The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Twenty-one

TRIGGER WARNING- violence and mature themes ahead.


Leilani’s POV.

I return to the house after finishing my shift, helping Charlie. I’m still a bit stiff from last night, but I think I’m too sore for a run.

Maybe just a walk?

I walk out to the garden and into the trees. I’m not going anywhere near the border; I’ll stay near the house. I stroll through the forest whilst scrolling through my phone. I send my parents a text and call Damon. As we’re talking, a patrol guard passes me, I wave at her and continue my conversation.

Once I’ve caught up with my friend, I hang up and slip my phone into my back pocket. This territory is honestly so beautiful, and the weather is amazing. It’s nice to have a warm climate for once.

All of a sudden, something tightens around my ankles. For a horrifying millisecond, I think that it is a snake. When I look down, there’s a rope around my feet.

Leaves shoot up from the ground, as though some unseen animal is running through the leaf litter. I realise it’s a rope, sliding through the foliage. The rope around my feet tightens, drawing my ankles together.

My eyes widen and I panic. I try to run out of the clearing, but the rope around my feet is suddenly pulled into the air, taking me with it.

I swing violently back and forward, dangling by my feet in the air. I try to reach for the ground with my hands, but I’m up too high.

The whole world appears upside down as I hang in the air. Blood rushes to my head and my ankles throb painfully from the strain of holding my body.

“Help!” I start to scream, hoping someone will hear me.

I yell until my voice is hoarse. No one appears. I look around, trying to think of something that can get me down. My phone has fallen out of my pocket and is lying on the ground. I try to reach it, but I can’t.

“Well, look what we have here.” A sinister voice sounds out and I turn my head in its direction.

Two men are stood next to one another, wearing camouflage clothing. They have muddy brown hair and cold blue eyes. They look fraternal.

“Let me down!” I shout and they smirk.

“Shoot her, Colin,” one of them says.

Colin raises a gun and shoots me in the thigh. I gasp at the pain and look up at my thigh to see a small dart sticking out of it.

You’ve got to be kidding.

The drug has an almost instant effect. Everything seems to move in slow motion as they approach me and my vision blurs. I try to fight it, but I feel my eyes droop shut.


I groan as I come round. Everything aches. I roll over with my eyes closed, frowning when my face comes into contact with something cold. I blink open my eyes and my vision focusses.

I’m lying on a stone floor. My hands are in chains, attached to the wall. I appear to be in the basement of a cabin. Everything is made of wood.

I’m in the corner of the room, it is an open-plan space with a sofa and kitchenette. On the far side of the room is a stairway, that appears to be the only exit.

I crack my neck and sit up, leaning against the wall for support. My thigh throbs from where they shot me with that tranquilliser dart. Footsteps reverberate above my head, and I watch the two human brothers descend the stairs. They walk over to me with smug looks on their ugly faces.

“Good, you’re awake,” one of them, the one who is not Colin, says.

“Listen up, wolf-scum,” he spits. “We can see that you’re marked, which means your mate will come looking for you, we’re going to use you as bait.”

I smirk at them and their arrogant faces falter slightly. “I’ve got two mates, idiot, hence, two marks,” I explain, gesturing to my bare neck.

Instead of being fearful, both of the brother’s faces light up in excitement.

Colin turns to his brother. “Two mates! What a kill this is going to be,” he gushes excitedly.

“They’re Alphas, you idiots, they’re going to rip you apart,” I tell them confidently.

Both of the brothers frown. “Stop lying, bitch. Wolves would never share the Alpha title; they can’t both be Alphas of the same pack.”

I roll my eyes at them. “Shows how much you know, imbecile. They do share a pack.”

Colin storms over and punches my face before I can react. I groan and try to breathe through the pain exploding through my cheekbone.

Fuck, for a human he can sure punch.

“Shut it, bitch,” Colin hisses, he walks back over to his brother. “Two Alphas, this is gonna be great.”

The other brother smirks and crosses his arms over his chest. I glare at them both.

“We’ve got lots of surprises in store for your mates then, this whole place is booby-trapped, only we know our way around safely.”

“My mates won’t be stupid enough to fall for any of your traps,” I spit, and they both laugh.

“You were though, weren’t you?” Colin jeers and I imagine myself strangling him.

“Right, I need to go put the finishing touches on the electric stairs.”

The other brother wiggles his eyebrows. He goes upstairs, leaving me alone with his brother. I watch Colin warily as he fixes a sandwich in the kitchen. When he’s done, he sets it down beside me with a glass of water.

He leaves as well. I pick up the sandwich, my chains clinking as I move. I sniff it and inspect the inside, making sure he didn’t put anything weird in it.

I’m hungry, it was almost dinner time when they caught me. I eat the sandwich and surprisingly, it tastes alright. I chug the water they’ve given me, and that’s when I start feeling drowsy.

“Son of a bitch,” I mumble as my world goes black.


I wake to someone’s hands on me. I try to shuffle away from them, but rough hands pull me back. I manage to peel my eyes open to see Colin kneeled next to me.

“What are you doing?” I ask groggily.

My top is lying in shreds behind him, and my leggings are next to them. I’m laid in my underwear, on the cold floor.

“Get the fuck off me, pervert!” I yell.

I try to kick him, but he sits on my legs. My eyes widen as I see he has removed his dick from his boxers and is jerking himself off frantically. Bile rises in my throat. His beady eyes look up and down my underwear-clad form.

