath and turns to leave.

Jarren grabs his shoulder and pulls him back. “What did you just call her?” He growls, his voice deep and terrifying.

The human metaphorically shits himself. “N-nothing,” he stutters, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

“J, leave it,” I tell him and slip my arm around his waist from behind.

He relaxes into my touch and removes his hand from the human. “Don’t be so fucking judgemental,” he says angrily.

The human nods and returns to his friends, looking shell-shocked. Jarren turns back to me and kisses my forehead.

“Don’t listen to a word he said,” he tells me.

He knows that his insult hurt me, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. Humans don’t always understand our world, they don’t have soulmates like us, they don’t know it’s something we can’t control.

“You’re ours, and we’re proud of it,” Dane adds and squeezes me to him.

“You’re the best,” I reply and down the last of my drink.

With my mood having taken a bit of a dive, we decide to move onto a club. Jarren and Dane don’t leave my side as we get some drinks and find somewhere to situate ourselves.

We go up to the upper level, where the music isn’t as loud and there’s lots of booths. Once again, I find myself sandwiched between my mates.

We talk some more and just before midnight; a load of pack members turn up. They’re a lot more drunk than the five of us are, so we buy more drinks to try and catch up with them.

As the alcohol takes it effect, I start to lose my inhibitions. Suddenly, dancing seems like the best idea. I look thoughtfully between Jarren and Dane.

Which one is more likely to dance with me?

My gaze settles on Dane. He seems more relaxed than Jarren, who is still scanning the crowd for any potential threats. We’re in a human club, but apparently J doesn’t know how to switch off.

I slip my hand into Dane’s, and he looks down at me. “Dane with me?” I ask, but it comes out wrong. Dane’s face scrunches up in confusion as I burst out laughing. “I meant dance with me,” I manage to say between giggles.

He raises his eyebrow at me. “I think you’ve had enough to drink, mouse,” he says teasingly, and I shrug.

“Help me dance off the alcohol, then. Come on,” I reply and tug him over to the crowd.

I put my arms around his neck, and he automatically puts his hands on my waist. We move in time to the beat, and I revel in the feeling of being in my mate’s arms. I glance over to check on Jarren. He’s scanning the crowd with a frown on his face, it disappears when it lands on us.

Oops, we didn’t tell him we were dancing.

Dane’s back is to Jarren, and my hands are resting at the back of his neck. I smile at Jarren and hook my finger, gesturing for him to join us.

His eyes narrow, but after a moment of deliberating, he weaves through people, towards us. I grin up at him when he stands behind me and puts his hands on my waist, a little lower than Dane’s.

I reach back with my right hand and play with the short hair at the back of his neck. With my arms around both of my guys, and their hands on me, I feel completely content.

“Is she with both of them?” A girl’s voice reaches me as she not-so-quietly asks her friend. Her tone is high-pitched and full of disgust.

I turn towards the direction the voice came from and see a girl glaring at me with her top lip curled in revulsion. Sober me would have ignored her. Unfortunately, sober me isn’t here right now.

“You got a problem?” I shout at her, and she seems surprised that I’ve heard and I’m calling her out. “Don’t be jealous because they’re both mine.”

She grimaces and starts to turn away. “Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!” I call after her and I feel my mates’ hands tighten on my hips.

“Perhaps it’s time to leave, before our little mouse tries to fight someone,” Dane suggests and Jarren must agree, because he escorts me to the stairs.

Dane informs the others that we’re leaving whilst Jarren and I go outside and find a taxi. We stand next to one and wait for Dane to come out. I put my arms around Jarren and rest my face on his pec. I can feel his steady heartbeat thumping against my cheek.

Yeah, I’m that much shorter than him, even in heels.

“I’m sorry, J,” I mumble, and he puts his arm around my shoulders.

“Don’t worry about it baby, I’m glad you stuck up for us,” he replies and kisses the top of my head.

Dane comes out of the club. “Right, let’s get our little aggy one home.”


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