The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Twenty


Leilani’s POV.

We only spend a couple of hours with Graham, but it’s such a lovely evening. He makes delicious food and is great company. He entertains me with stories of the twins when they were younger. After dinner, he whacks out the photo albums, much to my mates’ displeasure.

My fears went the second he hugged me. He’s lovely and welcoming and he couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable. I just wish I hadn’t had a butt-plug up my ass for the first time I met my father-in-law.

We arrive home just after ten and nerves start to form in my stomach again. This time, it’s because I know what the boys want to do when we get upstairs.

They let me have some time alone to mentally prepare myself. I do my usual routine; I take off my make-up and get ready for bed. They let me remove the butt-plug from my ass, finally.

I change into an over-sized t-shirt, with nothing underneath. When I come out of the bathroom, they have both gotten ready for bed too. They are sitting on the edge of our bed, waiting for me.

I swallow hard when I see they are wearing nothing but their boxers.

I’ve had sex with them before, I don’t know why I’m so nervous about it this time. Oh wait, yes I do.

I’m about to be stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

They both stand up as I approach them. I blink a couple of times, not quite believing that these perfect men are for me. They don’t really give me a chance to think anymore, because they both reach for me at the same time. My mind turns to mush at the feel of both of them with their hands on me.

Jarren impatiently pulls my t-shirt up and over my head. Briefly, I manage to berate myself for even bothering to put it on. Dane’s hands cup my breasts from behind. His close proximity means I can feel his large erection resting between the cheeks of my butt. He has somehow removed his boxers without me knowing.

Now that I am naked, Jarren kicks off his own underwear. He kneels in front of me, and I look down at him. His cock rests hard and heavy between his legs, bowing away from his stomach to the floor.

I want to clench my thighs in response, but Jarren’s hands grab them and pull me further apart. He settles himself between them and licks his tongue from my hole up to my clit, parting my lips.

I let out a shuddering breath in response to his teasing. He does it a couple of times, long, languid licks that have my body shaking. Dane’s fingers pinch and pull on my nipples until they’re hard and tight. He massages my breasts, pushing them up and together until I feel like my eyes will roll back in my head with the pleasure overload.

I don’t realise my eyes are closed until I suddenly open them when Jarren lifts me up. He places my thighs on his shoulders, supporting my weight with his hands. In this new position, he can bury his face in my pussy.

Dane helps him by resting my back against his chest, stopping me from falling backwards. My head drops back to rest against his shoulder.

Jarren’s fingers dig into the flesh on my thighs and butt. His tongue swirls around my clit until the first tremors of an orgasm start to rush through me. Dane rolls my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, adding a little bit of pain to my pleasure.

It’s all I need to push me over the edge. I cum hard, throwing my head back as an overly-loud, breathy moan escapes me. Jarren holds my legs whilst they shake, he flicks his tongue over my clit, prolonging my orgasm.

When I finally come down, Dane helps me to my feet, although I feel unsteady. Jarren gets up from the floor, his mouth glistening with my juices. He wipes them off with the back of his hand, the action is oddly erotic.

Dane lies down in the middle of the bed. Jarren gently guides me towards him, his hand on my lower back. I know he wants me to get on top of him. I kneel on the bed and crawl to Dane. Instead of climbing onto his lap, I grab his cock and wrap my lips around the tip.

My ass is in the air as I take Dane deeper into my mouth, until he hits the back of my throat. I jump slightly when Jarren’s hand runs down my back and over my asshole. He kneels on the floor by the edge of the bed and starts eating me out from behind.

I moan around Dane’s cock and work my hand faster. Jarren’s nose bumps against my asshole as he presses his tongue deeper into my pussy.

I swirl my tongue around the head of Dane’s cock and then take him deep again until he groans.

Jarren seems to have had enough of this, he grabs my hips and lifts me up in the air. Dane’s cock slips from my mouth and I whine quietly at the loss. Dane holds his cock upright and Jarren lines me up, he lowers me down onto him, effectively spearing me with Dane’s dick. I frown at him man-handling me onto his brother’s penis. But then Dane slides fully into me, and my head falls back at the beautiful feeling of him inside of me.

I sit on Dane’s cock, adjusting to his size. I put my hands on his chest and begin to slowly ride him. His orange eyes lock with mine, my heart flutters as I see the affection swirling in them.

Jarren retrieves something from behind me and then his hands are gently pushing me forwards. Dane reaches for me and wraps his arms around me, pulling me down to kiss him. He pushes his tongue into my mouth and I almost moan at the delicious taste of him.

Somewhere at the back of my mind, I process Jarren squirting lube onto my ass. I pull away from the kiss and glance over my shoulder. He’s lubricated his cock as well, his hand runs up and down it, spreading out the liquid. It looks like a huge, glistening rod that is no way in hell going up my arse.

“Absolutely fucking not,” I say and try to get off Dane’s dick. His hands clamp down on my thighs, keeping me impaled on him. I whimper and pout. “It’s too big.”

Dane pulls me down and softly kisses me. “Baby, we were made for each other, it’ll fit, we both will.”

He runs his hands up and down my arms, whispering love and encouragement in my ear as Jarren rubs the tip of his cock up and down my asshole.

