The Alphas of South Forest

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Chapter Twenty-two


Third person’s POV.

The five of them congregate in the corner of the room. Using his claws, Jarren hooks them under one of the floorboards and prises it up.

“Dane, go down and comfort our mate, make sure she moves as far to the right as possible; I don’t want anything landing on her,” Jarren orders.

Dane goes down the stairs and fills in their mate on what is happening. She places the plastic tray her lunch came on, over her head for protection.

Jarren lifts four floorboards, creating a big enough hole for them to get their mate through. The four of them scoop up the insulating material, revealing the thin boards that make the ceiling. Jarren’s claws make quick work of them.

Pieces of material fall down and bounce off the tray over Leilani’s head. When she finally looks up, she can see Jarren grinning down at her through the huge hole he has made.

Having retrieved the keys from the hunters, he drops them down to his mate. She hurriedly unlocks the cuffs around her wrists. Leilani shakily gets to her feet and wraps her arms around herself.

“Right, baby, Dane is going to lower me down, so that I can pick you up and bring you up here, okay?”

Leilani nods. Dane goes back upstairs and holds onto his brother as he lowers himself face-first, through the hole. Leilani reaches her arms up and Jarren reaches down. He wraps his arms under her armpits, and she wraps her arms around his chest.

Dane and the Gammas help lift the two of them back up. The three of them collapse in a heap on the floorboards.

“You’re safe now, baby,” Jarren whispers as Leilani still holds him tightly. He can smell the scent of another male on her and it’s making his blood boil, but right now, he’s just glad to have her back.


Leilani’s POV.

It’s dark outside and nearing nine o’clock. Even though we’ve now exited the cabin, and my mates have found me a t-shirt to wear, I still don’t let go of them. For a few minutes, the three of us stand together, holding each other. I’m sandwiched between Jarren and Dane, where I always want to be.

I never want to be away from them again.

I kiss them both, feeling so much better now that I’m back in their arms.

“Baby, we need to go back now. We want to get you back on our territory, and our warriors want to return to their worried families.”

I nod at Dane’s words and release him from my grip. Gamma Easton brings over the two hunters. They have their hands cuffed and they’re on their knees. They’ve been gagged too, which I appreciate.

“Care to do the honours?” I ask, gesturing at the hunters.

My mates smirk and then glance at one another. They walk over to the hunters and shift their fingers so that their claws are extended. The brother’s eyes widen in horror as my mates reach for them with clawed hands. They slice their claws along the brothers’ necks, cutting their throats.

I wince as they cough and splutter for a few seconds, their dying noises muffled by the gags. Blood floods down their chests, pouring from their necks.

My mates casually wipe the blood from their hands and shift them back. They walk over to me, just as the hunter brothers drop dead to the ground. I feel nothing from their deaths.

Good riddance.

“Home?” Jarren asks and I nod happily.


I wake the next morning, feeling unbelievably lucky to be back in bed with my mates. It was almost midnight by the time my mates and I got to bed last night. Being the good Alphas they are, they wanted to make sure all of the pack members were home and safe, before we went back to our house.

They each have an arm around me, making sure I’m not going anywhere, even in my sleep. I gently pry their arms from me, but they both wake up and hold me tighter.

“Come on, we need to get up,” I coax them and they both groan.

I try to wriggle out of their grips, but they both squeeze their arms. Jarren kisses his way down my spine, whilst Dane kisses along my neck. It’s a seductive combination.

“Please, boys, we’ve got to get out of bed at some point,” I plead with them and Jarren sighs heavily.

“Shower?” Dane asks hopefully and I eagerly nod.

“Please.” I can still smell the scent of that hunter on my stomach.

A few minutes later, we’re all naked and in the shower. I wash my hair and my body, but I know it’s going to take something stronger than shower gel to remove the hunter’s scent.

Dane is currently under the shower’s spray, his eyes closed as he washes out the shampoo. I kneel down in front of him and reach for his semi-hard cock.

I wrap my mouth around him and look up to see his eyes flash open. He looks down at me in shock, cursing when shampoo and water run into his eyes. I suck him harder, taking him as deep as I can in my mouth. I look around in my peripherals for Jarren. I gesture him over with my finger. He comes to stand next to Dane and I wrap my hand around his cock. I begin pumping my hand up and down on Jarren’s cock whilst I bob my mouth up and down on Dane’s cock.