“Don’t you fucking touch me,” I hiss at him.

I try to squirm away from him, but whatever drug they’ve given me is strong. Everything feels heavy and my body refuses to do what my brain tells it to.

Colin’s hands run up and down my body, grabbing my breasts. I want to wretch at the feel of his hands on me. He groans loudly and I watch, horrified, as he ejaculates onto my stomach.

“Colin! What the fuck are you doing?” His brother calls from the stairs and a wave of relief washes through me.

Get him off of me!

“Come help me set this up, fucking hell,” his brother reprimands him.

Colin pouts but gets up and puts his dick away. He follows his brother; I hear them arguing as they go upstairs.

“Why the fuck would you want to touch a shifter? You know they’re scum of the earth.”

I grab my leggings and wipe his semen off of my chest, retching the whole time. I shiver in disgust and tuck my legs up against my chest.

That was close.


Third person’s POV.

Livid, would be an understatement of the fury the Alpha twins are feeling.

A patrol guard had found their mates phone, along with some rope, close to their house. Human scents were faint in the area, and it was obvious that she has been taken. That was three hours ago.

The Alphas has everyone willing, scouring the territory for clues. The guards and warriors are out, off-territory, searching for a scent. The twins themselves, are trying to trace their mate. They catch a very faint scent, not far off their territory and near the mountains.

Dane stumbles across the source first. He leans back his head and lets out a pained yell. His cry echoes through the trees. Jarren runs over to see what he has found. His hands curl into fists as his eyes land on the shredded material of the vest their mate was wearing today.

“They fucking touched her,” Dane snarls, his body shaking with rage.

The two of them take off through the trees, following the scent further. They travel up the side of the mountain, their warriors close behind.

A few miles on, they find her leggings. Someone is obviously leaving them a trail. Both mates lose their shit when they see the dried semen on them.

“I swear to Goddess, if they fucking hurt her,” Jarren snarls as Dane shreds apart the nearest tree.

His fists pummel into the trunk as he roars with anger. Gamma Faith hesitantly approaches her Alphas and tries to calm them down. She reminds them that they need to find their mate. They manage to see through their blood lust long enough to keep going.

Anger and relief flood through them when they stumble across a cabin within the trees. Their mate’s scent is emanating strongly from inside.

“This is too easy,” Jarren whispers.

With their three Gammas, the Alphas approach the door. They can’t make any heartbeats, other than the steady one of their mate from inside.

“It’s a trap, has to be,” says Dane and Jarren nods in agreement.

They silently order the rest of their warriors to scour the surrounding forest.

“If it’s a trap, they might be watching us,” Jarren suggests.

He cautiously opens the front door. It creaks eerily. He steps inside to see an empty cabin. There is nothing in the wooden room, only a set of stairs.

Jarren starts to approach it, but Dane grabs his arm.

“I smell a rat,” he comments.

They both spot the dead rodent, lying near the staircase. Dane retrieves his handgun from the waistband of his joggers and removes one of the bullets. He throws it at the metal stairs and the bullet bounces off it with an electric zap. A bolt of electricity flashes as it flies forward and embeds itself in the wooden wall.

“They’ve electrified the stairs,” Jarren states the obvious.

Dane kneels down, near the top of the stairs, and looks for a wire. He finds one, hidden near the wallpaper lining. He partially shifts his finger, so that a claw extends. It cuts through the wire like butter.

“Try another bullet,” he tells Jarren, who does as he asks.

This time, the bullet simply rolls down the stairs. The two of them slowly descend the stairs, looking out for more traps. They take in the basement of the cabin. There’s a small, shabby kitchen and an old couch.

Both of their hearts clench as their eyes land on their mate. Wearing nothing but her underwear and trainers, she’s tucked up in the corner of the room. Her wrists have handcuffs around them, attached to chains that are drilled into the wall.

Low rumbles vibrate through their chests in unison, both with happiness that they’ve found her, and anger that she has been taken. Their mate seems to sense their presence and she slowly looks over at them. From her large pupils and drowsy eyes, it’s obvious she has been drugged.

“Wait!” She calls out and puts her hand up when they step off the final step.

“They’ve put pressure sensors all around the room, the whole cabin will explode if you set one off,” she explains, her voice thick and husky.

The twins look at each other, silently wondering what they should do.

“I could try and see if I can diffuse the sensors, but it’s risky,” Dane says.

Jarren nods grimly. “There’s no windows in here, is there any other way we can get her out, without touching the floor?”

There’s a wooden creaking from above, and one of their Gammas pokes their head down the stairs.

“Alphas? We’ve caught the hunters. They were hiding in a duck blind, watching us the whole time.”

“I’ll go deal with them, stay with our mate,” Dane tells Jarren and he walks upstairs.

The creaking of the floorboards fills the room as Dane walks upstairs. An idea comes to Jarren.

“Dane! Wait!” He calls after his brother. “Baby, don’t worry, we’re coming back,” Jarren tells his mate and then runs up the stairs, to his twin.

“This is an old cabin, the floor is only made from boards, we can probably reach her through the ceiling.” Jarren points at the corner of the room, directly above their mate in the basement below.

Dane’s eyes widen at the idea. “Yes! Let’s try,” he says, and they call out to their other Gammas.


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