I tense up and Dane shakes his head. “Mouse, don’t do that, you’ve got to relax, or it’ll hurt more,” he warns me.

I squeeze my eyes shut. I nod in response and try to relax my inner muscles. Dane begins kissing and sucking at his mark. He reaches down and slowly rubs my clit, trying to distract me.

It works.

Jarren slowly begins pushing the head of his cock inside me. It’s a strange sensation, but not unpleasant. He slips in easily. It’s only when I’ve taken the head and his wide girth starts to press in that my ass begins to burn with the stretch.

“Stop!” I hiss. “Give me a sec.” I squeeze my eyes tighter and breathe in and out through my nose. The burn slowly fades. “Okay, you can move again,” I mutter quietly.

Dane rubs my clit harder and bites down on his mark. A cry of pleasure leaves my lips and Jarren pushes another couple of inches inside me.

“Fuck,” I curse at the painful burning sensation.

He’s so big, so much bigger than the stupid plug. If it hurts having worn it, I’m so glad they made me wear it, it could have hurt so much more if I had never let them put it in me.

“You’re almost there, baby.” Jarren’s hands run soothingly up and down my back. “You’re taking me so well, well done, mouse.”

My breathing is rapid and shallow as he pushes the last of the way into me. I feel him bottom out and a whimper leaves me.

“Ssh, it’s okay, baby, you did it,” Dane whispers and kisses my forehead.

He removes his hand from my clit, and I miss the touch. I open my eyes and look down at Dane’s and my connected pelvises. I’m completely full. Dane is filling my pussy and Jarren is stretching my ass.

“We won’t move until you want us to, mouse,” Jarren reassures me.

I slowly sit up on Dane, gasping at the sensation.

Jarren is behind me, his chest pressed to my back. It feels like Dane’s cock is going to come out of my stomach, I feel so full.

“Okay,′ I whisper. “I’m ready.”

“Lean forwards, Lei, we’re about to make you feel real good,” Jarren promises huskily.

I do as he asks and lean forwards until my breasts are squashed against Dane’s chest. I tuck my face into his neck. Jarren moves first. He slides almost fully out of my ass and then presses back inside. I shiver at the pleasurable sensation. His hands grip my hips, and he repeats the action.

“Fuck,” I mumble, and I hear them both chuckle.

“Ready?” Dane asks and Jarren grunts in response.

“Holy shit!” I call out as they both pull out and push back in at the same time.

It’s like being empty and then becoming stuffed a second later. After that, they alternate thrusts. As Jarren enters, Dane retreats and vice versa. The sensation is maddening, I feel like I’m losing my mind with desire.

All I can do is lie there and take them both. Endless moans come from my mouth as they repeatedly thrust into me. Sexy little grunts and groans escape their lips from underneath and behind me.

Jarren’s hands move from my hips to lift me up so that he can grab my breasts. He pinches and tugs on my nipples, helping build my orgasm. Dane holds my hips and thrusts harder into me, determination clear on his face.

“Fuck, little mouse, we need you to cum soon,” Dane bites out the words.

His words have the effect they usually do. He reaches down between us and rubs my clit again. The pleasure is too much. Their sweet torture of my breasts and clit, the feeling of them pounding into my pussy and ass, is too much.

My orgasm hits me at full force. I clench down around the both of them and they curse in unison. Another wave of pleasure barrels through me as they finish inside me, filling me up with their hot cum.

The three of us collapse on the bed. They slip out of me, and I feel empty and sticky. It’s not a great feeling. I can barely open my eyes, let alone move my limbs. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, but a really good truck.

I’m scooped into someone’s arms and placed in a bath, which makes me realise that time has passed, and I haven’t even known it. I’ve been in some sort of exhausted/pleasured haze. My mates cuddle me between them, slowing bringing me back to fully consciousness.

“I love you,” I mumble.

They stop washing me and I peel my eyes open. They’re both looking at me with surprised smiles on their gorgeous faces.

“Say that again, mouse,” Jarren demands, and I smile at them.

“I love you both, so much.”

Their faces light up and they pull me into a three-way hug. I rest my chin between their shoulders.

“We love you too, mouse,” Dane replies and kisses my cheek.

“So, so much,” Jarren adds.


My ass hurts and my pussy is sore. But I’m happy. I sit on Jarren’s lap, with my legs resting on Dane’s, as we eat breakfast together on the sofa.

“I’m going to work with Charlie until 3ish,” I tell them, and they nod.

“Not a problem, we’ll be doing training and sorting some stuff out today.”

“Okay, shout if you need me to do anything. Can I make dinner tonight?” I ask and they both happily agree.

I get ready for the day, dressing a vest and some leggings. Just before 9 o’clock, I walk over to the armoury. Charlie looks me up and down and smirks.

“You are walking like you got some last night,” he comments and my face heats up.

I didn’t think my wincing was that obvious!

“Shut up, let’s get to work,” I grumble and shove him.

“Whatever, you got dicked down,” he teases. “Need me to grab a wheelchair from the clinic?”

I bare my teeth at him. “Asshole.”

“Isn’t that where your mate’s dick was last night?” He asks innocently and I almost throw the gun magazine in my hand at him.



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