Dane finishes washing out his hair and turns off the shower. They both watch me pleasure them on my knees. I move my hands in unison, squeezing tighter at the top than at the base. I slip my mouth off Dane’s and wrap my lips around Jarren’s, giving them equal time. They both watch me with hooded eyes. Their thighs tense as I pick up my pace, eagerly trying to draw orgasms from them.

The water only makes my hands more slippery; it mixes with their pre-cum and my hands slide easily up and down their lengths. Soon, they are pumping themselves into my hands, their hips jutting back and forth.

I remove my mouth from Jarren’s cock and focus on tossing them both off. They stare heatedly at me, and I smile up at them. I can sense they’re close, their whole bodies tense and I know they’re going to cum together.

“Please, cum for me, cum all over me,” I beg and the two of them groan.

Dane cums ever so slightly faster than Jarren. His cum shoots out and hits my face. Jarren then finishes a millisecond later, thick ropes of his semen splatter over my breasts. Dane keeps cumming, his hot spurts landing on my cheeks and mouth, dripping down my chin. Their breathing is ragged as I release their cocks and they stop tensing. I remain on my knees, covered in their semen.

“Fuck,” I hear Jarren whisper huskily.

Dane puts out a hand, to help me to my feet. I accept it and carefully stand up. The two of them look over my cum-covered body and face.

“Shit, that’s fucking hot,” Dane comments and Jarren nods with wide eyes.

I wipe some of Dane’s semen off my cheeks and rub it onto my stomach. I do the same with Jarren’s cum on my breasts, effectively removing the scent of that hunter. My mates, realising why I’m rubbing their cum into my skin, growl with anger.

“Hey, they’re dead, alright?” I try to reassure them. “They’re gone.”

I turn on the shower and clean myself up.


My mates are reluctant to leave my side for the rest of the day, but another Alpha contacts them for permission to pass through their territory and they end up going out to meet them. They offer for me to come with them, but Charlie has just received a large delivery and I choose to help him unload everything.

They’re gone for most of the afternoon, so Charlie and I have lunch together. We eat in the pack kitchen, meeting up with Faith and Rosie.

It’s great that I get to consider my mates’ friends, my friends now.

My mates return later in the afternoon and head straight into a training session. I’m tempted to go watch them, but I’m not allowed. Instead, another one of my many naughty ideas pops into my mind. I return home and change into a crop top and flowy mini skirt.

I grab my phone and walk back over to the pack house, taking a detour past the training ground. Both of my mates look up as I walk past. I pretend not to be interested, but I can see their eyes following me in my peripherals. I feel their gazes on me as I saunter away, swinging my hips.

I go into their office and shut the door. Shucking up my skirt, I pull down my thong and leave it in the middle of the floor for them to see. I close the blinds and then unlock my phone.

I can see the training session has come to an end. Good. They’re all hot and sweaty. I dial Dane’s number and watch as he walks over to it. He picks it up and gestures at Jarren to come over to him.

“What’s up, mouse?” He answers and I smirk.

“Come to your office, now,” I reply.

I watch him look up at the pack house, directly at me, in confusion. Jarren frowns too, obviously hearing our conversation.

“Why? Is something-” He starts to ask, but I hang up on him.

Even from this distance, I can see how pissed off he is. He calls me back, but I cut off the call before it can ring properly. The two of them drop their things and begin marching over to the pack house.

Oh, shit!

I let out a squeak of excitement and rush around to clear their desks. I push everything to one end and then sit on the clear end, facing the door. I lean back on my hands, my thighs resting on the desk, my calves hanging off the edge, and wait.

The door suddenly bursts open, and my mates stop in their tracks. They’re both wearing matching furious expressions. They’re in their gym shorts and have their black bands on their arms.

“You dare, ever, hang up on me again, mouse,” Dane snarls and takes a step towards me.

His eyes drop to my thong on the floor, Jarren’s do too.

Their eyes both widen, and I watch their nostrils flare as they take a deep breath. Slowly, trying to ignore how embarrassed I feel, I open my legs. My skirt slides up my thighs at the movement, revealing my bare pussy to them.

“What was that you were saying, Daney baby?” I ask innocently. “What are you going to do to me for hanging up on you?”

Dane swallows hard and then smirks, glancing at Jarren. “I think you mean, what are we going to do to you.”

I suddenly don’t feel as confident as the two of them approach me with dark, sly looks on their faces.

What have I gotten myself into?


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